Ssdi denied, ssi still pending

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/18/2017 - 09:16

I just went online today and saw that my ssdi was denied. I filled for ssdi and ssi on the exact same day. I figured my ssdi would be denied since I know that I don't have enough work credits. Yesterday the status on both said that a medical decision has been made and that someone may contact me. Now today the ssdi says denied but the ssi still says the same. What do you think this means?

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Hi There,

It's actually quite tough to be approved for both SSI and SSDI at the same time. In most cases either one or the other is denied.

It just means they are still in the process of writing up your decision. This is neither good nor bad. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Butterfly (not verified)
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I applied for SSI and SSDI in November 2017. I received an appt. to see a CE Doctor in January. Showed up but the Doctor cancelled and no one told me in advance. DDS scheduled another appt. for one month later at the end of February 2018. Online status changed on March 8th stating that a review for processing accuracy was taking place, which I was told that I was picked for a quality review. On March 19th, the system updated to say that a decision had been made, but there was no link to check what that was so I thought that was good because someone said you could click on it to see if denied. But then I checked again the next day on March 20th and things looked much different. My SSDI request was missing, and only the SSI portion was there. I clicked on the link and it said DENIED. I called the local office and they confirmed that I was denied and that a letter was mailed out. It has been two days since they said they mailed it and nothing in the mail yet. I will need that letter to get a number off of it to submit an appeal. This is why the letter is so important, who knew. Anyway, I was born with my disability and had it all my life, I am 51 now and just now filed even though I know many people who have what I have and they had benefits in their 20's and 30's, so very shocked that I was denied. For the reconsideration request, I am including my own medical records since I am not sure what the SSA received from various Doctors, and adding more symptoms that I deal with as I was modest at first with telling everything....maybe that will help.


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Hi Butterfly,

It is very common to be denied at the first stage, so don't be discouraged. Supplying the medical records will definitely help this time around. Best of luck to you!

Candy rudman (not verified)
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I applyed for ssi. but ss denied. filed appeal does this mean i got denied ssi cobfused


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Hi Candy,

You can be approved for one and not the other as the qualifications differ. I would contact the SSA to find out if you were denied. Good luck!

Renee Faber (not verified)
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Am I still pending


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Hi Renee,

We are not affiliated with the SSA. You will have to contact them at 1-800-772-1213.

Donna Hamilton (not verified)
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Last week my application said a decision was made and my application was being processed and when I checked this morning my disability application disappeared altogether, what does this mean?


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Hi Donna,

I don't think it's anything concerning. You may want to call the SSA's toll free number to speak with a representative regarding that.

Donna Hamilton (not verified)
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Last week my application said a decision was made and my application was being processed and when I checked this morning my disability application disappeared altogether, what does this mean?


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Hi Donna,

It sounds like they made a decision on your case. You should receive a letter in the mail outlining the decision that was made. Best of luck!

theresa young (not verified)
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I was denied for Disability benefits, because not enough credits, I also applied for SSI, does this mean that SSI was denied also?


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Hi Theresa,

SSI is based on household income, so if you are unable to work and someone else in the home makes a decent income, then you will not qualify.

Eileen (not verified)
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My SSI was approved but I do not qualify because my assets are more than $2,000. However, my SSDI says denied as of today. I’m confused as to how this works?! My lawyer said if my SSI was approved then my SSDI should be approved as well...??!! I went to my chiropractor yesterday and he just got disability paperwork to fill out and was gonna submit this week. How can they base a decision when he hasn’t been giving the case to send his findings?


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Hi Eileen,

Your SSDI may have not been approved because you do not have enough work credits, which you earn by working and paying into Social Security. SSI is based on your income and assets rather than work credits, so they both have two different technical qualifications that you need to meet. This is why you may qualify for one and not the other.

Lesley (not verified)
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My ssi is staying denied but my ssdi has completely gone from my account. Can i still be approved for my ssdi i do have enough credit. I don't understand why i can't see the ssdi any more they both was filed the same time


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Hi Lesley,

I would speak with a SSA rep regarding that. Normally when applying for both SSI and SSDI, most people are denied SSI because of income limitations.

Robert Burton (not verified)
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Hi Robert,

You may be able to qualify for Social Security benefits with depression. Just make sure you have all of your medical records in order. You can start your application at your local SSA office.

Carrie (not verified)
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How long do the appeal council take


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Hi Carrie,

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer. I would recommend just keeping in touch with your Social Security attorney or advocate regarding this.

Leslie C (not verified)

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Hi Carrie, my appeals council took about a year. They didn't even look at it and threw it out. I was advised to go through Federal Court and start a new app. Things are moving along this time.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi There,

It's neither good or bad. Typically, it takes between 3-5 months to hear back from the SSA. But it varies case to case so it could take longer. Best of luck!

Sheryl (not verified)
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I applied for both ssi and ssdi... its saying the ssi has been denied.. but ssdi disappeared. i have narcolepsy cataplexy sleep apnea chiari malformation derision and anxiety. really could they deny all that? And why is ssdi not appearing?


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Hi Sheryl,

To qualify for SSI, not only do you have to meet the medical qualifications but you also need to meet the technical qualifications. SSI is meant for those of severe financial need. If you or a spouse works and makes a decent living wage, then your SSI claim will be denied, which could have been what happened for you. As for the SSDI not appearing, I'm not sure why that is happening. They could still be processing that application.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I was approved for SSI but now the SDI is still processing what does that mean


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Hi There,

It means you were approved for SSI but they are still determining your eligibility for SSDI, so you have not been approved or denied SSDI.

Anonymous (not verified)
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What happens if your SSDI is denied but your ssi says medical decision was made but still processing your claim


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Hi There,

It means that you were denied for SSDI benefits but your application is still being processed for SSI. SSDI and SSI have different technical requirements so if you are denied one, you may still be eligible for the other. Best of luck!

Melissa (not verified)
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Applied on Jan 15th, right ankle fusion, no range of motion, Dr said there is no fixing me. Worked in medical field for 15 years (phlebotomist) shattered ankle in March 07. SSI was denied however SSDI is still pending. Is it a good indicator that if SSI is denied SSDI will be as well?


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Hi Melissa,

SSI and SSDI have different technical qualifications, so that is most likely why SSI is denied and SSDI is pending still. You likely have most than the SSI limit in income and assets, which would automatically deny SSI. If you earned enough work credits for SSDI, then they may still be assessing your SSDI application.

Melissa (not verified)

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Just received the denial letter today. The letter states that I was denied for both SSI and SSDI, however online says ssdi is processing still. Confused, so I guess it's time for a lawyer.


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Hi Melissa,

I am sorry to hear that. If it says that your SSDI is still processing, you may not have been denied. The reason you may have been denied SSI benefits are that your income/assets may have exceeded the limits needed for SSI eligibility.

denise (not verified)
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I contacted social security on May 21 I was told that I would receive back pay from Nov 2017 I have been off work since feb 2017 applied for disability Nov 2018 i have a law firm handling my case today i call social security again to check my claim status the operator could not verify because of my address call law office to find out what the problem was concerning the address it was indeed wrong but the operator was able to tell me I should be expecting a letter from social security to keep checking the mail the law office contacted social security today and the said that my claim is still pending I'm confused


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Hi Denise,

The letter in the mail that they said you should be expecting will explain if you were approved or denied and why. I would keep checking the mail as well as your MySSA account.

Darcy (not verified)
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Do i have to apply for both ssi and ssdi at same time


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Hi Darcy,

You may not have to apply at the same time, but it could be beneficial to have a lawyer working on both. Reach out to your local SSA office for more on your specific case.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I applied for SSI and SSDI I checked the website and they denied my application for SSI, But I did not see my SDDI updates. Does this mean it was also denied?


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Hi There,

You can be denied one type of benefit and not the other. SSI and SSDI have different technical requirements so you may not have met the SSI technical qualifications. The SSA is likely still reviewing your claim to see if you meet the SSDI qualifications. Good luck!

Kay Coll (not verified)
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I was denied Ssdi but my ssi is still processing . What does that mean ?


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Hi Kay,

You can be denied one benefit and approved for the other. You may not have met the technical qualifications for SSDI so you were denied. The SSA is now likely evaluating if you meet the qualifications for SSI. Best of luck!

Ken (not verified)
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A medical decision was made and denied but my other says still processing. I have ptsd social anxiety and depression i need surgery on right shoulder from partial tare and my right leg goes out frim chronic siatica nerve issues. Does This mean im denied both?


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Hi Ken,

That is not necessarily the case. However, if you are denied both, you have the option of appealing the SSA's decision.

Beatrice Torres (not verified)
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I got denied for SSDI but my SSI is still pending what does that mean exactly


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Hi Beatrice,

SSDI and SSI have different technical requirements, so you may not have met the SSDI requirements. They are likely still processing your SSI application to see if you qualify for those requirements.

Carnell Randolph (not verified)
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Hello I got a denial letter but it only stated the I was denied for ssi. And need to appeal said nothing about my ssdi what does this mean?


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Hi Carnell,

You can be approved for one type of benefit and not the other. It's possible that your claim for SSDI is still being processed to see if you qualify.

Jon (not verified)
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I applied for SSI 9/1/2019. Received a letter 10/11 that I was denied SSDI, nothing about SSI. Does that mean SSDI only or SSI also? I sent an appeal online 10/12 and stated I was applying only for SSI and not SSDI. Don't know why they thought I applied for SSDI as well. When I call the 1800#, it says a decision has been made and I should wait for something in the mail. Does "decision has been made" mean they also denied SSI? I have not received anything regarding SSI. Thanks.

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