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Applying for Eagan Social Security Disability Benefits

Eagan, Minnesota residents with disabilities are highly encouraged to seek the professional assistance of an Eagan Social Security Disability attorney during the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, a process which may take many months and at no time guarantees the receipt of approval for disability benefits. Understanding the importance of an Eagan disability attorney to the success of your claim is nearly as important as filing for benefits.

Eagan, Minnesota is a city of 64,200 which lies to the south of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area, which boasts a total population of 3.6 million. Starting out as a small farming community, Eagan grew after several major highway construction projects in the 1980’s brought businesses and many new residents into the area.

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Until the recent merger with Delta Airlines, which resulted in the closing of its headquarters in Eagan, Northwest Airlines provided more than 1,800 jobs to Eagan’s workforce. It is still the home of Mesaba Airlines and Regional Elite Airline Services. Another staple to the economic welfare of Eagan is the presence of West, a legal writing company which has since become part of Thomas Reuters. This company employs over 7,000 residents of Eagan. Other large businesses include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and Coca-Cola’s Midwest plant.

The presence of these large companies in Eagan allows the city to enjoy a 2% unemployment rate. Among the greatest number of the unemployed are those who are disabled and unable to work. Of the 40,350 working-age residents of Eagan, almost 4,000 are disabled, 30% of which are unemployed.

If you are an Eagan resident who has recently become disabled, you may no longer be able to perform the required movements and functions your job requires. This can not only be frustrating, but cause serious financial problems if you are unable to function enough to complete the tasks required by a job.

Social Security Disability benefits are designed for those who find themselves in this situation, and meet the basic qualifications of previous work history and income levels. However, filing for disability benefits with the SSA and actually receiving them are often very far apart, especially without the help of an Eagan Social Security Disability attorney.

Hiring an Eagan Disability Lawyer

Contacting an Eagan Social Security lawyer as soon as you become disabled is the best course of action to take in order to avoid making serious mistakes in the application process and potentially jeopardizing the approval of your claim. Although filing for disability benefits may seem easy enough, an Eagan disability attorney is extremely familiar with how the SSA works and evaluates disability claims and is your best advocate.

Knowing how to fill out all the necessary forms and documentation, having knowledge of the preferred medical tests, and knowing the best way to present your case for benefits, are all assets an Eagan Social Security lawyer will bring to your disability claim. Without the skills and knowledge of an Eagan disability lawyer, you may face the prospect of waiting months for an appeals council review, only to receive another rejection if you have failed to improve your case enough for the court’s satisfaction.

The statistics for Social Security Disability approvals are decidedly not in favor of those haphazardly applying for benefits without the right resources, documentation, and testimonies, no matter how clearly they qualify for benefits. The best chance for your claim to receive a positive evaluation is during your hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Unless you have an Eagan Social Security attorney who is familiar with all aspects of your case and how to present them favorably before the judge, you may be at the mercy of SSA-appointed representation.

Don’t face the daunting task of filing for Social Security Disability benefits on your own; hire an Eagan Social Security attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for your future health and financial well-being.

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