Kansas Social Security Disability Lawyers

The application and review process to be awarded social security disability benefits in Kansas can be a challenge to navigate. Presently, only 34.4% of initial SSD claims are awarded and 16.9% of reconsiderations awarded in the state of Kansas. Nationwide, those percentages are 32.2% and 11.5% respectively. Your chances of winning your Kansas social security disability case improve if you should decide to request a hearing to have your case reviewed by an administration law judge (ALJ) at a local Kansas ODAR of hearing office. There are two hearing offices in the state of Kansas - one is in Wichita, the other is in Topeka.

You should be aware that the average processing time for a disability hearing is 371 days in the state of Kansas and 349 days nationally. The table below shows the approval rates and processing times for both hearing offices in the state. Notice that the average processing times and approval rates vary greatly between the Wichita and Topeka offices. Statewide, the average award rate for social security disability cases at the hearing level is 43.9%.

Hearing Office Approval Rate Processing Time in Days
Wichita 41.7% 418
Topeka 28.9% 324

There are six judges deciding on disability cases in the Topeka hearing office and seven working in the Wichita hearing office. Hiring a Kansas SSD attorney who regularly presents cases and attends disability hearings at the local hearing office will probably be familiar with the ALJs deciding on cases in that office. That can be to your benefit when it comes time for your attorney to present your disability case before an ALJ.

You can schedule a free consultation with a local Kansas disability attorney. You are under no obligation to hire an attorney and initial consultations are always free. You will not be charged fees unless your attorney wins your disability case. Click on the city closest to you below to speak with an attorney or advocate for free:

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