Rhode Island Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you’re disabled, chances are you’re already discovering how challenging it can be to deal with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Not only is claiming disability benefits an extremely long process, but it can be extremely difficult to satisfy their requirements for complete disability. It can feel like you’re playing a game when nobody bothered to tell you the rules. A full 67.1% of Rhode Island Social Security disability claims are initially denied, with 88.1% of those denials being upheld during the reconsideration. While this compares favorably to national averages (67.9% and 88.4% respectively), it doesn’t give much cause for hope if you’re in the claims and appeals process. Fortunately, you still have options left, the most important of which is your hearing before an ALJ (administrative law judge). Rhode Island has only one Hearing Office, located in Providence.

The best opportunity to have your claim awarded is during your hearing. Rhode Island ALJs approve 50.6% of the cases which come before them. While this is significantly below the average for the United States (57.8%), it is still considerably better than your chances at any other stage of the appeals process. Rhode Island residents can expect to wait 371 days before receiving their hearing with an ALJ. The approval ratings and wait times for the Hearing Office in Rhode Island are as follows:

Hearing Office Approval Rate Processing Time in Days
Providence 39.0% 371

There are seven administrative law judges assigned to hear all of the Social Security disability appeals in the entire state. Each of them approach disability hearings a bit differently. In fact, an ALJ is the one SSA representative who has a good deal of personal discretion in the way he handles the claims which come before him. Social Security lawyers in the Providence area know the ALJs who hear Rhode Island disability appeals, and know how to best present evidence that will satisfy a given judge. To give yourself the best opportunity to have your disability claim approved, consult a Rhode Island disability attorney. For more information on hiring an attorney in your area, click on one of the cities below:

Fill out the form included on this website for a free initial consultation with a Rhode Island disability lawyer. If you choose to engage your disability lawyer’s services, your disability lawyer will only charge you if you are approved for benefits. All lawyer’s fees for Social Security disability claims are paid as a percentage (never higher than 25%) of the back pay to which you are entitled.

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