I won my case

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 15:00

I received notification on the 22nd, that i had won my Adjudication and Review. The Decision was "Fully Favorable".

How long now is the "average" wait period for payments to begin? Any help on this will greatly be appreciated.




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Hi Jean,
You may receive a letter from the SSA that explains how much money you would be receiving a little later on.

Brandy (not verified)
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Dear Eric
Am I able to file a Dire Needs Request From after the hearing? Unfortunately I'm in the process of getting evicted. If I'm able to file this form, where would I get it from? I was told I could file that form with the Eviction Notice. I also have a PG&E bill of $1643.67, the only reason I haven't gotten disconnected is due to my Medical Base Line Form. In other words as per doctor's orders I can't be without heat due to risk of lowering my immune system due to cancer. Do you think if I submitted 1. Dires Needs Request Form 2. Eviction Notice and 3. PG&E Bill would this help to Expedite my case? Please Advise


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Hi Brandy,

I am sorry to hear that. You are able to file a Dire Needs Request after the hearing.
It's tough to say for sure, but that could constitute an expedited payment. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Brandy (not verified)

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Thanks for the response Eric. I have 2 other questions. Where would I be able to get the Dires Needs Request Form. Also do I file this form to the Hearing Department or to the local SS office? Please advise.
Thank You

Noelle J Gomes (not verified)
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I was already awarded SSI 4 years ago and now they want to take it away as I have "improved" when the improvements are lessening of stress from removing work stress, steady housing and income. If I go back to work, the stress will bring on all the symptoms that get me fired in the first place. Do I need to be represented at this hearing all over again, and how am I going to pay for it?


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Hi Noelle,
You may be eligible for benefits if you can establish that your conditions have worsened.

Marc (not verified)
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Just awarded ssdi.will I need to pay tax’s on that

Anonymous (not verified)
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I had a hearing on Dec 18th and I only was asked a few questions by the judge. My lawyer didn't ask any questions I was in and out in 20 minutes. I use oxygen daily and use a cane because of a stroke..what are my chances of getting approval?


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Hi there,
I really could not say as that would depend on various factors, however age and the ability to work or be re-trained are some of the big factors about a case. If you're near/over 50 and unable to work, you may be eligible for benefits.

Rener buck (not verified)
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My award letter for ssi was missing several thousands of dollers. I called ssa and asked why i was told because i was part of the time homeless. But i was living with a friend and paying her L&I and unemployment before i filed again with an attorny this time they said i had to pay some kind of income to be considered.
They never asked my attorney that or me for any receipts.
Ssi just deducted my back pay during that time i lived with her
I think my attorny missed that period of time.what can i do?


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Hi Rener,
They may have accounted for that time, and if were living there for free, that free housing may be counted as income.

Dolores zamora (not verified)
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Did I win my case


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Hi Dolores,
I could not say! You may want to contact the SSA as we are not affiliated with them or the federal government.
You can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

Steve (not verified)
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I was ssdi by a federal judge in January 2017. I was notified by my attorney and had immediate payment of benefits coming dating back several years to when I first applied. My attorney said it could take several months to get my first benefit check. What does several months mean when immediate payment of benefits was ordered?


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Hi Steve,
Generally if you receive SSDI benefits, there is a wait time of five months before monthly benefits start.

Patricia Akins (not verified)
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I done a court hearing Aug 9 of 2017, how long befire i get a letter with a decision?


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Hi Patricia,
Every case is different, and as such it can take varying lengths of time to receive a decision letter from the SSA. Hang in there!

Miyoshi (not verified)
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I became disabled on December 31,2015 i applied for disability on June 6,2016 i received a letter a few months saying i was not eligible so i appealed my case and had my hearing December 6,2017 so long will it take for me to a decision

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