How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Lexeyy,

The maximum you can make a month is $1180, so making $1200 a month will most likely impact your benefits or have them stopped.

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I'm asking for my aunt. She is on SSDI and get around $1,622.00 a month. She would like to go back to work PT. How much is she allow to make a month without losing her disability?


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Hi There,

You can earn up to $850 a month before entering the Trial Work Period.

Stanley Rumsey (not verified)
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If I go over the amount of money that I am allowed to make on disability,how much will I have to pay back?


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Hi Stanley,

It really depends on the situation at hand. If you have further questions regarding that then you may want to speak with a SSA representative regarding that.

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Work new job pays $10 an hour working 25 hours part-time I'm safe?

Micki (not verified)
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If you make 400 every 2 weeks from part time and get 935 social security will that messe up


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Hi Micki,

The monthly income limit is $850 a month before you enter the TWP. So as long as you stay under that amount, it should not impact your benefits.

Jill (not verified)
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I am currently on Ssdi and 2 of my children receive SSI. I've recently been feeling like substitute teaching 1-2 days, probably just half days, would be something I could handle, on the days I felt well enough. The school is 2 houses away from mine, I wouldn't have to drive far. I feel like it would help emotionally with me as well. I am afraid it would hurt my current benefits and if I were to end up back in hospital, as I frequently do, we'd be in trouble. How do I find out if this is acceptable? Thanks


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Hi Jill,

The most you can make in a month before entering the TWP is $850, but if you make under that then it most likely will not impact your benefits.

If some of your children are receiving SSI then their benefits are based on your household income so you'll want to make sure that it won't impact their benefits. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or make an appointment to speak with someone in person at your local SSA office.

Tanya johnson. (not verified)
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How mych can i make working above my disability check?


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Hi Tanya,

If you earn more $850 a month that could trigger a work trial period from the SSA. To be safe, your monthly income should not exceed that.

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Can u work any while receiving SSI disability


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Hi Kim,

Yes, you can work while on SSDI benefits. However, if you earn more than $850 a month, it could trigger a work trial period from the SSA.

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Will I lose my SSI Income if I work part time


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It depends on how much money you make working part time. If you're monthly income exceeds $750 a month you could trigger a work trial period.

Jim (not verified)
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Can I work while I'm on sis and how much can I work and earn


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Hi Jim,

Yes you can. The amount of time does not matter, but if you earn more than $850, you could trigger a work trial period.

Veronica Gutierrez (not verified)
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I have two minor boy that are receive SSI for medical condition .I do not work due to taking care of them I was told that child-support is the reason why their monthly payment checks have lowered to $400 each son .when I get childsupport it’s $575 for my youngest son and $275 for the other. Can u explain it to me??
money went to pay rent and anything I didn’t get from CCS and medical organizations

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