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Hi Carolyn,

The number of hours doesn't matter. It cannot exceed the 2017 SGA amount, which is $1,170/month.


louise (not verified)
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Hi ism 50 years old and i receive sadist and i want to know can i work part time. I suffer from manic depression bipolar and other stuff ptsd arthritis and copd i just wanna work part time 15 hours a week if that many will my benefits be cut off?

louise (not verified)
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Hi i am 50 years old and i receive ssdi and i wanna know if i work part time will my benefits be cut off i suffer from manic depression ptsd bipolar anxiety and i have copd can its 15 hours a week.


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Hi Louise,
You may be able to work part time. If you make over $810 a month, your benefits may change. If you make under that $810 a month, your benefits should stay the same.

jane (not verified)
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Is the $1130.00 amount you can earn to still receive social security disability is that before or after taxes

Bruce (not verified)
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I have diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and back problems. It is so hard working anymore. My questions is how is a person to survive the waiting period without any income coming in or can you work till approved.


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Hi Bruce,
You can work during the waiting period, but if you are able to earn more than the $1,130 substantial gainful activity limit per month, you may be determined to be able to work.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I receive 60.00 ssi and 674.00 ssd. Can I get a part time job and if so would I still be able to receive my benefits? Thanks


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You may have a change in your SSI benefits, but if you make under $810 a month, your SSDI benefits may stay the same.

Michael (not verified)
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I've been trying to buy a house and I've been collecting social security, I'm saying that I never seem to be able to get ahead. I'm told that I'm able to work twenty hours a week, and my concern is that if I lose social security, and then I look at twenty hours a week, well... I won't be able to make that monthly mortgage payment. I worked when I was younger and I want this house, I've already put work in on it. I'm told that if I work for nine months with out problems, I'll be able to discontinue social security. Boy it's tough!

Heather (not verified)
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1. I used to make a substantial living before I first went on medical leave through my employer. Eventually, however, my doctor put me back to work part time, which didnt work out, so he placed me on permanent SSDI. When SSA calculated my benefits, they based it on my part-time salary, not full time so my benefits were far less than anticipated. I cannot make it on this income. Can my benefit amount be increased?
2. If I work while on SSDI, will my benefits be reduced at all if I always make under $1130 per month?

Thank you for helping me understand this confusing doublet alkaline on their website.


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Hi Heather,
1) I would contact the SSA with this information. Since SSDI is based on your work history, you may be able to have an increase in benefits if your work history is more extensive than the information that the SSA has now.
2) You can work while on disability, you benefits may not be reduced but you would have to report those earnings to the SSA.

Stuart (not verified)
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My daughter is on SSDI and will probably never return to work. I'm not rich but I can contribute somewhere around one thousand a month. Will that effect her current payments from SSD


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Hi Stuart,
That most likely will not affect her benefits if she is on SSDI, because those benefits are based off of work history and do not have limits on unearned income.

Joe (not verified)
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I have been on SSDI for five years and find it hard to make ends meet. I returned to work a few months ago on the trial work period. I am not sure I can withstand the stress. My question after reading the opening statements about converting to SSI, is that if you are on SSDI and are converted to full retirement at ±66 years old your SSI is not affected by your income. Did I read that wrong? If I make it to ±66 I can then make all the money I want and it not affect my SSI?


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Hi Joe,
Yes, when your SSDI benefits convert to retirement benefits, you would no longer be subject to the Substantial Gainful Activity limit.

Joe (not verified)
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Thank you Bryan,
Won't I then be tied to income rules governed by SSI?

Joe (not verified)
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If I work past the nine months of the "Trial Work Period" will my SSDI be void? would I then lose my Medicare?


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Hi Joe,
To answer both questions-
Retirement benefits are not SSI, so they would not be governed by those rules.
Regarding the trial work period: You would only lose benefits for the months that you earn over $1,130 dollars a month. If you're not earning over that, your benefits would stay the same. You're also able to be covered by Medicare for 7 years, 9 months after you return to work as long as the SSA still considers your condition as disabled.

Kimberly spangler (not verified)
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Please answer my question can I work30 hours a week and still receive my ssi


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Hi Kimberly,
It is possible to work 30 hours a week while still getting SSI benefits. You may have a reduction in your benefits depending on your monthly income.

richie (not verified)
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i am 63 and half and on ssdi if i sell plants that i grow from my yard and only make may be 200 a mounth will i be able to do this and not lose my ssdi


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Hi Richie,
You can earn around $200 per month while still keeping your SSDI benefits. You should just report this income to the SSA.

Rob (not verified)
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I'm working while disabled as substitute school bus driver. I make less $810. However, I read the article where a guy in the same situation was removed from disability because he was told he did it job for purpose and able to work more. What should I do? Should I give up job?


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Hi Rob,
You do not need to give up your job, I'm not sure what article you are referring to specifically but you should be just fine as long as the SSA still considers you disabled.

Detra Cunningham (not verified)
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Ok i was getting ssid until i got married but now my husband can't work anymore can i go back and replie for it?


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Hi Detra,
You absolutely can, however I would not be able to say if you would qualify for benefits.

Dee (not verified)
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my children are on my ssdi. My oldest is 26 and has been disabled since 18. When I first applied ss office stated that each child would receive 3,600.00. However when we received the payments, my oldest only received 36.00 because he collects Ssi. I'm confused because he is an adult and my income should not count towards his. Or is it due to the simple fact that he's been collecting Ssi? Still doesn't make sense because you can collect both Ssi and ssdi. Thank you


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Hi Dee,
There is a cap on family SSDI benefits, where you would not be able to get more than 180% of you monthly benefit amount. That means with two children, they would both get 40% each of your monthly benefit amount, four children would get 20% each, and so forth. It may be that this is affecting his monthly benefit amount. I would contact the SSA for more information, their number is 1-800-772-1213.

cheryl (not verified)
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I am not sure if I receive SDI or ssdi. I have worked since my teens and now I am 49. I have an adult son who lives with me. I get 1,090.00 per month can I work part time because we are struggling to survive.


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Hi Cheryl,
It seems like you are getting SSDI benefits. With either type of benefits you would be able to get a part time job.

Anthony montanaro (not verified)
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I get ssdi work for 150 days from November 2015 to April 2016 if I go back to work in November 2016 will this affect my Ssdi


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Hi Anthony,
It may affect your SSDI payments if you earn over the Substantial Gainful Activity Amount ($1,130 per month), or if you are doing work that you were determined unable to do by the SSA.

Kami Shannon (not verified)
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I receive social security disability and I was asked to help out a lady from church to do some payroll for her small company partime. I am receving 1077. Per month what is my limit of money I can eran per month. I am not sure I can even do this yet but want to help her out. It gives me something to look forward to


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Hi Kami,
you may be able to work for your friend from church, but the amount you can make depends on what type of benefits you have. If you are getting SSI benefits, you would be able to earn up to $ 733 dollars a months, though you may have a reduction in benefits. If you are getting SSDI benefits, you may be able to earn up to $1,130 a month without a reduction in benefits.

Diane (not verified)
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I was recently looking into getting a job and if I receive 733$ a month how many hour's do I work without any income taken away from my check


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Hi Diane,
The amount of hours that you would be able to work would depend on how much you would be getting paid, however you would be able to make a maximum of $733 a month in countable income.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Why doesn't ssdi enforce people reporting their earnings???? I know of someone who receives ssdi and works construction (very heavy work), they do plumbing, painting, anything they know how to do, they do. They've even had shirts printed with their company name put on them. They've just recently more from one house to another, they're purchasing stuff for the house, transportation for the job but refuse to pay child support and the court doesn't make them because all they can see is that they get ssdi. They don't see anything else but this person is milking the system and ss doesn't care. So why are the reporting of earnings from people receiving ssdi mandatory and enforced?


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Hi there,
That sounds like they may be committing fraud. I would report them to the SSA, you can contact them at 1-800-772-1312, or you can visit their website at

Anonymous (not verified)
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Seriously, how can I claim to be disabled, do plumbing and construction (hard, heavy work), get paid GOOD for the work I do and still qualify to receive full ssdi benefits? How does this happen? PLEASE tell me


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Hi there,
You would most likely not be able to do that, as it may constitute benefits fraud. However, it may be possible for some people to be able to work while receiving benefits, up to the SSA's limits.

John (not verified)
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61yearold ssdi for 11 years want to exactly what I can make part time does the amount of ssdi make a difference


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Hi John!
you may be able to make up to $1,130 a month, the SSDI amount would not matter as those payments do not decrease if your income increases.

Karina (not verified)
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My question is I am working Thursday and Friday at one job and at one job the total of and I got hired for a another job but I am working Saturday and Sunday both days I a working 6 hours


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Hi Karina,
If you're getting SSDI, you may be able to earn up to $1,130 a month, there is no limit on the amount of hours you may work.

alice (not verified)
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I receive ssd I for a mental disability that makes it impossible for me to work in the career I used to work in. I recently found out about a simple delivery job which will pay a maximum of $500 per month. I receive 1471 per month in disability benefits, but it is hard to pay my rent and bills on that alone. Will I lose my benefits if I make $500/month?


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Hi Alice,
It sounds like you're on SSDI benefits. If you are, you may be able to earn up to $1,130 a month an still be considered eligible for benefits by the SSA.

Jeffrey Curtis (not verified)
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I was diagnosed with Ménière's disease early this year. I drive or did drive a semi truck for a living. I can't drive anymore. In fact, I can barely walk without stumbling . I would like to apply for disability and work at a desk job part time, but I have no training for anything else. How do I go about applying for disability and who do I talk to or call about this?

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