How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Anna,
I really could not say, but your SSI benefits may be reduced one dollar for every two that you earn.

Patty (not verified)
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I'm on ssdi. What is the income limit you can earn per month with out losing benefits?
How is the earnings determined per month.. is it the 1st day of the month thru the last day of the month?
Who or do I contact if working a few hours a month?

Joe (not verified)
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Hi can I lose my SSDI if I stay under the $1070 monthly limit but reach the 36 month mark?

Margaret (not verified)
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How is monthly income determined while on ssdi? Is it by when you get your paycheck? if your check is paid in May but you worked at the end of April/beginning of May? Is that considered all in May?


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Hi Margaret,

With any specific questions regarding monthly, I would recommend speaking to a SSA representative. 1-800-772-1213.

Theresa (not verified)
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I'm on disability and wanting to see if i can work. It' only 20 hrs a week it will only be about $140 a week

Margaret (not verified)
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The sga is 1,170. What if you make 1,170.35 in a month. Do they just use while numbers?

willie (not verified)
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I have a wife that is on SSI I make $12 an hour and my wife wants to work part-time making $9 an hour how will that affect her SSI

Ann (not verified)
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How many hrs a week can I work,while on SSID,without loosing my SSID?


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Hi Ann,

There is no limit to amount of hours you can work. As long as your monthly income doesn't exceed the 2017 SGA limit you will be okay.

Anonymous (not verified)
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100 percent disabled but want to work. How many days can I work in a year?


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HI there,
there is no set limit for amount of time you can work, but your benefits may be affected if you earn over $850 a month.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Receiving 2000 dollars from TRS because 100 % DISABLED. Can I still work and how many days or how much can I earn without loosing Trs benefits?


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Hi there,
you may want to contact TRS regarding this as they may have guidelines that differ from the SSA's disability guidelines.

Mary (not verified)
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If you are receiving ssd when you turn 62 are you converted to regular social security?


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Hi Mary,
You may, however your benefits amount may not change when your benefits convert to retirement.

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