How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

Lynn (not verified)
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Okay I'm under ssi and my first time to work since then, and want it to know what you mean by reduce a dollar for every $200 . And still get my SSI


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Hi Lynn,
If you earn two dollars, they would reduce your SSI benefits check by one dollar for that month.

Lola (not verified)
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So my question is if your getting SSI of $735.00 a month and you wanna work for the first time cuz you wanna rent for your own place and you need a little income for utility how much money should you get and not to loss your benefit.. you mention that they'll reduce one dollar every two I'm confused what that means in every two hundred that I make or what


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Hi Lola,
If you earn $100 in a month at work, the SSA would reduce your benefits by $50 for that month. That is, take how much you would earn, divide it in half, and that would be close to the amount that the SSA reduces your benefits.

Justin (not verified)
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Hi there ... I have a question ... I make 733 a month in SSI I also make roughly 630 a month from working how much exactly would be deducted from my SSI


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Hi Justin,
I could not say exactly, but you may have a reduction in benefits up to 315 dollars. It's a good idea to contact your local SSA office as they'd be able to go over how your income would change specifically.

HELEN (not verified)
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Is the maximum monthly based on net or gross pay?

Anonymous (not verified)
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What if I make 1080 monthly am I over for my disability benefits


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Hi there,
I could not say as we do not have any specific information about your case, we are not affiliated with the SSA or the Federal government . You may want to contact them with this question, you can get in touch with the SSA by calling them at 1-800-772-1213.

Michelle (not verified)
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I receive 735 in disability benefits monthly how much money can I make without loosing my benefits


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Hi Michelle,
If you're receiving income based benefits, the SSA would reduce your benefits one dollar for every two dollars that you earn.

Anonymous (not verified)
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This is the same person who inquired about applying for unemployment while receiving social security disability.. I did not report my or work to the social security administration as I was afraid of loosing my benefits also.. If I quite my job due to my manager making my job uncomfortable and unneccessarly stressful knowing Iam already on disability can I still receive unemployment benefits?

Angela (not verified)
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I get Ssi ..I found a part time job and it pays ,7.25 I get 20 hours a week and get paid every two weeks they still cut my Ssi check 3 times this year now I no longer work my condition cause me to fall in depression for no I don't work and get 299...I didn't Kno anything about a work ticket..tell after they took the money from Ssi and told me I couldn't get in the program go see if Social Service could help me ...I was like wow .....


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Hi Angela,
SSI benefits are adjusted based on income, you may want to contact the SSA regarding this as they can adjust your benefits based on your current income.

kristin (not verified)
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2017 you can earn $1170.00 a month i addition to what ever your social security disability..

Mary hoke (not verified)
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How many hours for a disable work

Milagros (not verified)
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My question is if the person recive ssi how many hours is the person allow to work and still receive the benefits

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