Kidney transplant

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I am 52 years old and have been disabled for 8 years due to renal failure. My question is, since I have had a kidney transplant, does my social security benefits end. If so when, because there is always a chance of rejection. If it does end, I do not want to be taken by surprise, will they let you know early enough, or will it be oneof those deals where they just cut you off, then inform you that you are no longer eligible?

Brenda (not verified)
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I just had a kidney transplant almost a year ago will be on 12-29-15 after battling SLE Lupus and also dialysis for 10 years. I also started suffering from seizures during the last 3 years plus had 3 mini strokes. I am terrified at the thought of social security benefits being taken away without notice. I recently filled out the re determination form back in June. They started to take out part of the medicare part B. I just received another letter stating that they will reimburse me for the 2 months they did take out in June. However I keep hearing different things from others I'm beyond freaked out even high anxiety almost having seizures. I have tons of bills car payment cc student loans etc. I know I don't want to depend on social security all my life and I haven't worked in years. Please Help!!!


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Hi Brenda,
If you are unable to return to work, the SSA may extend your benefits.

Dawn (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant 6 years ago. I went back to work but it was increasingly difficult. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, lead poisoning, arthritis in my hands and fibromyalgia. Because of the immunosuppressants I would catch everything my students had since I worked in an elementary school and decided an early retirement would be best. This makes finding employment difficult because I tire easily, have many doctors appointments and would miss work due to illness. I have a small amount of retirement that I receive per month and have insurance but it does not cover enough of my medical bills, should I apply for disability and would I qualify for disability?

Suzanne (not verified)
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My husband is receiving SSDI due to ESRD. He has not worked in over 15 years and has been collecting SSDI for the last 9 years as that is when he went on a dialysis machine. If they cut him off his benefits in 1 year as he just had a kidney transplant and he has no earnings because he hasn't work and won't be able to collect unemployment or disability as it's based off your earnings how do they expect one to survive.


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Hi Suzanne,
They may not take away your husband's disability benefits after a year if the SSA still considers him disabled. Additionally, depending on his age he may qualify for early retirement as well.

Tia (not verified)
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I had a liver and kidney transplant in 2010. I never applied for benefits because I had insurance through my husband's employer. In May 2016 his factory shut down to move to Mexico. We paid for COBRA thru Sept but now all financial resources are exhausted. Just 1 of my transplant meds is $1297.00 a month. I work for a chiropractor and make about $200 per week. Needless to say, I can't afford my doctors, medications and have 2 week long hospitalization this year. I miss a lot of work because I am immunocompromised. there any hope for benefits? Even just medical assistance? We don't qualify for other benefits because we own a small home that is paid off. I have 2 weeks of meds left. But used the last of our money to pay our property taxes. I need help fast. Can you contact me?


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Hi Tia,
You may be able to qualify for SSI, with those benefits you would be able to own your house and still receive benefits. You also may want to contact the office in your state that administers Medicaid, they may be able to provide you with immediate assistance.

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I recieve a kidney transplant in 2005 and still get ssi payments every month . I havent found a steady job that can support me. I also haven't received a letter from social security review board or nothing . Am I in trouble . I would like to terminate my benefits as well. The money I get is only $ 812.00 a month . That's not enough to support me . What should I do ??
I need major advice


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Hi there,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

Major Advice (not verified)

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Did you get any advice for you problem?

richard greene (not verified)
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so is there any reason i would lose my ssi, after having two escemic stroke while on dialisys?


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Hi Richard,
If you're still otherwise eligible, medical events may not constitute a reason for the SSA to rescind your benefits.

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I had a kidney transplant in 2006 since then ive had both of my kidneys removed and have developed diabeetus my job consists of alot of driving and standing and it is taking atoll on my legs swelling etc and i am on alot of medications my age is 59 would i qulify SS disabillity?

suryakant (not verified)
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I am 57 years old and have been disabled for 7 years due to renal failure. My question is, since I have had a kidney transplant in June 2016. how long I am eligible for my social security benefits.

Lessie (not verified)
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Been on ssd since 2013 for esrd, heart issues, etc... just completed a review in 2016 and was approved for esrd. Will they disregard my prior disability now and just go from my transplant date?


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Hi Lessie,
If your previous disability has not improved,you may still be eligible for benefits due to that disability.

Susan (not verified)
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SSDI Question

Hi, My husband receives SSDI for ESRD. He had a transplant in March 2013. He's 57 and worked as a heavy equipment mechanic for his entire career. Kidney function is good; however he has bone density issues, chronic fatigue, etc. His Nephrologist has deferred to his PCP regarding "fit for duty". His PCP has been working with SSA & the former employer's LTD provider. PCP continues to recommend that his is unable to work more than 4 hours per day and not on consecutive days. Unfortunately PCP, left private practice and LTD provider required an update from PCP. No response so they cancelled LTD benefits. I'm concerned that SSA will do the same with SSDI and we'll lose those benefits as well.


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Hi Susan,
If your husband is approved for SSDI benefits, then he may not lose them unless his condition improves or if he is considered to be able to work by the SSA.

Zeta (not verified)
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It’s been 2 years and 2 months since I had my kidney transplant. I’ve seen and heard that you maintain your disability income and Medicare for 1 year post transplant and I’ve heard that you keep all benefits for 3 years? I didn’t work for 10 years prior to my transplant. Can I continue to receive my disability and Medicare benefits for more than 3 years? I haven’t been contacted by SSA yet. Will they contact me months before they cut me off? How will I know when my time is up? I’m worried that they will just cut me off without warning? If they discontinue my monthly disability income, can I keep my Medicare? If so, do I pay that out of pocket or does everything go away? What does SSA look at to determine if you should keep all benefits? Over these past 10 years of kidney disease and all the other illnesses that come with it and now neuropathy in my feet, I just don’t feel that I’m up to par to carry a 9-5 job.


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Hi Zeta,
The SSA may send you advance notice of any changes in your benefits prior to them changing your benefits.

greg (not verified)
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been on dialyes for 4 years im on ssi like to get ssd not enough work credits can i use my dads


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Hi Greg,
If your disability started before the age of 22, you may be eligible for benefits based off of your parent's work record.

Robert (not verified)
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I have been on transplant list for four year's and all of a sudden I'm on hold because medicade put me on a high spend down of 1027.00 any suggestions


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Hi Robert,
You may want to contact the office in your state that handles Medicaid, they can give you the most detailed information about your options.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hello my name is Maria will i lose my SSA benefit because I have to apply for long-term care I had a kidney transplant are year ago thanks


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Hi Maria,
If you're receiving benefits based on your work record, you may not lose benefits if you are still otherwise eligible.

Al (not verified)
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My 25 year old son has had 2 kidney transplants within the past 9 years and had been receiving both SSDI and SSI along with Medicaid and Medicare. He no longer met the requirements for SSDI from his recent redetermination process and lost Medicaid coverage. He is now on our Blue Cross policy but will end when he turns 26 this 09/2017. He's now been in full rejection and has been hospitalized the past week where the doctor's are trying to reverse the process. He was on dialysis for over 2 years while waiting for a donor match and had continued medical coverage. Can he once again qualify for additional or continued medical coverage and receive any other benefits because of his current rejection and because he will no longer have coverage from Blue Cross at 26 years old. Please advise. Thank you!


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Hi Al,
Your son may be eligible for benefits depending on his condition, however as I do not have the medical knowledge to assess his condition, I could not say for certain if he would still be eligible for benefits. However,
he may still be eligible for Medicare benefits. You may want to contact your local SSA office regarding this matter.

Lisa Durham (not verified)
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I was told by Kidney transplant team, and the social worker at the hospital that I would receive my disability 36 months after my transplant. I got that August 6, 2015. Now they are telling me they are stopping in March. I just got out of the hospital with the infection CMV, which you catch from a transplant, which I will have the rest of my life. I will also be getting one of my old kidneys removed because it is causing complications. I do work part time but do not make alot of money. I don't understand how they think I can pay for all these medications. I am really worried.

Dbark496 (not verified)
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I have had Two Kidney transplants, one in 2000 and the last in May 2014. After the first kidney returned to work for 10 years until it failed in 2010. On Dialysis until May 2014 and now my 3-years are ending in May 2017 and I have several complications from the anti-rejection drugs and others conditions. I have had both hips replaced, right knee and right shoulder twice, first one failed form anti-rejection drugs. Other conditions are hart problems and bypass surgery, back surgery and just found out I have Parkinson. I am 58 years old and a mess, have trouble just walking and in pain all the time. No one can tell me how to stay on SSI/Medicare?? I have called the SSI offices and they can't seam to help. Will I receive a review notice or just a cancellation notice from SSI this May?? (Help)


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Hi There,
While you may be reviewed, if the SSA determines you are unable to work, you may still retain eligibility for benefits.

Michael (not verified)
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If I receive ssdi for now because of renal failure and got translated last April will I.loose my disability

Carol Werzenski (not verified)
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My transplant was in 2008. I never knew that you could get SSD. I hadn't worked afterwards for at least 6 months. Is there such thing as backpay?


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Hi Carol,
I'm sorry, but I do not believe you could get back pay if you are not currently disabled. You would also needed to have not worked for at least 12 months to qualify.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can a child receive disability after a transplant? And if they are expecting to have another within 8-10yrs will their disability continue during the whole time?


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I can try to help you with that. It’s possible, but many children are disqualified due to technical, not medical reasons. Before applying on behalf of a child, you will need to know if you earn too much income to qualify, as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is needs based and only those with limited income and resources will qualify.

As your child isn’t making any income, the SSA will evaluate you and/or your spouses’ monthly income to determine if your child will qualify. If you are married, or if you have other children, your yearly income limit will be higher. For example, a single parent with one child can only earn about $36,000, but a family of 5 can earn around $50,000.

If you do think your income qualifies, you should call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to discuss your options and schedule an appointment to apply. You’ll unfortunately need to apply in person, but there are over 1300 SSA offices across the country to help you do so.

Sonya (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant in 20 16 of last year. And now I'm on the list for a pancreas transplant. Do I still get benefits with a pancreas transplant

Nancy (not verified)
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My brother had a kidney transplant in June 2014, was never told that he qualified for SSI so he paid for all meds and has lost all of his savings because of paying for all meds. My brother and I have supported him for over 2 years and is now receiving food stamps and is on medicaid, has applied for disability as he cannot work due to his vision and his transplant. He has not been approved yet, if he has to sell his home due to no payments to bank, and if he comes out with maybe $5,000 in profit after paying me and my brother back, will that make a difference in getting SSI or any type of social security disability or will that also affect his medicaid or food stamps. Please answer back asap


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Hi Nancy,

I am very sorry to hear about your brother's situation. A kidney transplant is an automatic medical approval for SSDI disability benefits. The money he gets from selling his house may affect getting SSI.

Best Wishes,

Terri (not verified)
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I was getting disability for heart transplant failure (cardiac allograft vasculopathy)after 24 years. I received a heart transplant in August 2016 and I went to the local SS office to let them know since I know that I will automatically get benefits for 12 months. They said I do not need to notify anyone, but I would like to be sure since I will be returning to work part time next month.


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Hi Terri,

As a precautionary measure, you might want to call the SSA directly and speak to a representative just to be sure. 1-800-772-1213

Best Wishes,

Shellie (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant five years ago I am currently still receiving my SSI but I have a review today will I lose all my benefits


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Hi Shellie,

I can't say for sure, but if you are still unable to return to work, the SSA may extend your benefits.

Best Wishes,

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