Kidney transplant

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/14/2011 - 11:43

I am 52 years old and have been disabled for 8 years due to renal failure. My question is, since I have had a kidney transplant, does my social security benefits end. If so when, because there is always a chance of rejection. If it does end, I do not want to be taken by surprise, will they let you know early enough, or will it be oneof those deals where they just cut you off, then inform you that you are no longer eligible?

Melissa (not verified)
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I had to have a Autotransplant of my left kidney and I’m having a difficult time? Would I qualify some type of benefits??

Tabitha (not verified)
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Hi im going on my 5th years of having my transplant and everyone telling me that i will no longer receive my disability i work part-time when i can but its never for a long period of time cause since my transplant i have been having stomach problems and other medical issues


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Hi Tabitha,
The SSA may only cancel your benefits if you are able to work full time and make over 1,170 a month.

Jonathan (not verified)
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Received transplant a year ago but would like to try and work part time. Can I work part time and continue to receive SSDI and the benefits for my defendant child. As long as it's within the income limits and would the limits include dependent benefits?


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Hi Jonathan,
You may be able to do so, it's a good idea to contact a local SSA office about this as they'd be able to give you specific information about your case.

Kathy (not verified)
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I am 60 yo with Polycystic Kidney Disease. I am currently on the active kidney transplant list as of July 12, 2017. My gfr is 13%. I work part time and would work full time during tax season. Don't think I will be able to continue working due to fatigue and lack of concentration. Would I be wise to apply now for SS diability or wait until transplant?

Scott Sonnenburg (not verified)
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I had a kidney and pancreas transplant almost 21 years and about 2 year a go my muscles are starting to give me big problems legs arms back pain so bad I can't take care of our house Amy more and have to sell. Pain is so bad that when I get home from work I am in tears.

anonymous 34 (not verified)
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I received a kidney transplant April 2017, I started receiving short term disability about 2 weeks later from my employer for 13 weeks. I applied for ssd in May and was approved in July. My payments start in November 2017, but I went back to work part time in October 1, 2017 because I needed money. I also worked up until the day I received my transplant. Two questions, am I entitled to back payments and will they reduce my ssd money because I went back to work part time


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Hi There,

1. You may be entitled to back pay from the date you initially applied for disability benefits.

2. If your monthly income exceeds the 2017 SGA limit, it could reduce the amount from your benefits from the SSA.

anonymous 34 (not verified)

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Thanks Eric, I was wondering do I need to speak with an advocate or ssd lawyer. I applied May 19 for SSD and I had my surgery April 26, I received my award letter in July and my benefits start late November. I was hoping to get back pay since I was out of work. I returned to work September 29 part time. I make $660 monthly gross income and $165 net pay bi weekly, that doesn't exceed SGA does it also do I qualify for medicare


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Hi there,
If you've already been approved for disability benefits, an attorney may not be able to help you. If you make $660/month you're well under SGA, but just be sure to not make more than $800 and you'll be fine!

M church (not verified)
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My transplanted kidney after 20 years is failing. My creative is 1.9. I feel bad joint pain barely urinating. If kidney fails completely will I have to wait another six months before receiving disability pay

Mary church (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant over 21 years ago now my creatinine is increasing the last time it was 1.95 I have bone pain swelling sometimes I feel like I’m short of breath and I feel very Tired by the end of the day I thought with small amounts in my urine stream is very Like I have not applied For disability nor have I talking to my doctor but I plan to. I still work I’m a nurse and that’s the only work I’ve done for 21 years do you think this is eligibility for disability

Bob (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant 9/2014 and have never received a review for SSDI or medicare. Is this normal? Should I do anything about it?

Moses (not verified)
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I already get ssdi and i wanted to no will i be able to receive other benefits due to my father receiving ssd and if so how much i started receiving ssd at the age of 20


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Hi Moses,

It's tough to say for sure, because cases vary. I would recommend reaching out to the SSA regarding that matter.

Rowena (not verified)
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Inhad my kidney transplant last July 2017, I did applied for social security but they denied
Me and I didn’t reapply. I went back to work Nov. 2017 and just lately, jan 12, I received a letter from social security about being rewarded and my first check for January will be sent out in feb. does this mean that I won’t get my disability or is there a trial work period? If there is , is there any stipulation on how much I earn before I can get the disability pay?


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Hi Rowena,
I'm not really sure! You may have been eligible for benefits for a certain amount of time that ended after you returned to work, but it'd be a good idea to contact the SSA regarding this, you can do so by contacting them at 1-800-772-1213.

Daniel j Rodriguez (not verified)
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My wife had a kidney transplant 10 years ago but never got disability she has cmv and now is an anemic is she eligible now for disability

Scott (not verified)
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I had a liver and kidney transplant in 2012 and have been on SSDI and medicare insurance since then. I received my letter a few weeks ago that I February will be my last month on both. I cannot do the jobs that I used to do and I'm 52. My main concern is insurance for myself and meds that I need to keep going. I have developed AFIB in the last year and have been in the hospital three times since last December. I am wondering what I should do about insurance since if I do get a full time job again you have a long waiting period before you can use the benefits. What can I do about insurance until that time I find full time employment? I'm very concerned that I will not even be able to afford my medications for several months. Thanks for any reply.


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HI Scott,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may still be eligible for disability benefits it may be a good idea to contact the SSA regarding this, and in the meantime you may want to contact the office in your state that handles Medicaid in regards to insurance in the interim.

Len (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant in March 2016 after 2 and a half years on dialysis.
I was 68 years of age at the time of my transplant and retired.

I have never received any benefits of any description and I am wondering if I am entitled to claim for anything. I have never applied for any benefits related to my illness. I am also an insulin controlled Stage 2 diabetic.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Len,
If you receive SSA retirement benefits, you may not be eligible for SSDI benefits, but you may qualify for income-based SSI benefits depending on your income and resources.

Kendra (not verified)
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I have looked through the comments, but I couldn't what I was looking for.

My significant other just received a kidney transplant 8/17, he went back to work full time 12/17. We notified our local SSI office and they indicated no matter how much he is making it is 12 months you will still receive benefits before they will end and no repayment? Is this correct?

Also we have a daughter and she gets survivor benefits right now, will this end at the 12 months too?

Thank you for your help!


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Hi Kendra,
Your S/O may be eligible for benefits for 12 months after a transplant, and your daughter's benefits may end if she receives them based on your S/O's work record.

Tracy (not verified)
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My son had a kidney transplant Nov 2016. He received a letter about his status. Even though he has had a year since transplant wi they drop him even though he isnt working because of fatigue at different times of the day.

Mario (not verified)
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I lost my kiddneys when i was 15 when living in mass got a third transplant around 10 years ago im 41 now i moved to Florida 4 years ago and started working i lost my job and applied for ssi and was declined because i was not disabled
I was told in Massachusetts that i was disabled for life
Why am i not elegible?


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Hi Mario,
The SSA determines disability by many factors, which in some cases includes factors like household income and work record. It may be a good idea to refer to the SSA's denial letter as to why you were denied.

Alex Estreda (not verified)
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I'm was on dialysis fit 10 years and had transplant on May 2017. I have student loans over $20,000 and my hardship program to not pay back my loans started 2015 June; so what can I do to not pay back my loans ? I'm starting work on March 1st 2018 as well .


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Hi Alex,
While people receiving disability benefits may be eligible for a discharge of their federal student loans, I really could not say what would be a good course of action in your case. You may want to contact your loan servicer regarding this.

Larry (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant in June 2013 just receive letter from social security for review I been working part time to pay bill and insurance I am 64 years old will social security cut me off and lose all insurance

Sonja (not verified)
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I was diagnosed with cancer - multiple myeloma - back in Feb. 2017. I fractured my back in March of 207 and had to have surgery to repair the crack. The cancer spread to the base of my spine and my jawbone. I was taking radiation at the time. After radiation - I went straight into chemo for several months and then it was stopped so that I could have a stem cell transplant in August 2017. I was informed that once I had the stem cell transplant that I was deemed 100% disabled because now I do not have a immune system. I have to wear masks and gloves and am on a restricted diet because of the transplant. UNC helped me to apply for disability when I was in the hospital and I was given SSI for 6 months. That ended this month. I have called and continue to check on my disability claim and I am still being told that it is still being processed. It has been six months. I still take chemo. What more do I need to do and will I be approved? I contacted a lawyer and will be speaking with him tomorrow. What are my chances for approval? I have worked fulltime my entire life so I know that I have credits.


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Hi Sonja,

I am very sorry to hear that. It seems like you are being very proactive and taking the necessary steps. I can't say for sure what your chances are of approval, but the more medical evidence you have of your conditions the better your chances are of winning your case. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Kristie (not verified)
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Hi my daughter had a 5 organ transplant when she was 8 months. She has been on ssi since her transplant. She is now 14 and I just got a letter stating she is no longer considered disable. The only thing that has changed is that she started attending school. She still has a ostomy bag. I only live minutes from the school so when she needs help with that, I go to her school and take care of her. I try and keep her out of the hospital as much as I can for little stuff. If I take her to the hospital, they will admit her right away because she is fragile. So I try and manage as much as I can at home. I don’t know why she is disabled for 14 years and now all the sudden she is not

Jessica (not verified)
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I was on dialysis for 4 years due to ESRD. I recieved my transplant in Dec. 2017. I recently talked to Social security and was told my benifits would not stop after 1 year because I was permanetly disabled. I thought I would only be eligible for 1 year post transplant. Now I'm confused. I don't want to keep getting it if I shouldn't or have a huge amount I have to pay back because of a mistake. What should I do?

Dion (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant March 2015 I got a letter saying Medicare ends March 31st but then says However your Medicare will continue because you are disabled

Kim (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant and Social Security approved me SSDI, but now they say I was overpaid because I went back to work before my 5 month waiting period. Anyone know about the waiting period.

Tim (not verified)
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What benefits are available for liver and kidney transplant? And, cannot hold down job due to too many hospitalizations per doctor’s orders for many small issues that keep popping up?


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Hi Tim,

You can potentially qualify for disability benefits with a live and kidney transplant. You can check to SSA Blue Book listing to see if your case applies to the listing. You can also apply online if you choose to!

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