Kidney transplant

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I am 52 years old and have been disabled for 8 years due to renal failure. My question is, since I have had a kidney transplant, does my social security benefits end. If so when, because there is always a chance of rejection. If it does end, I do not want to be taken by surprise, will they let you know early enough, or will it be oneof those deals where they just cut you off, then inform you that you are no longer eligible?

Eugene (not verified)
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The doctor said that I would need a kidney transplant but I'm only 35 years old and I was denied before I found Out I need a kidney transplant so do you think I'll be approved for my ssdi


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Hi Eugene,
I am very sorry to hear that. A kidney transplant is an automatic medical approval for SSDI disability benefits.
Best Wishes,

Annie (not verified)
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I receive social disability from my employer, as well as see,I am not at retirement age but
I can retirement from my employer now, sure to my disability, do I need to contact social
Social security, of my decision, will my disability from social security increase

Eric (not verified)
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I had both of my kidneys removed: one in 2013 the second in 2014. I was on Dialysis for one and half years. I received a new kidney in Dec. of 2014 and in Dec. of 2016, SSA told me that they would be stopping my benefits. The 12 months ended in Dec 2016, at that time, I asked a Hearing to keep my benefits going due to complications regarding immune suppressants, and I have been trying to find work, which has been very difficult. I can no longer work at my past job due to the line of work I was in can be very dangerous for someone with a suppressed immune system. The Hearing is coming soon and I honestly need more time. I was hoping they could help me by continuing my Social Security Benefits to live on and the medical benefits because the medicine is outrageously expensive and I need it to keep the kidney.

Heather (not verified)
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What is the difference between SSI and SSA?


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Hi Heather,
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities who meet the financial limits.

The SSA stands for Social Security Administration and it is the governing body that administers Social Security to those who qualify.

Best Wishes,

Angela (not verified)
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I received a kidney 1 year ago and I'm about to return to work in a week (was off 3 1/2 yrs) I pray my health remains well. I have neuropathy in both feet and on set diabetes but hear that is not a disability. I hate the agent didn't stop my back to work ticket yrs ago when I returned to work after going from hemo back to CAPD. This is the time I really need that ticket....I'm going back because I'm nervous with the 1 yr and 3 yr I hear conflicting stories about. I don't even want to talk about the what if because I never want to look dialysis although I thank God it was a living option. Wish all well....

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Are transplant recipients protected under the ADA, because of the dependency of having to take anti-rejection medication for life?


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Hi James,

I'm sorry to say I cannot answer your question. I would recommend speaking to someone at the SSA about that: 1-800-772-1213

Best of Luck,

Gregg p (not verified)
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if you are already on social security for kidney failure and you receive a kidney transplant can you still collect

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Hi Gregg,

You still may be entitled to collect benefits.

Best of Luck,

Jonathan (not verified)
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I had my transplant in Dec of 2012 and iam up for review will I lose my ssd benefits

Billy (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant in 2014 and my time is up but i have congestive heart failure and i try to work my breathing is pretty bad and i get out of breath while i work and i take a lot of med that put me to sleep do i apply again

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hi, I just received a kidney transplant 3 weeks ago, I am 33years old and I was working as a CNA right before I received the transplant. Am I eligible to receive ssd, right now I'm out of work for roughly 3 months according to my surgeons

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