Kidney transplant

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I am 52 years old and have been disabled for 8 years due to renal failure. My question is, since I have had a kidney transplant, does my social security benefits end. If so when, because there is always a chance of rejection. If it does end, I do not want to be taken by surprise, will they let you know early enough, or will it be oneof those deals where they just cut you off, then inform you that you are no longer eligible?

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Hi there,
Absolutely not. You will keep your benefits for AT LEAST 12 months after your transplant. After those 12 months have passed, the SSA will reevaluate your claim and see if you're still disabled.

Molly C (not verified)
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Kidney transplant recipients have slightly different regulations when it comes to Social Security benefits. After an individual has undergone a kidney transplant, they will automatically be considered disabled for a year following the transplant surgery. After the first year, the patient will be evaluated periodically to determine whether or not they can return to work.

Anonymous (not verified)

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My three 3 yrs are up for evaluation Sadi I got approved will I get back pay


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Hi there,
if you are already on SSDI benefits, then you may not be entitled to any more back pay.

Seth C (not verified)
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After your year is up how do they determine if your disabled? I've an AV fistula and I'm pretty sure it's over matured it's causing a lot of issues and pain making it ver very difficult to work.

D-Pow (not verified)

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Hi Seth,
If you received disability benefits for a condition that was expected to last for 12 months, you will be re-evaluated by the SSA after the year has passed. If you are still unable to work, you should continue to receive disability benefits.

John P (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant in 2013 and I am a former railroad employee. I have never received any kind of evaluation from the SSA or the railroad. Should I have received something by now?


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Hi John,
That is very strange! A kidney transplant is an automatic medical approval for disability benefits. Are you sure you completed the application?

Deepali bhardwaj (not verified)

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My kidney transplant is done sept 2016,than I make the handicapped certificate


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Hi Deepali,
you may be able to apply for a handicapped placard at any DMV, RMV, or equivalent in your state.

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If I receive ssdi and recently received a kidney transplant will I loose my disability?


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Hi there,
You would not! The SSA automatically considers a person to be medically eligible for disability for a year after an organ transplant, and possibly longer if your medical condition prevents you from working after that.

lan (not verified)
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after kidney transplant, if i have a part time job within 12 months from kidney transplant, should i lost my SSDI?

Sophia Williams (not verified)
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I had my kidney transplant June 14th of last year and still have not found a job. I was on dialysis for seven years so its been a long time since I worked. During those seven years I had heart problems, and continue experiencing muscle/joint pain. I'm worried because my only income is SSI, what should I do?


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Hi Sophia,
I would not worry about your eligibility, as you are still eligible for SSI even if you work or look for work. Generally if you work they may adjust your SSI benefit to account for the extra income, but they would not cancel your SSI benefits,(or Medicaid benefits, if you have them) because you started working.

crystal (not verified)
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My mom just got a kidney transplant and she is on ssi, I am worried she will lose this with out notice. I see she has a year to not worry. Now do I have to let ssi know she got a transplant or is that something the hospital did? Also if I do have to let them know how do I go about that ?

Carmen (not verified)
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My son had kidney transplant about 5 years but 3 years ago he got Diabetes and now they did a evaluation and they sai that he is not disable nome they take off he SSI

Caroline (not verified)
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I had a double nephrectomy and kidney transplant in September, 2015. I was on short term disability until December and thought I could return to work. I do event management at a convention center, very long hours and running around (center is 6 blocks long). My feet have been swelling up into clubs, I get sudden onsets of fatigue and muscle weakness, twitching and tremors. When my feet swell it can be so bad they they start to bruise. The job requires the long hours and long periods of standing/walking. My HR Director suggested looking into going back on short term disability (I've been back 6 months, but can't continue like this much longer) then on long term (work insurance covers me until I'm 65 at 60% of salary. But I would have to qualify for social security disability. Would I qualify?


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Hi Caroline,
I would not be able to say for sure as we are not affiliated with the SSA, but kidney transplants are considered to be automatically eligible for benefits under their medical criteria, so it may be a good idea to apply .

kb (not verified)
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I had a kidney and pancreas transplant on 5/13/16. I received a letter today from social security saying I have a phone interview in July about my end stage renal disease. I receive benefits now and what is this letter and when will it end?


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Hi KB,
I am not sure what the letter is. You will medically qualify until May 2017, so do not worry about that! A transplant is an AUTOMATIC 12 month qualification.

philip (not verified)
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is that availble in the philippines as well? i may need to undergo transplant but my problem is its really expansive will it be covered?


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Hi Phillip,
Unfortunately, we really only deal with the U.S. disability system, not the Philippino disability system.

Kelly Miller (not verified)
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My husband had a kidney transplant in September 2013. Still getting disability now. He did just get a short review letter asking about surgeries since 2014. The transplant was before that. He did ask a women in the SSI office when it work end and she said his review was in 2016. I'm worried they will want him to pay back the money after his 12 months. Is this possible?


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Hi Kelly,
The SSA would only ask him to pay money back if he was overpaid, but that may not be the case here. They may just be doing this review as part of their routine review process.

Kelly (not verified)

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So you don't think it would be considered overpayment for the time he received it after the 12 months from the transplant?


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Hi Kelly,
It may not be considered overpayment if the SSA did not consider him able to work in that time and he was otherwise eligible.

man dev (not verified)

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how much is the benefits one is after transplant? thx

Kelly (not verified)
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Good morning. I am 48 years old and in end stage renal failure. I am currently doing peritoneal dialysis at home at night and still trying to work during the day. I have been on the transplant list for 1 year. I have not applied for disability yet. If I wait until transplant to apply, will I be denied because I was not on disability before the transplant?

Sarah (not verified)

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Technically, on PD you are already eligible for disability. And keep in mind, disability and SSI are different. SSI is essentially welfare based on income in the household. Disability for ESRD doesn't have income limits (to receive it-they could adjust for money that you make in some ways though) so as long as you are on dialysis, you have ESRD and are eligible.


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Hi Sarah,
Thank you for sharing! However, SSDI has both technical and medical qualifications, and to meet both you must have a sufficient amount of work credits and also a condition that qualifies for benefits, someone may not be able to qualify for SSDI just because of their qualifying conditon.

Mary (not verified)
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My boyfriend had a kidney transplant in Oct 2013 and is receiving ss benefits. He went back to work part time about a yr after the transplant. Well they recently cut off the ss because they said he went over the allowed amount of income that he can make. My question is the medicare. Can he lose that too if he decides to continue to work? He needs the medicare for the anti-rejection medications that he is on as you may know they are very expensive and I don't think anyone would be able to afford them on their own.

Craig (not verified)
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I am 64 years old. I received a kidney transplant 2/19/16. I am receiving SS Disability benefits and will for 12 months. It will be very hard for me to get a job for one year until I turn 66. What are the chances that I will loose my benefits for that one year?


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Hi Craig,
I really couldn't say as I do not know for sure what type of benefits that you are receiving, but if they are based off of your work record and you are not working currently, then you may be fine. If you're getting benefits based off of your income or resources, then income and resource limits apply.

Gigi (not verified)
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I will have a kidney transplant this year. If I receive short term disability payments (67%) of salary, will I still be able to apply for SSDI? Or must I wait until after I completely resign from my employer? I really want to go back to my job, even if it is just a little part time here and there.


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HI Gigi,
SSDI benefits are generally for longer-term disability, however many short term disability coverage plans can require you to apply for disability.

James W. (not verified)
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I received my Kidney transplant about 7yrs but had several complications. I work part time now. What I my chances of losing my ssi (supplemtal income).


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Hi James,
If you are not exceeding the income limits for SSI benefits, then you may be able to keep on receiving SSI benefits without lsing eligibility.

kevin clanton (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant 11/18/15 its almost a year now and i just got a letter sayin im up for review to determine if i will still get benifits, but im not workin right now will they cancel my benifits.


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Hi Kevin,
I really cannot say as I am not affiliated with the SSA and I do not have the details of your case, but if you're still having difficulty due to your transplant, they may not cancel your benefits.

Steve (not verified)
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I've had two renal transplants, the last one they put me on 100 mg of prednisone and instantly I became steroid induced diabetic. I've struggled to keep my sugar low. My biggest problem is, while I work and work a lot I suffer severe from what I believe is arthritis. When at rest or after a nights sleep my joints cause severe pain to the point it is hard to walk down my stairs. The pain does decrease. I feel as if the longer I continue to work, I am only shortning my life free of pain and worry that it may get to the point I may not be able to walk. It does affect other joints hand shoulders I've had injections in my knees and one in my spine for shoulder issues.

Tina (not verified)
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I had a kidney transplant January 2014. I was on dialysis four years prior and received SSDI benefits the entire time. I recently started a part-time job, and I was trying to find the info for how to report this to SSA. In doing this, I somehow came across information stating that after kidney transplant you continue to qualify for SSDI for only a year afterward unless there are complications or still considered to have a disability that prevents working. I have received the letter from Medicare telling me that it will end in February. I was under the impression we receive SSDI and Medicare for 36 months after transplant. I heard this from many people. Now I am starting to worry. Was I supposed to report the transplant to SSA pertaining to my SSDI? Medicare was aware of transplant due to the medical bills for it.


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Hi Tina,
It may be a good idea to contact the SSA with the information about your transplant, generally it's a good idea to make sure that the SSA has information like this just in case.

Lisa Durham (not verified)

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I am going through the same thing. I was told by my transplant team, social worker at the hospital it would be 36 months and now social security they will end March. I just got out of the Hospital with the infection CMV, which I will have for the rest of my life, and I am scheduled to have an old kidney removed because it is causing complications. What can I do?

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