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I don't agree with the decision because,i've been diagnosed with all these conditions.I have had all these conditions since before i got out of the military.

Christina (not verified)
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Hello, I am wanting to see about information regarding the quality review process. I applied January of 2013, was denied in July of 2013. It was very clear through the letter, other letters, and communication with my DDS rep, that he wasn't really doing his job. He clearly said he hadn't received records that I physically had taken in and turned in myself in person. There were several things like this that happened. I appealed the decision, and was sent to two doctors of their choice back in August. I was told almost two weeks ago that I should know something by end of September. I was told on Monday by my DDS worker that she had done her part, and that the field office would be in touch with me, and that if I hadn't heard from them by Friday to give them a call. I called them Monday evening to see if they had by chance gotten anything, as I needed to change my direct deposit information so nothing went to the wrong place, and the lady said it was still pending, but then she said she wanted to check something.... she put me on hold, and came back on the line saying that I was found disabled, but that everything had not been sent out yet. She had read this information in a long report in my file I guess. I called Tuesday to see if indeed it had been finished, and they said it was still pending. She told me that she did not know why I was told the other information, but that it was still pending. I called my DDS office, she said that it had gone to quality review on Monday, it looked like it had bee returned, and now was being processed, and that it should only take a little longer. I told her what I had been told, and she said also that they should not have told me anything, that there is a reason for that, because sometimes quality review makes some changes, and patients may get upset, or get discouraged for not reason or vica versa. Now I am worried, and waiting, and I don't know what to expect. Is this going to take forever again. How likely is it that the decision was overturned, or are they maybe just changing dates or getting more notes? What do I do? I have been waiting for almost 2 years. I have 3 small children, and we have been evicted amongst many other things, and I can't fathom waiting for much longer. It is having a severe impact on my finances, my stress level, and in turn, my health. Please help...

D (not verified)
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Hi Christina,
I am so sorry to hear that. If you are in the review stage, there is unfortunately nothing you can do! There is no way for anyone to determine how likely you were to be approved. Even judges have wildly different approval rates. Good luck, I really hope you are approved shortly.

sean morgart (not verified)
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I applied for Social Security disability and SSI at the same time I won on the initial application process but only received a partially favorable decision my advocate advised me to appeal for reconsideration of my own set day which I did through the Advocate and I was told on the phone when I called to check on the status that I won the appeal all November 24thso they owe me 14 months back payI was told it went to the payment center on the 28th of December does anyone have an idea how long it will take the payment center to process my back pay also I have a congressional inquiry in I was told this will help speed the process is that true oh I alsohave a dire need letter in through the congressional inquiry as also I was told this will help speed the processso we can meyepro my question to everyone is how long do you believe it will take to get the back pain as I need it to pay a security deposit and first months rent on a house because welfare is canceling my emergency shelter


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Hi Sean,
Glad to hear you'll receive your back pay! But it unfortunately may take a long time to receive. Since your back pay went to the center on the 28th, I'd expect it sometime this week, but I'd check in again with them next week if you still haven't received it.

Danny (not verified)
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I applied for ssdi got denied and appealed sent in records and tried to follow up with DDS poc. I left several messages with no call back, I received a denial letter and they have the wrong diagnosis on there.. Is there anything I can do?

Phy Am (not verified)
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I got denied on my inital appication for ssdi ssi with degenitive dic, dease, depression, anxiety, heppititis c panic attacks.The examiner said I'm denied on back pain and left elbow pain, depression anxiety My medical record indicate I'm disable for 1year,and,10 months,and ,it's only been 1year and 6 months.My point is look at all my evidence,

Nona D (not verified)
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I first applied for disability July 2015 and was denied in December 2015 because they stated I was making substantial income. I appealed in December 2015 because my condition worsen, I lost my job, and they left some of my medical records out. I’ve had 4 brain bleeds, numbness in my left side, constant migraines, and severe carpel tunnel in both hands and it has moved up to my shoulder on the right side-all this have occurred with in this past year. Also, I’ve spoken to my examiner several times updating her. I’ve also had several failed job attempts. At the beginning of May 2016 a decision still haven’t been made I was told it left the examiner and sitting on the doctors desk and two weeks later went to another doctors desk. When I called June 1, 2016 I spoke to a lady in my examiner office who told me to call at the end of this week they should have a decision that they were tying up some loose ends. Is this normal? Do you think it could be a favorable or partial favorable decision? I called about two weeks later and spoke with my examiner and she stated that the decision had been made and I will get a letter in the mail in two weeks. If I go to the local office will they tell me what the decision was? or do I have to wait on the letter? is their anyway I can tell before I get the letter whether or not if it was approve or denied? When I went to the local office the decision still showed pending even though the examiner told me she had made her decision. I was thinking maybe it was a denial letter. So when the letter come it can be an approval or a denial?


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Hi Nona,
Unfortunately, I am not a medical professional, so I cannot say whether your application would be approved or denied from the information that you gave me. However, if it is denied, you still have a right to appeal that decision, and it may be a good idea to have a disability advocate or attorney to work with in that case. If you fill out the form here:
we can have one reach out to you.

Mike Grant (not verified)
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I applied for ssi on 4-13-2012. I was told i did not have enough work credits. I applied for ssdi on 2-12-2014 and just got denial from judge. It was on the basis (not medical) I went back to work for three months (because I did not want to be homeless) (11-2014 till 1-2015) and quit after 3 months because of the pain. Judge did not address time 4-13-2012 till 2-12-2014 after documenting it on report, maybe because I filed for ssi instead of ssdi (not sure). And stated denial for ssdi claim date 2-12-2014 due to going back to work after 9 months. (Did not stay unemployed for full 12 months.) Nothing about denial on basis of medical. I now have enough work credits so my question is: Can I get retroactive or back pay from ssi for 4-13-2012 through 2-12-2014 with the judges report which recognizes the medical problems but basically trumped it with that 3 months of work?? P.S. I will 55 in a month if that would make any difference at all. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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HI Mike,
Generally you would be eligible for back pay from your Established Onset Date (EOD) I would consult with the SSA to help you determine what it would be in your case.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I am late getting my reconsideration disability papers in will they kick me off I'm going to call them Monday it will be late about 10 days


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HI there,
It's best to get them in early, but it may be a good idea to call ahead just to make sure what would happen if you were late with them.

Kimberly Haydar (not verified)
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I filed for disability in Arkansas in March 2016 and was denied. During the time I could appeal I had my dad in hospice, I had hand surgery and was working on my husbands disability. I hired an attorney and he requested a new appeal because of everything that I was dealing with. I received in the mail yesterday a statement that more information a fuction report. Since all this my husband just 5 days ago received a letter stating he has been determined medically disabled and are now working on his non-medical disability. On my function should I also include my difficulties with care of my husband as he has head trauma and other medical problems and can't be left alone. With all my medical issues and having to also help with his care. I don't know if I need to include this in my report? Please help or advise me. I call my attorney's office and I was not able to talk to my attorney and was just advised to complete form in detail and get sent in. My time to turn in is running out because I went to TN to visit my father who is still in hospice and got home and it had been sent Oct. 7, 2016. Thanks for any advise you can give me ASAP.


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Hi kimberly,
If you feel that the care of your husband is part of your claim, it may not hurt to include it in the paperwork, however I would make sure that all the difficulties that you personally have are also listed on the report.

Mike (not verified)
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I been filing ssi since I was 20 in 2008 and been denied now I'm 27 and denied again went to a lawyer and now have to wait until 10/17 for a court date.I was born and diagnosed with cerebral palsy on my right limbs also had epilepsy since 16 and it has got worse I can't work or wait another year with one kid to support is there anything I can do?also if I was born with c p could I get back pay or why have I've been denied is infantile c p not a disability?

Richard (not verified)
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I was denied from social security benefits because they said I didn't have enough medical evidence I am a diabetic with to limbs amputated and 2 big ulsers on the bottom of my foot I filled for reconsideration will help my case

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