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I don't agree with the decision because,i've been diagnosed with all these conditions.I have had all these conditions since before i got out of the military.

Anonymous (not verified)
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If I file and get denied,got a lawyer..denied..appeal denied.mental illness not enough documentation? Do I file with another lawyer? Or do I start over say after a 30 day stay in hospital again?please help it's my sister


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Hi There,

I am sorry to hear that. I would recommend gathering as much medical documentation as you can.

Best Wishes,

garry s (not verified)
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i have been approved for disability,i recieved my letter today,but the date i was found disabled only went back to dec 2015,i have had my condition for most of my life,from 20 yrs old in 1972 till present day,i want to apply for reconsideration on my onset/date i was found disabled,i retired early because of my condition 2014,i did manage to work with the help of medication,but if my employer new i had to take the medication while working schedule 2 narcotic,i would have been fired,i managed to keep it hidden, i missed over 230 days of work in 21 yrs,i do not know how i did it, desperation,i had to help take care of my mom, i lived at home all my life never maried,no children,i retired at 62 if i had known that i quailified for disabity with these conditons i would have filed
then ,what are my chances of getting the date changed to at least 2014,i have been diagnosed with severe deppression disorder,severe anxiety,,obesity,high b/p,joint problems,etc, i am now 65,thanks


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Hi Garry,

Congrats on getting approved! However I am unsure of if you would you get your date changed, but the more physical evidence you have the better your chances are.


Kayla (not verified)
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I got diagnosed with MS back in October and my neurologist told me my MRI showed I also had a degenerating spine. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I got denied and I got myself a lawyer who helped me file a reconsideration paperwork. Last month I receieved a letter from my insurance saying I am medically frail, which I am trying to figure out if that is good for my case or not.


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Hi Kayla,

The more medical evidence you have of your condition the better your chances are of winning your disability case.


Kayla (not verified)

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Update: So they said I should hear something by Tuesday and if not to call them. The nice lady said everything looks good and they got all the paperwork they needed so hopefully I get some good news.

PIA&B&legs&knees& (not verified)
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I got a denial letter today. Says I am disabled now but not expected to last a year. I stopped work Dec 2016, applied 1/2017, decision but sent to quality review 7/26, denied. So now comes reconsideration...I wore braces on my back as a kid, have MRI showing ruptured disc & DDD in 2007, have new diagnosis of Fibromyalgia on top of 5 separate spine disorders, autoimmune disease, severe anxiety and 30 yr history of depression, new spine injections, new (worsening) x-rays, new added anxiety & pain meds.
QUESTION #1: file reconsideration immediately or wait til late October (w/in 60 days) as I hear reconsideration takes 8 weeks. At that point I will have been off work a year.
QUESTION #2: Since my initial application went to quality review, will reconsideration and any action henceforth go to them too?

PIA&B&legs&knees& (not verified)
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Also, was scheduled for Psychological CE but they cancelled it the day before, then called me to ask who do I see for depression & anxiety. Primary care doctor now. Have been to cardiologist, urgent care & ER for chest pain that seemed to be anxiety attack. Saw a Psych RN for 6 months for crisis 5 years ago. She says her records (stored in her garage!) we're destroyed in hurricane Matthew.
QUESTION#3: should I go with lack of development of depression & anxiety diagnosis as a reason to appeal? Or just go with documentation of continued worstening of conditions they acknowledged as disabling already?

Tamira (not verified)
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I was receiving SSD and then it was taken away from me saying that I work too many hours are made too much for that quarter I received a letter a couple of days ago saying that I guess the request for reconsideration was approved and that amount a used to be am I entitled to get my back pay from the months that they did not give it to me

Anonymous (not verified)
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How long till I hear back on review if I am still elegance for disability

Scott frank (not verified)
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What's on my mind is this I started my disability claim back in 2007 from injury edge in my lower back and my left shoulder and mental health issues I'm going on my third time filing an appeal and everything this decision they denied most recently was based on 2007 evidence but I told him I was drunk when I filed I was struck by car back in 2013 my head went through a windshield of a car I was going to bicycle and struck by a car life-flighted knockout 17 hours major brain trauma separated right shoulder three and a half inches why did they go make services in off 2007 medical when I've had all this other stuff done to me and it was all the stuff was taken back in August of 2017 I was denied in September 2017 plus I have made your mental health issues what do I need to do I paid into this shit

kimberly (not verified)
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I had to do a reconsideration appeal it's been 3 months how much longer should I hear something back from them

Marty (not verified)
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I have 4th stage kidney failure and deep vein trombosios also hep c was told i could get better with medical help. I have no insuance cant workm feet are so swollen i cant wear shoes let alone walk very as it hurt. What can i do

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