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I don't agree with the decision because,i've been diagnosed with all these conditions.I have had all these conditions since before i got out of the military.

Kel (not verified)
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Hi my reconsideration (SSD) was effective 11/28/2016 I have advocate at the hospital that applied and helping me with my social security process I was hospitalized twice (for 21 days) had 5 toes amputed and stent in same leg with a $260,000 plus medical bills my illness is (due to severe diabetes since 1997 but conditions got very bad with conditions in 2015 and has been non weight bearing for 10 months per doctors order and still till this day no weight on one of my legs (in wheelchair)

I have since been back Into the ER for Internal bleeding due to the plavix and warfrin I am taking besides 2 different insulin, metformin, percocet 5 and 10's and high blood pressure advocate sent social security my Jan 2017 medical records but since then I recieved a letter from Social security to see one of their doctor I agree and completed all of the paper work then got a confirmation letter of the appointment...but then a week later I got a letter from Social security that the appointment has been canclled by them (social security) saying no need to see their doctor additional information has been recieved this was as of March 2017 (keep in mind that I am still under the hospital wound care bi-weekly since 7/2016 and still but have not worked since 7/2016 but no additional infomation is needed (per social security) do you know what this mean or should I just should take it for what it say?


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Hi Kel,

I am so sorry to hear that. I would recommend speaking with a representative from the SSA with your advocate with you.

Best of Luck,

Miriam (not verified)
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My have been receiving ssi for four years npw and the found him unfavorable if i appeal will he continue too get his benifits

Keshara Ridley (not verified)
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My claim keep saying pending but one minute they say I'm approved then when I call again they said it's still pending. I was in quality review I be there for a month am I still in quality review or out and it's pending cause I need to do the non-medical part of my claim I'm confused what to do or should I just wait for a letter but to my understanding they don't send no letter until you go to appointment at local office so they contact you or send letter? Should I just wait til I get something they are confusing me.


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Hi Keshara,
Quality review is when the SSA reviews their cases for processing, and as such it may delay benefits. That does not mean you are not approved for benefits, however as we are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, I really could not give any information about your case specifically.

Anonymous Dodger Fan (not verified)
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I am requesting an SSDI reconsideration of EOD dates. How long does the process take?


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Hello Dodger Fan,

Unfortunately there is no black and white answer on how long that process will take because cases and judges decisions vary from case to case. Best of Luck

Go Red Sox ;)

Sonia (not verified)
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I'm confused, while waiting for a decision, I received a letter stating " we recently reviewed the evidence in your Social Security disability claim and find that you're disability continues" then goes on to talk about Trial work period blah blah blah and the letter is headed notice of decision dated April 24th I seen online a determination had finally been made 4-24-2017and that id be recieving a letter via mail ... I called because I didn't understand how it could be found to continue when I hadn't even started or been approved yet and I was then informed that I was denied and I'd be receiving a letter but no letter had actually been sent out yet and this letter that I had received was routine. So today being June 23rd I still have not received any letter or update my online status still says the decision was made April 24th so again I call only to be told that a decision has not been made and it's under review what does all this mean???


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Hi Sonia,

I am sorry to hear that, but it probably just means they are still reviewing your case. Hang in there, unfortunately it can be a long process.


Sheila Taylor-Brown (not verified)
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I filled for my child in aug of 2016 and was denied my child has mental illness,Borderline personality disorder,psychosis severe anxiety,social disorder,ptsd,and 5 more disorders,It is so had to explain how these disorders affect our life,My child can not leave the house unless i am with him he thinks some one will kill him and he can not look people in the eye keeps his head down at all times,His anger is so bad i have doors in my apt that are hanging off and holes in the wall I cant go to work and we are now losing our apt because of this what will it take for them to see that he is sick,He is now 18 we have a lawyer but i never hear from them,I just dont know what to do


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Hi Sheila,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact a disability attorney or advocate who would be more responsive, you can get in touch with one by filling out the form on the left.

David K (not verified)
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I had a work machine roll on top of me in 1997, settled w comp in 1999 and provided all info through my atty to ss which began in 2000, every check for myself and children had an offset due to the comp settlement. Every 4 yrs my benefits for the kids were decreased by half to the point they were receiving $31 a month by 2012 and mine went down by $300 after first 2 yrs. In Oct 2016, I rec notice I owed $70,000 in an overpayment. We immediately filed a reconsideration in Nov 2016, we informed the rep the last reconsideration we never rec an answer and after 90 days even sent a certified letter req. status. Rudely she responded it could take up to 6 mths. stating in 2006 they noted no changes.
It is now July 2017, well over 6 mths when we went in the rep wasn't sure if the case was in Baltimore or D.C. but status still said pending and it was with the payment center. We were told to return in a couple weeks but could check online, online states pending since 4-2000 when I started.
I don't have money to hire an atty, because they want payment upfront on a $70,000 overpayment, and feel they are reviewing 17 yrs so it's costly. What more can I do, we are well over 6 mths and can't seem to even get a definite answer on who is reviewing, just at the payment center, which is to mean what?
Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you


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Hi David,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact a disability attorney who would be willing to work on contingency regarding this.

Helen (not verified)
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My husband went to court for ssi disability denial judge said I can't get you back 5yrs but we will get at least 3so that was ok we'll November last we got the decision letter it had denied my husband again so lawyer has made another appeal court he was in a car accident 6+years ago and we have been fighting since then one of the reasons he was denied was that he has not worked in the last 3yrs also rehabilitation man said there is one job out there that my hubby can do and there 100 in the whole of us none in FL mind you

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I did an appeal on Jan 4 2017 and today the my case was close on medical decision. I do not know the decision. All it says is a medical decision has been made and we are processing your decision if additional information is needed Social Security Administration will contact you does this mean I was denied again?


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Hi there,
I really could not say as the fact that it was made does not indicate whether it was postive or negative.

Tamerra (not verified)
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I got denied for not being under my doctor I'm schizophrenia bipolar and I suffer depression not able to complete or sometimes do daily routine the computer man that was at court said I can't work do to my disorder but I was denied's been sense oct,2016 I appealed at a reconsideration level the office telling me it's a 12_15 month turn around so its been nine what exactly do that mean and am I waiting for?? Btw I've been back under my doctor as well!

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