Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 14:28

I don't agree with the decision because,i've been diagnosed with all these conditions.I have had all these conditions since before i got out of the military.

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully your denial will be overturned. If not, you can always go to an ALJ hearing! This where most disability applicants get approved anyway.


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Hi Alpon,

On average, it will take between three to five months to complete the Social Security Disability reconsideration process and receive this letter of decision.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My husband was denied for disability d/t not enough medical documentation. The letter stated he needed to see a medical professional every 30 days, so for the past year he has seen a physician every 30 days and also had surgery last December. The doctors are all confused as to why he hasn't already been on disability. Is it too late to appeal the decision or should he file a new claim altogether. He has more medical problems now than when he first filed.

Molly C (not verified)
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I am sorry to hear about your unfavorable decision. Our page, "Filing a Request for Reconsideration" might be a helpful resource.

Ivy (not verified)
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I name Ivy Chase have already recieved november and december check for ssdi then soon after i recieved a letter stating that i will recieve my check on january the 3rd again soon after that i recieved another letter about being determine again ive been diagnosed well over 17 years ago i just dont understand the situation at all but nevertheless i do hope and pray that i recieve my check on january the 3rd ,2013 because i have proof and faith that i will recieve it.

Steve (not verified)

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I filed for reconsideration appeal 9/26/2016
My ss apeal sent to quality review 2/1/2017
Still no an answer how much longer?


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Hi Steve,
I really could not say as the process does take awhile and every case can take varying amounts of time. However, the fact that it was sent to quality review does indicate that the SSA is actively working on your case!

Tammy (not verified)

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I filed for appeal in may 2016 and still waiting, if heard it varies on what state your in. Right now in my state NC it's an 18-22 month wait.

Molly C (not verified)
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Ivy, I'm sorry to hear about the confusion you've had to deal with. If there are any questions about your payments or specific disability, I suggest you call your local Social Security office or the individual who first handled your claim. I'm sure it will work out once you determine what the issue is. I wish you the best of luck!

R.C. (not verified)
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I have received a letter of denial, a letter that my file is ready to be reviewed, an encyptyed disk to reveiw and a package of forms to send back for the reconsideration. THE ANALYSIS STATES: I am closely approaching advanced age; THE FOLLOWING ILLNESSES, INJURIES OR DISEASES EXIST: Hepatitis C; Left Shoulder Replacement; Hypertension; Anxiety Attacks; COPD; Degenerative Joint Disease; Breathing Problems, Diverticulitis; & Chronic Diarreha; With an onset date of 6/1/06. THE ANALYSIS states: I have more than one MDI: being: 1)#7150 Osteoarthrosis Allied Disorders (priority)Primary, (severity) Severe. 2)#5710 Chronic Liver Disease (priority)Secondary, (severity) Severe; 3)#3000 Anxiety Disorder (priority) Other, (severity) Severe. THE PROBLEM: This was scheduled for an in person interview. The day of the interview, SSA called, stating they had staffing shortage issues & would have to complete it over the phone. They did, however, much of the paper work filled out is completely incorrect. They have listed that I have not worked since June of 1996. I told them that I continued to work until I just could not work any longer & my last day was 12/31/2011. Paperwork I filled out as well my tax records show 12/2011 as last day worked. They state I am disable with "SEVERE" conditions, but then determined me "NOT DISABLED" because conditions had to have been found severe on or before 6/30/09, when I was last insured.??? They state they considered all medical evidence and records to determine this outcome. However, in the analysis, they state that there are no medical records and none can be obtained. I gave them the records. There are still records coming in as I have been hospitalized 2x in last 3 months. The last for 13 days with a blood pulse ox level of 44 the last time. My lips and fingertips were already turning blue. I was dying right in the ER.!! The disk they sent will only open part of the records and then completely shuts down my computer, freezing even the hard drive up. It acts like there is a virus on it. Please tell me what I need to do. I have been without any income since December 2011. I can't work. I don't understand how can they reject the medical records I gave them on disks, x-rays, mylegrams, tests performed etc....straight from the doc's & labs; tell me they have to obtain them theirselves; have me sign medical releases so they can and then turn around and say that there aren't any records and none can be obtained.? Please Help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Molly C (not verified)
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Hi R.C. First of all, I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time with the application process. I would love to be able to help you, but I'm not sure I understand all the issues you are having. The best advice I can give is to contact an attorney or advocate. He or she will be able to help you correct any errors in your claim and get you headed down the correct path. Fill out this form for a free evaluation with an attorney. I wish you the best of luck!

Andrew (not verified)
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denied SSDI. May 2011 I was hurt at work, denied WC for 9 months.. only to discover at court day after I sued.. yep.. they had WC... I received NO medical care, other than general visits to md because of denial of WC.... I applied for SS (proven 20 year work record) in January 2012... ALJ Aug 2013... Denied. (I only started getting xrays, mri, specialist Jan 2013 due to no insurance). But med records show DDD, Spinal Stenosis cogenatial, Kidney removal, Arthritis with knee fusion, HTN. I was never ordered to see a SS dr. The judge favored with a SS dr I had seen in 2010, 2 years before I applied and 1 years before I became disabled (I was contacted by SS because as a child I had a kidney removed and my father drew SSDI. They said they thought they may owed me money, so I jumped thru the hoops... why 15 years later is beyond me). The judge also stated he based no credit on a dr I saw after getting hurt who said no standing, stooping, pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching, bending. How can he use a Dr opinion that had nothing to do with my disability while discrediting one who did???? Heck, I even agreed with the Dr in 2010... I was working 6 days a week!!!!! The judge also said my "alledged" pain did not warrant hospitalization nor pain clinic..???????? I get what I need from my own Dr. Said I "used a cane with no written order"... I have the order in my hand... I just happen to be not using the EXACT cane... but one I made... Said apparently I was not illerate (I have 8th grade education) because I could keep a log book and use a credit card... didn't realize illerate and stupid were the same.... I said 8th grade.. not 1st.. I learned to spell my name (sign for CC) in first grade.. and I learned to draw straight lines and count to 24 in those 8 years. Said I rode a motorcycle... Nooooo .. he ask if I had one.. I said yes.. Because I have one.. and choose not to sell it.. does not mean I ride.. but yet he sited I rode..... that was never said.... I haven't rode in 2 years... Said my disabilities didn't fit the standards... I was able to do light work... What the hell is all this crap... Oh.. and my hearing lasted 25 minutes... He only was concerned about my WC.. skipped straight to that section... In denial made it sound as if I opted to not seek medical care until after settlement... I tried.. but each time Pt/specialist/meds/treatment/procedures was denied due to lack of WC. I will appeal.. and I have a lawyer... Who will be reviewing my case.. Hopefully not the same judge..

Pattie (not verified)
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I filed for disability in October of 2010 right after my 1st back surgery. I was denied 2 months later and did nothing more. Kept working and taking pain meds to survive. I had a second back surgery July of 2012 and still have been working and taking pain medication. I get better after the surgery for a while until the next area of my spine degenerates again. It is an ongoing process of degenerative disk disease and my doctor also told me I have soft bones. I have worked at total of 31 years since I was 14 years old while in school and then full time since I was 18 after I graduated from High School. This past summer of 2013 I started having horrible pain again in my back and believe me I have numerous documented trips to doctors and have tried PT and Spinal stretching machines. It got so bad in October I was taking medication non stop and my employer noticed and made me stop working on November 4th 2013 because they did not want me working on narcotic pain medications. I immediately filed for disability in November 2013 and continued to work with my Neurologist and did several MRI's and CT's and he has me scheduled for a 3rd surgery in 2 weeks on March 11, 2014 and then we will need to do a 4th surgery once I recover from this 3rd surgery. I got denied disability January 2014, hired an Attorney and he started the appeal process on February 10, 2014. My question is, how long does it generally take to get a decision once you start the appeal process? I will add this. The denial letter showed the reports and dates they received information from my Doctor and it was BEFORE he decided I needed this 3 surgery for another blown disc in my upper neck and also before he discovered that the hardware in my lower back from my first surgery had sagged downward and one of the screws broke in two due to my soft bones. The hardware from my 2nd surgery in my upper neck has started to sag due to my soft bones as well. So I am hoping and praying that when the SS board sees this updated information they will make decision in my favor. This disease will be an debilitating problem I will have for the rest of my life. I am 45 years old and used to be very active outdoors. I also have reoccurring bladder infections and have for years as well as depression and anxiety. Based on what I have written how long do you think it will take for me and my attorney to hear something back from the determination board? I just re-filled out and mailed the function report and pain report package the SS administration mailed me again like they did in the very beginning back in November 2013.

Molly C (not verified)
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Hi Pattie, I'm sorry to hear about everything you have gone through. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how long your appeals process will take. It is different for everyone. This is due to the fact that there are no set deadlines for the appeals proceedings, some cases are simply easier to determine, only some states require re-determination, and some states have significant backlogs and wait times.

Marc (not verified)
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I applied for social security disability on March 2014. I have a herniated disc and arthritis in my lower back that is giving me discomfort on a daily basis. I was denied on the request for reconsideration. I finally decided to get an Attorney to help me win my case. It is now September and hopefully I will hear something at the later part of October. How long does this process take.

Igg (not verified)
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Hi Mark, best of luck with your appeals process! I would take any estimate of time with a grain of salt, as the process could take a couple to several months. I'd suggest regularly checking in with your attorney for status information or checking in with staff at the appeals office.

David (not verified)
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I was getting ss disability until I got incarcerated and they stopped. when I got out in august 2014 I applied and was denied 2/12/14. I cannot work due to 67 percent 3rd degree burns on my body. also I do not have use of my left arm.can you help me file an appeal?

D-Pow (not verified)
Thu, 11/05/2015 - 10:21 Permalink

Hi David,
I am sorry to hear about your injuries. One of the most successful ways to file an appeal is to use a disability attorney. They can help you with the paperwork and defend you in court. You can get in contact with an attorney in your area by taking our 100% Free Disability Evaluation here:

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