Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 14:28

I don't agree with the decision because,i've been diagnosed with all these conditions.I have had all these conditions since before i got out of the military.

Lawrence P O'Dell (not verified)
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I turned 65 in August 2017, filed for Medicare and received an notice for Overpayment for a Disability Claim in 2005. I filed a request for reconsideration in August 2017, and submitted proof that there was no overpayment (1099 from SSA) I wish to retire this September but cannot without a resolution to this claim. I have worked with the local SSA Office and they have tried to contact the Payment Division for an update. I was given 30 days to pay back 19 thousand Dollars, it has been nearly seven months with no response from SSA. How long will it take? Thanks, Larry


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Hi Larry,

I really can't say for sure because every office is different. I would check back in a month if you haven't heard anything back before then.

Donald (not verified)
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I filed for disability in December 2013.I went through the whole process and was denied.I refilled again and now is April 30, 2018, I'm at the reconsideracion level again my health has got worse.How long will it take for me to get a decision from the disability office?I filed my reconsideration in December 2017.I'm stressful and really need help.


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Hi Donald,

Unfortunately the it is different for every case. If you hired an attorney, they typically find out the decision of your case first. I would contact them and see if they have any updated information.

Denise Johnson (not verified)
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Hi my son was cut off due to a redetermination.but he still have the same problems he had wen he received ssi.and now even more problems.he has new problems.he suffer from asthma. Failure to thrive.allergies.excema.gastro problems.gerd.refux.and more he has to be put under every 3 months for his eoe .he can't barely eat wit out his throat hurting.stomach pain.and vomiting.and he can't even play wit out coughing.short of breath..he on like 9 different medications.even his teacher said he not going to first grade he gone repeat kindergarten.and he has poor weight gain.she say he very small compared to the other kids in his he has to go to speech therapy.he goes to hospital like 5 or 6 times out a ifiled a reconsideration.wat are his chances of being approved now.he also break out wit hives on almost every thing he eat.the doctor saying they mite have to make him drink the solution he pose to breath.and take him off all wheat and milk and soy


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Hi Denise,

That is tough. The more medical evidence (doctor's notes, exam results, bills, etc.) you are able to use to support your claim, the better chance you will have of being approved. Each case is different though. Good luck!

Donald (not verified)
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I filled for reconsideration in December 2017 is April 2018 and still no answer.Do you know the average waiting period at the reconsideration stage?

Chrisp5000 (not verified)
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I requested a reconsideration because I don't agree with the decision. How long should I expect to wait? I want another interview.

Ismael (not verified)
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I was denied then appealed a week later get form to realease info again does this mean i got approved


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Hi Ismael,

The release form will allow the SSA to look at your medical records again for the appeals process. It does not mean that you were approved, but it does mean that the SSA is looking at your appeal and reviewing your information again.

Stacey TV (not verified)
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Kidney removal 50 years, ago
.cut on abdomen and side. Have no body mass on right side. Hips are uneven, noticeably uneven, spine sticks out and can't sit on certain surfaces because I now sit on tail bone. Have lasting pain now. Can't even sit normally. Most comfortable position is laying on left side propped up on elbow. So long now that elbow is callused. I make jewlrey. All of it made on my bed laying on side only way I am comfortable. Have other issues. Tired of trying to explaining. Gotten worse since I lost 80 lbs caring for mother. Blind then illness. I am not kidding when I say that the only way I am comfortable is on my left side laying down propped up on elbow.

Dee (not verified)
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The judge denied both Ssdi Ssi
The letter states I have severe medical illnesses and limitations but i got denied.. also the vocational expert stated there are no jobs I can work ..


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Hi Dee,

Most people are denied on their initial application. Your denial could have been for technical reasons, and not medical. For SSDI, you need to have enough work credits (earned by paying into Social Security taxes). A general rule of thumb is that if you worked 5 of the last 10 years, you should have enough credits. For SSI you need to be below the income limits. If you are single, you need to have less than $2,000 in assets and if you are married, you need less than $3,000 in assets.

Your denial letter should state why you were denied. You can also appeal the decision by following the instructions in the letter.

Raheem Kirkland (not verified)
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Online under SSDI it says a medical determination has been made.., but under my ssi (Disability) I have been approved. What does this mean?


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Hi Raheem,

For your SSDI, it sounds like they have made a decision on if you medically qualify but may be deciding if you meet the other qualifications (such as having enough work credits).

For SSI, if it says you have been approved, then you likely were approved for benefits! You should receive a letter in the mail explaining the decision.

Todd (not verified)
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In response to my request for reconsideration, I received the following comment on the SSA site yesterday:

Disability Determination Decision Under Review

Your appeal is currently under review for processing accuracy. Once the review is complete, we will continue processing your appeal.

Can anything be interpreted by the language they are using?

Thank you


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Hi Todd,

Unfortunately there is nothing that I would interpret based on that. Basically it is just a confirmation that everything has been received and you are starting the process now.

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