how do I stop being representative payee?

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I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?


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Hi Artie,
You may be able to do so, however if you have a payee already for yourself, then you may be required to have one for your child.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My 16 year old step daughter. She only been living her for 8month Butt now she think that her ssi check should be only her. She told me the other day she was taking 200 and remove her father name can she do that

Jenny (not verified)
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I have been my boyfriends representative payee for the past year. Well, he was arrested a couple of months ago for domestic battery against me, and now I have a permanent injunction against him. What should I do as far as removing myself as his representative payee? He is still incarcerated. He went to jail with his card on him.


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Hi Jenny,

I am so sorry to hear that. You would have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office to stop being his payee.


Agatha Stewart (not verified)
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I have read each of the questions and comments on this site because it is time that a new representative payee be found for my daughter with a mental disability. Although it can be very beneficial for relatives of SSDI recipients to be payees, it is all too easy for them to be emotionally manipulated. An outside, disinterested person with no emotional ties is really the best option. That is my experience and wanted to share with those coming looking for answers to very difficult situations.


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Hi Agatha,
Thank you for sharing! It's important to make sure that a representative payee will use the money for the beneficiary.

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I am a representive payee for my 2 kids ..One has Austim and the other ADHD.I no longer want to be a representative payee, I want to stop it.I don't want another person to be their representative payee .i want to get out..I want to work and buy them what they need and provide for them..I don't want no help at all..What do I have to do to get out? CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME?

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I have two kids with disability and went to jail for 12 days and on probation for 3 years. And I'm a representative payee for my kids.And a misdemeanor, Will that affect my kids benefit? AND what can happen to me? I need answer..


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I would recommend speaking to someone from the SSA regarding your unique case.


Lisa anderson (not verified)
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My disabled person is extremely abusuve


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Hi Lisa,

I am sorry to hear that. If you wish to stop being their representative payee you will have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office and notify them.


Cherie Johnson (not verified)
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I've been a rep payee for my son, he is 21 now and moved out yesterday June 4th, 2017 and I would no longer like to be his payee


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Hi Cherie,

You would have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office to stop being his payee.


Dk (not verified)
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Can a payee sign over payee status to another person without the check recipients permission? If said payee doesnt want to do it anymore?


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The SSA determines who can be a payee or not. I would recommend speaking to someone there regarding your matter. 1-800-772-1213.


John Fizg (not verified)
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Hello Guys,

i have a mother that i have been her payee for 2 years. After on eyear at her apartment, she allowedc someone enter her apt letting that person take advantage of her. So then i put her in a room and board place where food is cooked daily and what not, all for a fixed monthly rent. However, she would leave days at a time sometimes and i would find her near her old neighborhood living on the streets. I would take her back to the room and board and would tell her this is home and what not. Well after about a year, of on and off leaving the place, she has left and i am not sure where she is anymore. I think she just wants to live completely independent away from the everything. What do i do now? How can i get off her representative payee status.

Thanks in advance

Ghie (not verified)
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My soon to be exhusband is receiving SSI and he applied benefits for our baby. He is the payee. Our divorce was filed and we moved out when the baby was 2mons for safety reason. My baby now is 6mons old and his father refused to support and help. Is it possible that I can be a payee (mother). My baby is with all these time and his father the one receiving the money. i can't work full time because I am taking care of my baby and paying all the bills (baby's need, car rent). We got help from kind friends and distant relatives. We went to SS office Vallejo and the rep there said. I need proof that my baby is with me. He said the medical doctor records, mediCal that my baby my name, process divorced, tax that i claimed my baby, ids not enough. Need to wait for the court order - full custody that I have my baby with me. It is so sad that it will take time in the court. He emphasized with me but can't help at all.

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