how do I stop being representative payee?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/01/2013 - 13:47

I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?

Sara (not verified)
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Is a payee entitled to repayment if they have provided sole support for the person for which they are in charge? I paid for everything for the years leading up to approval process.


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Hi Sara,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, however you may only be able to do that as a disability advocate or attorney.

Sara (not verified)
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My son gets SSI and Social Security. I am his mom and his payee he is 33 years old . I have taught him how to handle his money and pay his bills.He started receiving benifits at age 18.He put me as his payee.I'm 68 years old and not in good health.My question is can he be his on payee?


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Hi Sara,

You would have to schedule an appointment with your local SSA office and speak with a representative there. Wishing you and your son nothing but the best.

Jay (not verified)
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How doi get out of being a payee for someone.I can no longer get Along with and don’t want to be part of this person life?

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can know longer be payee .I Am homeless


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Hi There,

You have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office if you wish to stop being someone's payee.

Sailor (not verified)
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I am a 17 year old girl who has a child and has not been living in the home of my mother.

Anonymous (not verified)
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If I am a payee over my friends check for him to get a different payee do I half to sign to be taken out my name


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Hi There,

You have to go to your local SSA office to do so. They will assign another payee there.

linda (not verified)
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I was the payee for my mother who passed away a month ago. I did contact SS and her benefits have stopped, although I just received a letter from SS wanting reimbursement for the month she died. Who is responsible to pay that since my mom has parents were married and my dad is still alive as the surviving spouse.

Eva C Tabaldo (not verified)
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I want to stop being a payee .How would I go about making sure that I'm off of all


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Hi Eva,

Someone at your local SSA office will be able to do so.

Debbie (not verified)
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I called SS and told them i no longer wanna be someones payee. Will he still get his money if no other payee comes forward

David (not verified)
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What's the process to stop receiving SSI. I am a representative payee for my daughter. She had speech impediment for 3 years and today they told me she passed all her test. she is improving a lot better. So I don't need SSI anymore


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Hi David,

Congrats on your daughter passing her tests! You'd have to contact the SSA and notify that you do not need SSI anymore. You can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

Sherry (not verified)
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If a person is in jail but not sentenced they r in trial, then they get a program still not sentenced or charged. and the payee has benifits shut off how long to start receiving checks again?

Christina (not verified)
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I was put on as payee, when after two years of my mother failing to call SSA to collect on my deceased father's record (who would not want more money?), I picked up the phone and called SSA. I lived an hour away, saw her only a few times a year, and I would say this was one of the first signs I picked up on that she may have Alzheimer's. Well, when the agent took the case particulars, she said someone must manage her money, and stuck me on. That was 10 years ago, and I really did not feel it was a big deal not getting paid to do it at first because I did not do much, and my SIL did the groceries. Over six years ago, I coincidentally moved to the same small city because I wanted to buy my first house while the interest rates were low, and houses were much cheaper near her. Now I want to get paid, but for more than just managing her accounts but for all the LTC services I provide: shopping, some cleaning, pet care, including putting it on a diet (had to lock up the cat food--Mom got ugly...). Basically, anything that involves benefits, her accounts, her reminder service, her LTC services from an agency, her insurance, etc., I have to manage, and this takes several hours per week. I should be paid. I should not have to hire and oversee someone else. It is uncompensated time that is taking away from my starting my own business.

I would like to get a new Power of Attorney because that was done even earlier. It too stated I cannot be paid for providing services. It is the only line I want revised in the whole thing. Adult children out there, beware of any free legal services for seniors drawing up the document! While I do think watching out for seniors is necessary and worthy, it was done in a sneaky way. I feel I was taken advantage of because no one was looking out for the fairness in my interests, now in the future. It never occurred to me that a dozen years out, I would be so heavily involved and trapped by this POA, I should have been advised to see an attorney before signing it.

As to decision-making, I am unclear what decisions a person must still be making to not need a conservator/guardian. I could go that path too but it takes more time than doing another FPOA if my mother can legally sign one.

Either as FPOA or Guardian, I see conflict brewing where I can be compensated by either of these two paths and still be saddled with the Rep Payee regs stating I cannot be paid. My brother has a felony and therefore cannot be payee. When my SIL learned she was no longer doing the shopping, she disappeared. Neither answer their phones. My mother has no living siblings. So rep payee would get kicked out to a public agency to do if I dropped it. And the money is not because I am desperate for money. It is recognition that my services have value and her life has been better than if I had not been involved.


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Hi Christina,

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are able to change attorneys. They can help you take the next necessary steps. Best of luck.

Mary (not verified)
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I am the payee for my bother menta illness. Just started 2 months ago. He keeps asking me to transfer money to his account for needs for his apartment, but then withdrawals the money for drugs. He is verbally abusive. I do not wish to continue as his payee, as I have a family to consider. If he has no one else to be is his payee, who do I turn this over to?

John (not verified)
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If im am disability myself can i be someones payie and how would that effect my disability.

Lisa C. (not verified)
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How does one no longer want to be a payee...... I have a friend who wants to move to better his situation but is a payee to his friend what does he have to do 5p change it

Deborah Amico (not verified)
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This site has been very helpful to me as I got dropped into being re-payee after my parent had been a victim of senior abuse (financial) for 15 years. I did the clean up and have been disrespected by a dusgruntaled parent for years. I am giving it back because no matter how much you want to help, dealing with County agengies you are always the bad guy. No one ever asks how you are doing or if you need assistance with taking on the responsibilities of a disgruntaled parent. I am done.


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Hi Deborah,

I am sorry to hear that, but I am glad you found the information to be helpful. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Natalie Beaumo… (not verified)
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My sister inlaw has decided that she doesn't want to be my Federal Payee anymore. Ive just recovered from a reconstruction surgery of my left leg now getting ready for my right leg. I am Bi-polar 1 and Im scared because of her wanting to stop I will loose my benefits.


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Hi Natalie,

You can change your representative payee. If you contact the SSA (1-800-772-1213) they can change your payee. Good luck with your surgery!

Jeanette Counter (not verified)
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How do i become my own payee when i pay all my bills


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Hi Jeanette,

You can contact the SSA to change you representative payee. Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

Scott (not verified)
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My mother is my girlfriends payee and wishes to quit im a felon have completed parol over a year ago can i be her payee

Tasha (not verified)
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l know longer can take being a payee for my mom. She gets mad if I give her an allowance and always say it's her money, which is true. Shes not capable of handling her money because of the friends she have. But I cant deal with being accused of taking her money or she just throwing it away. Her life insurance comes out my paycheck but I get it back when she get hers. What can I do to make sure her insurance is paid on time but not have anything to do with her money


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Hi Tasha,

I would recommend speaking with a representative at your local SSA office regarding that. If you wish not to be her payee the SSA will assign someone else for you.

Jeanette (not verified)
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My husband been my payee for me and my son but he give me money to pay bills and food and things for my son how can i be my own payee

Joanne (not verified)
Mon, 06/11/2018 - 16:58 Permalink

How do I stop being a payee?

Marsha (not verified)
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How do I stop being a payee. I have been a payee for many years for a lady that has 2 children. I met her at church. The children are almost grown. I want to get out!!! Her sister harass me all the time that I could do more for her. The sisters are all on assistance. They would like to be her payee but have no gas money to get to the SS office. I just want to be DONE. They harassed me last night until 10:00 pm - I give up!!!

Sandra Mercer (not verified)
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I'm my sons payee he is 15yrs old i got a letter in the mail says that I'm not his payee anymore that some one else is. If that's the case wouldn't i had to sign something and i didn't i believe my mom forged my name.


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Hi Sandra,

If that is the case then you should notify the SSA immediately. You can call your local SSA office or schedule an appointment to meet with them in person.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I know longer want be the payee he is more than capable. We don't get along at all.

Janice Rodriguez (not verified)
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My mom and i moved to another state after our lease was up. When we arrived to our destination she got sick and wad hospitalized. After she was discharged we lived in an extended stay hotel. Am i allowed to use her benefits to pay expenses to live in temp housing. My brothers dont want me to be her payee.

Ive been taking care of my mom since. 2008-2011 then shecwas placed in a home from 2011 - 2016. She was then kicked out of nursing home due to inappropriate behavior by my sibling who happened to be her payee. I took over as her payee when sometime in 2017 after she moved in with me. I have since been taking care of her. Should i remove myself as payee. My brother doesnt want me to be her payee. Ive done nothing wrong.

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