How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Lloyd,

As long as you don't exceed the monthly limit of $1,180 you can work and receive benefits!

Maudine mingle (not verified)
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I get 875 a month in disability but I am going to go to work about 24 hours a week or less is it okay


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Hi There,

As long as your monthly income does not exceed $1,180, it will be okay.

Jill (not verified)
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I won my case for SSI but am not able to recieve benefits because my husband gets 1307.00 in SSDI. That leaves us with very low income. What can I do? Do I try to find a way to make money and if I do will I no longer be considered disabled? I am in rough shape but I do not know how we are going to survive on the amount of money my husband gets. We are being punished for being married :(


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Hi Jill,

Your husband's income exceeds the SGA limit for 2018. Are you sure that is the correct amount?

If you are able to work, the SSA may not consider you disabled and you would not be able to receive SSI benefits.

Rainice (not verified)
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How many hours can I work without affecting my social security benefits

Gail (not verified)
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i am receiving SSI benefits. my childs dad retired 2 yrs ago. found out hid benefit should been sending me check. so now SS has reto'd hid payment & i got check for over 6k. when i deposit this will it count against my asset income and loose my monthly for few months?

Gail 2 (not verified)
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Also. what about other incomes. like 2nd hand sales at flea markets or online like ebay.
do this money coming in count as income and if so, what is the cap til it effects my ssi benefits?

Anonymous (not verified)

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Eric. u commented on my question about my childs back pay and my ssi. but u commented about a blind person. which has nothing to do with my question. can someone please help me understand what is going to happen to me. PLEASE????


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I am so sorry for any confusion. Can you please re-state your question and me or my colleague will try our best to give you the most accurate answer?

Again, my most sincere apologies for any confusion I brought.

.Mundo (not verified)
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Ok Been receiving S
S Disability for 5. Yrs Now Can i. Work part time 15 to 20 Hours A. Week. I .Get. 1298 .a. Month will i .b .ok. For P.T Work


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Hi There,

It looks like you will be making above the 2018 SGA limit. That could in fact effect your benefits.

Thomasphelps (not verified)

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I get 935 a month. How much can I earn if I work


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Hi There,

It looks like your monthly income will exceed the 2018 SGA limit, that could affect your benefits.

Anonymous (not verified)
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If work 4 hour weekly 10.00 perhour what is my monthly limit while ss is 849.00is

Leo (not verified)
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Can I work partime while on ssdi even if your spouse works fulltime

Anonymous (not verified)
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How hours can I work a week and still get disability

Anonymous (not verified)
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My spouse works im disable he gets over weekly for the month he earns about 2,025.00. why do ssi keep cutting my benefits off?


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Hi There,

They are taking into consideration his income as apart of your own, since you are married. SSI is based on income.

Brittany (not verified)
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I get $750 a month S.S.I. How many hours a week can I work at $12 ph?

Michelle (not verified)
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My daughter, who is 16, gets a check with her farther’s check, but would like to work part time. Will this effect their checks?

brenda (not verified)
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how much could i make per month if i'm on ssdi and earn $2280 per month
i have chance to do some substitute teaching i am a nurse back and hip surgery and not permitted to do activities of a nurse

Jolly (not verified)
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Ii have a couple questions 1st im on ssdi i get 817 a month does that mean I can make 1130 before or after taxes 2 or u ad 817 plus 313 to make 1130

mary b (not verified)
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How many hours can I work part time on SSI disability? My ssi only pays my rent.

Michele (not verified)
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I am mentally disabled on SSDI on my last review I was told I could work to supplement my income. If I gross $ 800 in earned income will my SSDI income be lowered?


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Hi Michele,

That should be okay since you are earning lower than $850/Month which would trigger a trial work period.

Anonymous (not verified)
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How many hours can I work on disabilty


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Hi There,

The number of hours does not matter, but if you earn more than $850/Month it could trigger a trial work period.

Mario (not verified)
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Hi hru if I'm on SSDI which can I earn $850 or $1080 a month with it effecting my benefits it's confusing to me . Can you please help.

Gwen (not verified)
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I am on SSDI and wanting to work but not enter into any trial work period. Does that mean my income can not be greater than $850? I have been reading your past responses and it looks like making the $1080 enters you into a trial work period which eventually affects your benefits. Please clarify. Thanks.


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Hi Gwen,

You are correct, to NOT enter the trail work period, you need to make less than $850 a month. Once you make over $850, that month will count to your TWP.

Andrea (not verified)
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I get 1,170.00 a month from SSDI. I work 9 months out of the year for the school system. My gross $1,210.00. Will I lose my SSDI benefits.

Brenda (not verified)
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If you get married while receiving ssdi will stop your check stop?

Amanda (not verified)
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If iget an insurance settlement will it take away from my ssi check


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Hi Amanda,

For any additional income such as a settlement like that, the SSA will count that as apart of your income and your SSI benefits could be affected.

Richard Fedas (not verified)
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How much money can I earn on ssdi self employed and how many hours can I work


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Hi Richard,

The number of hours does not matter. If you earn more than $850 a month, that could trigger a trial work period.

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