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Would homelessness be a good

Would homelessness be a good reason to need the money asap

Hi Sam,

Hi Sam,
In my opinion, that may be a pretty urgent reason for the SSA to give you expedited back pay.

Social Security entered my

Social Security entered my direct deposit incorrect and said i can't receive my check for another six days can i get a emergency check because i am going to be homeless because i stay in a hotel.

Hi Corita,

Hi Corita,

You are able to receive an expedited payment from the SSA. I would notify the SSA immediately of this, especially since there was a mistake on their end. The # to reach them is 1-800-772-1213.

Hi sallie - do you mind me

Hi sallie - do you mind me asking if you had to provide proof of the vehicle purchase? And did you have a limit on how much the car cost? (Besides how much back pay you had in your account of course)
I'm worried about doing this because what if I bring them the information on the vehicle I want to purchase, but that vehicle gets sold before the back pay is released to me.

Hi Sarah,

Hi Sarah,
It may be a good idea to provide the SSA with as much documentation as possible when asking for an advance of back pay.

Just an update - I was able

Just an update - I was able to go to a dealership and start the paperwork and brought it to the SSA office. They approved the SSI backpay advance for downpayment on a vehicle and I was thrilled. The money was released that day and showed up in my account 2 days later.

But unfortunately now due to circumstances my children and I are somewhat homeless - we stay at my mothers house the majority of the time but she can barely make ends meet herself and I wish I could help out more but the $400 a month I get for disability barely goes that far. The SSA office wasn't very helpful when I was talking to them about this and was wondering if there was any way to get another advance on the backpay to help with bills and such.

I'm just so discouraged. I feel guilty enough not being physically able to work and all the time I have to spend in the hospital and while I was fighting for this SSDI and SSI for 4 years I though gut that I would at least be able to get on my feet with the backpay, and when I found out I'd be receiving it in installments, it crushed everything. Especially right now in the worst year of my life. It could've REALLY helped out....

Hi Sarah,

Hi Sarah,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Hang in there!

Sarah was it two business

Sarah was it two business days ?

Shatara Bellamy
Hey Sarah what information

Hey Sarah what information did you give them I went to a dealership and they said they can’t give me any paperwork until I actually buy the car so I’m confused on what can I show ssi that I’m trying to purchase a vehicle

I am in the same position

I am in the same position what happens if you have to get a different vehicle since it was too late when they give your back pay?? And I'm in the process of getting my back pay I'm requesting more money do you y will approve me the money to get a new car since my old one gives me so many prob

Hi Jessica,

Hi Jessica,
I really could not say if they would approve your request for extra money, we are not affiliated with the SSA and as such don't have any way to confirm what would be eligible for extra money or expedited benefits.

Hi! I was approved for ssdi

Hi! I was approved for ssdi Jan 2016. I've been recieving monthly benefits since March but my backpay has been at processing center since then. SSA can't give me any direct answers except they see its there and sending request for info. My attorney was also paid in March and there are no offsets that would hold it up. I finally contacted senator last week Nov 9 and they put in another inquiry. Still nothing and no one has received a response. Any other suggestions on getting my backpay released???

Hi Cindi,

Hi Cindi,
You may want to contact the SSA or your state level representative regarding this, they may be better able to help with your back pay.

Just curious, i am in the

Just curious, i am in the same situation and i am not sure how much i should aak for, for a car. I don't want them to think i am aaking for to much even though in reality it is supposed to be our money. How much did you request? I want to get a good one that wont break down you know

How much was did they give

How much was did they give you for the car. I'm in that situation now but I didn't no if I needed to ask for a down payment or If I needed to ask for 9000 which is the total of the car I was trying to purchase

HI Cherita,

HI Cherita,
That would depend on what you'd need for a car and what the SSA would be willing to release as a dire need payment.

I was awarded SSD benfits on

I was awarded SSD benfits on July 12 2011. My payments were started in August. I have been told that my lump sum back pay is going retroactive as of March of 2010. I have not received a letter stating how much or when it will be. I was wondering when I should be expecting them.

I started to receive my SSDI

I started to receive my SSDI in December of 2012. I am I do a lump some since I became eligible in May 2012?

Maggie RV
Back pay wouldn't start

Back pay wouldn't start until 5 months after your date of disability. If you were deemed disabled 5/12, they wouldn't count the first five months, so that takes you to October. November's payment deposits in December. Your "lump sum" would only consist of any SSI you may have been eligible for from May 12 to October 12, *only* if the judges ruling was fully favorable.

Hi Maggie, That's right!

Hi Maggie,
That's right!

Molly C
Barbara, I wish I could help

Barbara, I wish I could help you, but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Is there any way you can explain your situation in a little more detail?

Yes I purchased an automobile

Yes I purchased an automobile when I received my first installment if my back pay I wasn't aware of any more money going to be sent to me so under the impression that the 2900 that was sent to my account direct deposit was all that I was receiving I later found out that their was quite a bit more so my engine went out on the car and I was issued some of my back pay and the engine was repaired then when I picked up The car the same day I was informed that the transmission was going out and needed to be replaced so I went back to Social Security again and requested more money so that I can have my transmission replaced and I was denied the money I need my car to get me back and forth to my appointments with my Dr and my Psychiatrist and therapist I've been pushing my car by foot when I get into places thAt require me to go in reverse well physically I am not capable to do this It was not my fault that the transmission went out right after the engine was replaced so can I get more money to repair the transmission

Hi Robert,

Hi Robert,
It is unlikely, but you could potentially get the money to pay for your car from expedited back pay. One user on the forum said he did so. You need to send the SSA a written request with the EXACT amount of money you need, and very specific information on why you need it, such as which doctors you are seeing and how you are being treated.

I received my first lump sum

I received my first lump sum in Feb and I'm not due to receive second one until August. ..I used my first monies on my new apt but i recently had a newborn that I need to buy things for, I also have a 17 yr old son that is in Massachusetts that is homeless bcuz his father kicked him out so I need a plane ticket ti get him home, I don't have much food bcuz of my cut in stamps due to my new ssi income. I am waiting for a decision on my desire request...will they allow me to have it?

Hi Nicole,

Hi Nicole,
I'm not sure that they would approve your request, but one of the best ways to make sure they have all the information for your request is to have documents that would show that you would need an advance on that money.

They did Approve my request ,

They did Approve my request , and they released it long will it be before I receive my money?

Hi Nicole,

Hi Nicole,
You should get your first lump sum payment around four months from when you start receiving disability benefits.

Debra collins
U lost my husband in 2011 we

U lost my husband in 2011 we were in a bad car wreck I've struggle am disable I'll never GI back to work I have a duaalve son we get benefits but I don't go no where I get 62 in food stamps I have doctor bills its hard to make ends meet I work all my life I was 14 went u started working I barely have food I thing if we on S's we ought to get food stamps enough to get food to last alponrh trump if u could help us it would be well thankful bon pur party son has been dusalbe since brith I didn't have to worry about anything with my husband here he work all his life to so if u can fix system and make it better it would help a lot of as pp its ashamed I've seen it pp will get fpood stamps and sell them and not even go get food I'd. I had asany food stamp s ad so me if these pp got they would be good in my home please trump have compassine for us I have car payment I have to take my son to docters and get him what he needs do u know I can't even get his glasses cause I don't have money please change things for did kids that r dusalbe and pp that is on as we need all help we can get

Hi Debra,

Hi Debra,
I'm sorry to hear about that! We're not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, but hang in there!

I have received my first

I have received my first monthly payment for disability.When can I expect my check for back pay/lump sum?

Molly C
Typically, claimants receive

Typically, claimants receive their back pay within 60 days of being approved for benefits. However, it doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes back pay is deposited into your account before you even receive notice that you were approved. Other times, it can take months to be processed. SSDI back pay is often processed out of state at large processing plants. These plants are responsible for huge amounts of processing work. SSI back pay is often processed in a local office that handles less work. If you have waited over 60 days for your payment, I suggest you call your local office to ask them to check on your back pay.

i have been fighting for 26

i have been fighting for 26 mo.s to get SSI i just went to my to my court date yesterday i was no aware that i would not know the judges answer that day i am 24 years old with Anxitiy peronoa back problems and a port wine stain that causes toumers i have not been able to drive due to tunnel vission and black outs and taking public transpertation scairs me so working with and around people is imposable for me but due to the fact that i dont work i can not maintain on my own with no income if the judge says yes how would i request for my back pay in one lump sum so i can live in a home that i know will be mine that can never be taken from me were i can live with out 6 other people judging me i just so badly want to feel simi normal so please PLEASE help me thank you Cali. Girl

You'll be fine i

You'll be fine i caught for 6 years, and finally was approved, before i even got an answer i got a letter saying an amount, keep praying.


I HAD APPLIED IN 1997 I BELIEVE, I TOO WAS SHOT DOWN! now im going to try again, i keep have issue with anger,and mental, and i go off for no reason,( i do have reason but...) i have not be able to hold down a stable income, do to my temper and aniti-social issue that i have with rude and nasty people, i will no longer make friends because of it. now again im not working, i need to pay bills. If i reapply because my issue has got real bad. im taking meds for all of it but after 3 years at a job i get fired....... i have always tried real hard to keep my mounth shut, but these day it get harder and harder every day! i want to know should i put in for a reapplication. or start a new one, and this is a ongoing thing....i have had this for a long time...wore a trach in my throat til i was 5 years .just looking for advise to help me till i can pull it together again i have used all my SDI so not sure!!!! this time its been a year sence i worked.. so till then: thank you

I have just received a lump

I have just received a lump sum payment from SS for my SS disability that was back dated to August 2011. This was as of 04/01/2014. I have been unable to get an answer from them in regards to my tax liabilities for the year 2014 and how to determine them. Researching as best I could online, it appears that it is possible to spread this payment out over several years, past and present but haven't a clue how to do it. Since I am retired and disabled, I am concerned that we could have a large tax liability for 2014, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I fililed for SSI and SSDI in

I fililed for SSI and SSDI in December 2011. I filed for both not understanding the difference in the two, just knowing I was disabled and needed to file. In late January 2014 I received my court judgement of approval with an onset date of August 2011. With this I was owed a large backpayment. I wennt to meet, as I received a letter to do so, with a worker at the local SSA Office. I met with her 2 days after moving and my son and I not being completly homeless due to a friend allowing us to sleep on their floor. All of my paperwork was stored and with all of the physical and emotional stress of my families situation, was not at all ready to have all of the right answers for questions asked. I did not understand to what extreme and/or even think of somethings that I now realize I should/needed to. I had my boyfriend with me who also attends all of my doctors visits with me to help me make sure to tell them and understand things. I am disabled due to a back injury and severe PTSD and Anziety so when I am stressed I have difficulty focusing. Anyways, It is now June 2-14 and I am trying to get my worker to release funds for my son and I to gain appropriate housing, to pay off debts I have built up from lack of money, need of help over the years and to receive medical treatments needed and she is refusing. She went as far as to call me a liar and said I was making up things even though IO gave her documents that could be proven, doctors letters, bills ect. She even went on to call the person who ownes the house we are staying in a liar and a fraud for the money I needed to pay to rent a room because I have been unable to find any other housing. She is rude, hangs up on me, refuses to make me an appointment, tells me that I am now having a different story than I did in the first meeting, that she will not release money to me for things I did not mention to her before as being needed. I feel treatened by her after looking up reviews on the local office and learning this is standard treatment to people there. I am desperate to not have these problems and have the negative and harmful effects of her actions and/or treatment towards me any more. If it is a matter of dropping SSI I will to get y back pay so I can provide my son with housing, cloths, to have the medical treatment and lack of threats and stress she causes. I read filing a complaint can only make matters worse, does anyone have any suggestions because I need for this not to be an issue. I need to have basic needs met with my back pay, not to be at risk of loosing a room due to her actions of mistreatment and to loose what little bit I could have positive in my life because she is not willing to call to verify or believe in misunderstanding and/or miscommunication. Please help. Thank You

Hello Hope all are in good

Hello Hope all are in good spirits and better health. Disabled since April 2012. Applied, application part (December 28, 2013) & was automatically applied for ssi & ssd. Denied by May 2013, appealed it. Court hearing May 2, 2014. Waiting waiting... Once the 60 day mark passed, I would call every Monday. This Monday August 11th, I did not call, so depressing to hear noooo not yet. On Tuesday August 12th, I get a letter to come into my local office. They got an allowance for me but need to update my info before they can release it. I am told I was approved for ssi & ssd. Shocked finally but very happy. They explain how it works. I am completely lost and very confused. ssd I will not give back pay but ssi I will however they do this in installments. I owe so much money as well as household bills are so behind. Approximately how much will the first installment be? I did ask but was told if I needed an advance after first installment they are willing to give it with good reason. I appreciate any reply to this question and I thank you for your help in advance.



Hi Sandra, you can apply for

Hi Sandra, you can apply for early payments of SSI back pay in the following situations:
Presumptive disability
Emergency advanced payment
Immediate payment
Expedited reinstatement cases
You should contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or call your local SSA office.

How do I get back money to

How do I get back money to buy a car. I'm still owed over $6000.00 and need a couple of thousand dollars to get a car. I know I can but HOw and how long.?,

Hi Monette,

Hi Monette,
You will unfortunately have to wait for your back payment to come in. Expedited payments are only available for those in extreme medical emergencies.

My son got a lump sum in jan

My son got a lump sum in jan 2013, another on July 14th and should have gotten one this month. I called the call center she was going to send a message, but stated note were in about the back payment already. The proceed to say the dates of the last two didn't matter as long as the payment is within the 6 nth but to me that means it would be late. She then stated I should be receiving a letter but I haven't yet and it is Jan 27,2015. Should I call back to check what is going on. I have back rent to pay and a service dog on hold for my son, but only until the end of this month.

Hi Roni,

Hi Roni,
I'm sorry your lump sum payment is late. If you received your last payment on July 14th, then your payment is indeed late. I would say that your best bet is to just keep calling the SSA. Sometimes payments get delayed and there is unfortunately not a lot that can be done about it.

My brother was approved for

My brother was approved for SSI after his appeal, he has multiple sclerosis. He became eligible for 12k in back pay. He started receiving his SSI checks in February 2014. He finally received 1 back pay check of 2k in November 2014. He has a trachea and is in really bad condition and lives in a nursing home and constantly sleeps staying in a fetal position. He cannot eat, cannot talk, cannot walk or stand, he can barely see and doesn't know who anyone is anymore. He is not married and has no children. I am his only advocate. My daughter is his payee for his $50/month. He is 51 years old. I have tried to get his doctor to write a letter saying how long he expects my brother to live, but the doctor will not do it. Is there any way we can get the SSA to release his back pay so that we can bury him when the time comes.

Hi J,

Hi J,
this is a really horrible situation and I am so sorry to hear about it. Unfortunately, the only people who could receive his payments if he passes are you parents, as he has no wife or no children. Your only other option would be to request an expedited payment, which you can read more about it here:
If the payment request is not processed and your parents have passed away or are unable to receive the payment, I am afraid the state might repossess the back pay. I am so sorry, and I really wish there was more I could do. This is one of the worst situations I've found on this forum, and I really wish you the best of luck.

My wife, applied in 2011,

My wife, applied in 2011, denied, appeals, finally won in April 2014. Was told that since the SSA did not send her to the right doctors, that the judge changed the onset date to Oct.2013, and that she won't get any of the 3 years of back pay, and must wait 2 years for her Medicare to start. Is it legal for a judge to change info like that? How could she have opened a claim in 2011 for a condition that appeared in 2013, according to the judge? Isn't that fraud?

Hi Robert, Medicare never

Hi Robert, Medicare never starts until an applicant has been receiving SSD payments for two years, so that's pretty normal. It is possible that the judge changed your wife's onset date to ensure that the appeals council would not overturn her fully favorable decision. It is definitely not fair to lose a portion of your back pay, but the judge probably weighed the possibility of losing it to her potentially losing all of her benefits and made the best decision for her.

My disability date begin Jan

My disability date begin Jan 2012. I've gone through two denials and finally went in front of administrative law judge and was approved for social security disability March 1 2015. My question is....will my back pay be Jan 2012 to present minus 5 months?? Or will I only be paid 12 months total even though my as disability application has been in the system since Jan 2012. Thank you

Hi Yvette,

Hi Yvette,
This question comes up a lot, and unfortunately there are a lot of conflicting answers online. From what other users of this forum have told me, you will be paid for the entire time since you applied for disability benefits, minus five months. Some users have claimed that they've received three years or more of back pay. Online resources, such as our own, state that you'll only receive up to 12 months. I believe that you'll receive all of your back pay from January 2012 onward (minus 5 months), but additionally, you could be entitled to up to 12 months of retroactive payments, meaning that if you were disabled before filing, you could get up to a full year of additional back pay. Good luck!


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