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Hi Jeffrey,
You can apply for disability online at the SSA's website or at your local SSA office. It may be a good idea to speak with a disability advocate or attorney as well, as many applications are denied on the first application and you would need to appeal. If you fill out the form on the left of the screen, we can have one reach out to you.

Robin (not verified)
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I have been in ssdi since 2001. I have an inoperable brain tumor and lupus. I tried to go back to wk...ticket to wk and used my time. My tumor became larger and had to have radiation treatment and stopped working. I have been in remission for 4 years and would like to work a pt job. Can I do that if I am under$1000.00 monthly and keep my benefits?


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Hi Robin!
You may be able to! I would contact your SSA representative and check what, if any, limitations that you would have on work.

Anna (not verified)
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I have a terminal diagnosis but have been blessed to live past my (dr's) expiration date. I have tried to work in the past and used the ticket to work program. But I got sicker after that experience and come out of remission. I feel like can try a part-time job again. I think with my brain being useful, I don't over think the future. Can I try to work again, part time like at a local store....without losing all of my benefits?


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Hi Anna,
You may be able to! I would contact the SSA to confirm exactly what limitations you would have on work, but I have a feeling that you could work part-time without losing benefits. Their number is 1-800-772-1213.

Christopher Fusto (not verified)
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Hi Christopher,
SSDI benefits are based off of work history, rather than income, so yes, you may work part time as long as it is under the $1,130 substantial gainful activity limit.

Mike (not verified)
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I have been on full disability since 2011. I have very bad knees, arthritis plus other things I can walk with the help of knee brace's . There is a job that requires drving short distance, along with sitting for periods of time. Would I jeopardize my Disability by taking this job. Only around 16 hours per week. Thank you


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Hi Mike,
You may be able to, but I would contact the SSA if you're unsure. Generally if you're earning less than $1,130 a month, you may not have any trouble.

darlene (not verified)
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my husband had neck surgery and can only work 25 hours per week. he was approved for disability which is 849.00 per month can he still work the 25 hours without losing disability


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Hi Darlene,
Potentially, but he cannot be earning more than around $10 per hour. This is because he cannot earn more than $1,130 per month to remain on SSDI benefits.

Joy (not verified)
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Our son has a problem filling out any kind of forms- he has SLD- Slow Learning Disability, ever since school.We moved to Ky from Fl. 12 yrs ago and there in Fl he held job in drywall same company for almost 25 yrs ,- (lived with parents there he had custody of child-she grew up) then we moved for health reasons-here to Ky.and he decided to stay here too- worked in drywall , for long time -then jobs got slow- When he does work now it is in the only thing he says he wants-construction,drywall , Alcohol has become a problem since he cannot find work. 52 yrs old- This has made him even more brain slow-, has trouble keeping mind on important things. Lost licenses -DUI. 10 yrs ago in Fl.- driving distance makes it hard to get him to work-Lives in country still with parents, Despondent, depressed,attitude lonely-complains about people not wanting him- no work-We're told by friends to see about help for him but who?some kind of disability we're told. is there any help ?


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Hi Joy,
He may qualify for SSDI if he was a payrolled employee, or SSI if he meets the income and resource limits, and with those he would be able to get either Medicare or Medicaid benefits, which may be able to help him with his mental state.

Carol (not verified)
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I have been on ssdi since 2001. I have PTSD and severe anxiety. I am permanently partial disabled. I have not worked since 2001 and receive $2,000 a month. Can I work part time without losing my benefits?


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Hi Carol,
You can, but I would not recommend earning more than 800 per month, otherwise you will trigger a Trial Work Period.

steven (not verified)
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Hello,Iam working now but can I apply for ssdi even if iam working?Because how will I support myself if iam not work?


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Hi Steven,
It's actually a misconception that you may not work while applying for disability. However, if you are earning more than $1,130 a month, you may not be considered eligible for benefits.

Alyssa (not verified)
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I was wondering how many hours we can work and still get SSI


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Hi Alyssa,
there is no limit to the amount of hours you can work, but you may not be eligible for benefits if the SSA determines that your countable income and resources are over $733 a month for income and $2000 in savings.

Terra Painter (not verified)
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How many hours a month can I work and stillr receive disability?


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Hi Terra,
You can work any amount of hours, but you may not be considered disabled if you earn enough for it to be counted as substantial gainful activity ( this is $1,130 a month)

Anonymous (not verified)
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can I work part-time while on ssdi. I've received 1482 a month


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You may be eligible to work part time but keep in mind you cannot earn more than $1,130 per month to remain on SSDI benefits. I would call the SSA directly at 1-800-772-1213 for more information. Hope this helps!

Mary Joan Dechick (not verified)
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I am on SSDI & have been since about 2007 I think. I had back surgery where they fused my spine 5 discs, straightened scoliosis & fixed some fractures in my back. I was in surgery for 10 hours it was a pretty long & involved surgery which really hasn't helped. So now we are trying a spinal implant. My question is I can't stand,sit,or walk far but would like to try to work a couple days a week like 4 hours. I'm wondering how that would affect my SSDI long term & short term.


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Hi Mary Joan,
working would only affect your SSDI if you were earning over $1,030 a month, so you may not have anything happen to your SSDI, short or long term.

Brandon (not verified)
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How much can I make a month while on ssdi?


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Hi Brandon,
You may be able to make up to $1,030 a month while on SSDI, however you would need to make sure that the work you are doing doesn't conflict with the disability determinations that the SSA had made.

Tasha (not verified)
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I receive ssd but i would like to try snd go to school. What should I do and how many hours can I attend and still receive my ssd?

Eric I (not verified)
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Is the $810 or $ 1130 figure before or after taxes?

Anonymous (not verified)
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Why file a fraud report with oig if nothing is going to be done about it. It's really sad how people can get over on this system and nobody cares but it causes parents like me who are doing the right thing, trying to provide for their family, it causes some real frustration. Why report fraud if nothing gets done about it?????????


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Hi there,
The SSA does investigate claims of fraud every day! If you report, the SSA may follow up with it, it really depends on what information that they get.

Anonymous (not verified)

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Known fraud was reported and is still being committed. If they wanted to find information, they would. Ssd doesn't care, this whole world system is sad. The people doing right suffer and the ones doing wrong get over; how backwards is that.

Anonymous (not verified)

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Real sad. Report was filed. Nothing has been done. This person works construction 8-10 hours per day. Moved around June, bought another motorcycle some weeks ago, just bought a jaguar and still gets all his ssd benefits, while I supply our children's coverage, because the system accepts him saying he's disabled. Amazing!!!!!!!!! This system siva


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that! Don't worry, the SSA takes fraud seriously and will investigate allegations of benefits abuse.

Anonymous (not verified)

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Another question - since no one has investigated his ability to work, after he's purchase a house, his 3rd motorcycle and just recently bought a jaguar, (I'm sure he's still working) but, if he decides to "oversee" his crew and makes way over the ssd cash limit, is he supposed to still be eligible to receive benefits, according to ssd's guidelines? (I'm already blow away by ALL that he's gotten away with by I'd still like to know. And is I sound angry, I am because, as a parent, everything should not fall on me but this system........SAD


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Hi there,
It's possible to have unearned income (like owning a business, and not working at it, stocks, bonds, ect) while on SSDI, and there is no limit to unearned income. SSDI benefits are not income based at all. However, SSI benefits are based on income and financial resources.

Anonymous (not verified)

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Thanks for that. I know he's working the jobs and he may be getting paid under the table or have everything in a business name. It doesn't matter anyway, nobody's checking into anything anyway while he milks this system by doing whatever and however he does.


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HI there,
You may want to contact the SSA here:
Social Security Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 17768
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

Anonymous (not verified)
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Hi my nameTOBY plenty questions I've BEEN having seizures for abow 10yrs. Just had one 8-9-16 what and how can iget some assistance


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Hi Toby,
You may be able to qualify for disability benefits with seizures, however many people are denied the first time they apply. It may be a good idea to speak with a disability advocate or attorney, as they can help you through the process of appeals. If you fill out the form here:
We can have one reach out to you.

TOBY ARRINGTON (not verified)
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Also musle spasms in myfeet to point were YOU i feel coming is acramp where it feels like. My Left arm has a twitch seizures have not able me wobbling bottom legs as i stand-up long having my BALANCE awful my holding my arm up gets cold like now

Emily (not verified)
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Ok so my fiance earns SSDI of $590 a month and he's just returned to working but wants to get a new job where he earns more. Im just slightly confused by everything.... Is he allowed to earn 1130 a month on top of his SSDI check or is it 1130 a month including his SSDI check so if he earns 590 already be can only earn 540 a month working? And what's this 810 everyone is talking about?


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Hi Emily,
the $810 is for the Trial Work Period Program. Your husband may be able to earn up to $1,130 on top of his SSDI check.

dawn (not verified)
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How many hours am i alliwed to work


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Hi Dawn,
Unfortunately I could not say as there are limits on income rather than hours worked.

Curtis (not verified)
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I am receiving SSDI for developmental disability. If I try to work a full time job and it does not work out will I have to reapply for SSDI if I would work the 9 month trial period or will I not lose it? The amount monthly would be over the amount that you can make monthly.

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