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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi there,
You may be able to find that on your state government's website, You may be able to find a listing of your representative's contact info there.

Alan Viscuso (not verified)

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I'm just gonna make you aware,it's not really what it sounds like.They just don't pay you off,it's a long process with little payments.Just be prepared for our governments shanagans


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Hi Alan,
It definitely is a long process! However, I think you may be referring to regular monthly benefits rather than an lump sum for back pay.

Melanie (not verified)
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Can I get an advancement to buy another car because my old car broke down?

D (not verified)
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Hi Melanie,
It is very unlikely that you could get an advancement for a reason like this unless you required the car to get to your doctor and have no other method of transportation.
Additionally, you will need to have the car with its VIN number prepared to propose the purchase to the SSA.

Sallie (not verified)

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I was able to buy a car to get my child back and forth to the doc. I needed to find the car and give them the info. It was released within a week.


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Hi Sally,
Thank you for sharing your story! It's true, the SSA can give you a backpay advance if you can give them evidence of your urgent need for it.

Sam (not verified)

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Would homelessness be a good reason to need the money asap


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Hi Sam,
In my opinion, that may be a pretty urgent reason for the SSA to give you expedited back pay.

Corita (not verified)

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Social Security entered my direct deposit incorrect and said i can't receive my check for another six days can i get a emergency check because i am going to be homeless because i stay in a hotel.


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Hi Corita,

You are able to receive an expedited payment from the SSA. I would notify the SSA immediately of this, especially since there was a mistake on their end. The # to reach them is 1-800-772-1213.

Sarah (not verified)

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Hi sallie - do you mind me asking if you had to provide proof of the vehicle purchase? And did you have a limit on how much the car cost? (Besides how much back pay you had in your account of course)
I'm worried about doing this because what if I bring them the information on the vehicle I want to purchase, but that vehicle gets sold before the back pay is released to me.


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Hi Sarah,
It may be a good idea to provide the SSA with as much documentation as possible when asking for an advance of back pay.

Sarah (not verified)

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Just an update - I was able to go to a dealership and start the paperwork and brought it to the SSA office. They approved the SSI backpay advance for downpayment on a vehicle and I was thrilled. The money was released that day and showed up in my account 2 days later.

But unfortunately now due to circumstances my children and I are somewhat homeless - we stay at my mothers house the majority of the time but she can barely make ends meet herself and I wish I could help out more but the $400 a month I get for disability barely goes that far. The SSA office wasn't very helpful when I was talking to them about this and was wondering if there was any way to get another advance on the backpay to help with bills and such.

I'm just so discouraged. I feel guilty enough not being physically able to work and all the time I have to spend in the hospital and while I was fighting for this SSDI and SSI for 4 years I though gut that I would at least be able to get on my feet with the backpay, and when I found out I'd be receiving it in installments, it crushed everything. Especially right now in the worst year of my life. It could've REALLY helped out....

Shatara Bellamy (not verified)

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Hey Sarah what information did you give them I went to a dealership and they said they can’t give me any paperwork until I actually buy the car so I’m confused on what can I show ssi that I’m trying to purchase a vehicle

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