how do I stop being representative payee?

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I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?

stella johnson (not verified)
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what if still want me but don't want to be his payee

Anonymous (not verified)
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How do I stop being my brother's payee, it's too stressful?


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Hi There,

If your brother goes to an SSA office, he can change his payee. If he has someone new in mind, he should bring thing (the new payee should have a photo id and Social Security card). If he does not have someone new in mind, the SSA can appoint someone.

dorothy scott (not verified)
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want to change being a payee for clint gullage to his mother diane dobbins


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Hi Dorothy,

He and his mother will need to go to their local SSA office to change a payee. His mom should bring a photo ID and her Social Security card with her to help speed up the process.

Linda Clark (not verified)
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I don’t want to a repetitive for my son .


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Hi Linda,

If you don't wish to you a representative payee for your son, you should notify the SSA at your local office. A SSA rep will assign another person to do so.

joi jolly (not verified)
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I have been someone payee for 6 years I think he can handle his money so I need to be off his checks


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Hi Joi Jolly,

The person you are a payee for can do to the SSA and change his payee to himself. It has to be done in person.

Gail Heilman (not verified)
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I need to stop being Casandra payee. How do I do that


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Hi Gail,

If you wish to stop being someone's payee then you need to go to your local SSA office to so. Someone at the SSA will assign another payee to her.

Michale (not verified)
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I don’t want to represent paypee what’s should I do my mom can manage her money


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To switch the payee you should visit your local SSA office. The process will be even smoother if both you and your mother are present at the appointment.

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I am a payee for my cousin and I'm moving out of town for a new job and my cousin has a warrant for his arrest how can i stop being his payee?


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Hi There,

I believe you can be removed as the payee and have a new one appointed by visiting your local SSA office. I'd call ahead to make an appointment. You can also call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out more information about the process.

Ronald M Heskett (not verified)
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I was my daughters payee for approx 1 year. She has borderline personality disorder and has impulsive behavior. She started giving me a very hard time about always wanting more money so I turned the payee over to the state. She has been really good now for approx 5 months and is begging me to once again be her payee. I am willing to give it a try. Since I was her payee before how do I become her payee again? The bank told me I just need a statement from you to get things going.


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Hi Ronald,

You can become her payee by visiting your local SSA office. Your daughter will have to go with you. You'll need your Social Security card and a valid picture ID. I'd suggest you also make an appointment before going!

Anynomos (not verified)
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I been my sons representative payee for a very long time.Im a situation that is out of my hands and I have become ill.How do I remove myself from being his representative payee and what all do I have to do?

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