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I have children and their father has recently went for a hearing is waiting on a decision. I was told that the kids will qualify for benefits. I have several questions.
How is the amount determined?
What are the rules for the cutoff age to recieve benefits?
Do the children recieve back pay as well?
What steps if any do I need to take to set up their case?
If a child is 18 but still in high school do they qualify, and for how long?

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If I have sole physical and my daughters mother and I share joint legal custody of our daughter is she entitled to any of our daughters social security benefits


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Hi there,
If you're the only one with physical custody, as in, you're the only one purchasing items on your daughters' behalf, I would say that her mother likely does not have any entitlement to her benefits.

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Is it normal for SSDI to change a dependent beneficiary to the when a dependent turns 18? My son has received SSDI benefits as a dependent as his father is disabled and recieves SSDI. He turns 18 in January and we filed that he is still in school until June. We then immediately received notice that SS decided it is best that he has his checks sent to him, rather than have his father has his payee and asking for any money's to be returned. Is this normal procedure?


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Hi there,
It's not unheard of. Because 18 is a legal adult, the SSA is probably allowing him to make his own financial decisions about where to spend that income.

Anonymous in MI (not verified)

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If there is no money to be returned that was held for the dependent, do I simply not respond to the demand to return any funds? Seems as though they would send follow up letters. I have bank accounts and don't want them to come after my funds.


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Hi there,
Is the SSA claiming that you received an overpayment? If so, I would pay it as quickly as possible. If not, I would not be concerned.

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I am disabled and have received SSDI for the last year. My minor child (16) moved in with a friend and their family 2 weeks ago because him and I cannot get along. I have brain cancer and he is very stressful (it causes me seizures). I still support him with income, pay school, clothes ext. Do I need to report this to social security, will his income stop ect.. I am afraid that if I make changes, then he will move back home. I'm not sure if this will be a temporary thing or permanent. What should I do in a situation like this?


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Hi there,
If he is on SSDI benefits under your account, assisting him financially will not make him ineligible for benefits. IF he is on SSI benefits however, he could lose his benefits if you are financially supporting him.

lisa (not verified)
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My granddaughter was approved in November and talked local office December 15 how long will the wait be for her check?


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Hi Lisa,
Your granddaughter should receive her check sometime between now and March. It often takes about three months for the SSA to start sending payments.

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i have a payee over me and my sons benefits does she need to report that he is moving out of my house and going to live with his dad or can she still be his payee


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Hi Angel,
If she'll still have communication and the ability to purchase items on behalf of the child, then the could still be the payee. Living together does not necessarily matter, just the correct spending of funds.

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I currently receive ss disability due to cancer. My child also receives a fixed amount as well.

My "wife" has moved back to her home country, (Australia) and has custody of our child.

My cheating wife is an Australian citizen, but our child was born in America and had duel citizenship.

Is my daughter able to continue receiving her benefits here? I would just transfer the funds each month online. I would use the amount for "child support" after our divorce.


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Hi there,
This is an excellent question, and I honestly do not know the answer! Try calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out more.

Kellie (not verified)
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My daughter was living with her grandmother for 3 years. The last 2 years she had full custody. Just recently she died, in September 2015. I was told that I could draw ssi for her to help take care of her through what happened with her grandmother. Can anyone give me any info?


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Hi Kellie,
I believe you have been misinformed. You will not be able to receive SSI benefits on the behalf of her deceased grandmother.

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My son gets a disablity check that is under $500, which barely pays anything....I can't work cause he needs 24/7 care, can I get a check too for not being able to work? I live in Georgia.


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Hi Katrina,
You will not be able to receive disability benefits for being a caretaker. You must be disabled yourself to be eligible.

KRIS-TEE (not verified)
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