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I have children and their father has recently went for a hearing is waiting on a decision. I was told that the kids will qualify for benefits. I have several questions.
How is the amount determined?
What are the rules for the cutoff age to recieve benefits?
Do the children recieve back pay as well?
What steps if any do I need to take to set up their case?
If a child is 18 but still in high school do they qualify, and for how long?


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Hi Luna,
Unfortunately not. If their father is only on SSI benefits, they will not be eligible for any additional benefits under his account.

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My question is kind of weird. My 2 kids get rsdi from they're father's disability. He has 2 more children and they all get a cut. Everything he has another child the total amount gets devidded from the total amount. 2 of his children live with him and his spouse I don't exactly agree how I should have the same amount as I'm a single parent home but they won't make him pay child support. So my question is he recently got married to theyre mother. Can I now get more for my kids since they're married and they're income is jointly? Or if maybe not rsdi can I go after him for child support now? I thought if you got married your spouses income mattered on your child support but I don't know for sure.
Thank you for reading.


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Hi there,
I do not believe you will be able to receive more, even after they're married. This is because the SSA evenly splits the amount of income given to children so that the total benefits paid to beneficiaries does not equal more than 180%. If his other children are older than yours, you will be paid more once they turn 18.

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i have guardianship of my great nephew. I am on ssi. my biological children get ssa through me. does my great nephew qualify to receive this also?

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I'm on ssdi an have been raising my step grandson for 10 yrs. he's 14 now , can I claim him so he can get benifits from my ssdi?

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Okay i get ssi disability now my son dosent get nothing bit i want to aply for ssi for my son as well is this possible or what can i do with my son disability


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Hi there,
You can, but does your son have a disability? He will need to have a disability to receive SSI benefits, because he cannot receive additional benefits under your SSI account.

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we have guardianship of 2 of our grandchildren..they have lived with us for several years..there parents do drugs..my husband is filing a disability claim for injuries he received at work. can we include our grandchildren on the claim??

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My husband and I ate both on ssdi. I have two children the oldest is 24 the youngest is 12. When I first received ssdi benefits my children both received benefits from my ssdi, my husband was working and was not disabled at this time and my oldest son was still in school and under 18. My oldest son has had a disability since birth but did not qualify for ssi due to the fact I worked most of my life and my income combined with my husband's and child support made him ineligible for ssi. When my oldest son was about to graduate we applied for ssi again and this time he was awarded ssi because the rest of our family income was not included since he is trying to support himself and eventually get housing and basically be living independently. At first the ssa took his portion of ssi that we were receiving from my benefits and added it to my younger sons portion of ssi and my oldest son began receiving his own ssi. After a year or so of payments the ssa informed me this is an error we had been receiving too much ssi and that my oldest son should continue to receive ssi thru my benefits which is about 350 a month. Both my children had been receiving 350 a month. After my oldest qualified for his own ssi he stopped receiving the 350 a month, however my younger sons ssi was increase from 350 to 700. My oldest son started receiving his own monthly ssi which about 750 a month. This is wrong apparently he is to continue receiving 350 a month ssi thus lowering my youngest son back to 350 a month and my oldest son then has the 350 ssi he is receiving from my benefits subtracted from his 750 a month. Every one I've talked to at ssa tries telling me this a benefit. I fail to see how that is my youngest does not receive his full benefit and my oldest is having his portion deducted from his ssi, well actually they allow him to keep twenty dollars of it. Which still doesn't seem to benefit better than keeping 350 dollars a month. My husband became disabled a few years after myself his leg was crushed by a fork lift while at work. So if he's now receiving ssd which is only about 800 a month why can't his ssdi contribute to his son? I tried ask this question but I got disconnected after I tried to explain my situation I felt as though no one really knew and they figured I'd get tired of calling or I would get a different person when I called back which both of those thIngs happened. Recently I had to get a verification of award letter and it would not let me print it out so I went to the ssa while I was we there anyway I figured I'd ask this question again it's been a few years since I last asked. I mean I looked everywhere on the Internet for what happens when both parents receive ssd if it's not combined, which appears to be the case then how is it decided which parent provides the benefit for their child. As it so happens, the financial strain that 350 a month loss has put on my family has been a big contributing deterioration in my marriage. So what happens if my husband and I separate will he be eligible to pay child support? I've been looking for that online too and I can't find anything. One good thing I was able to file paperwork with ssa stating basically I'm too poor to pay back the 350 a month for a year mistake I didn't realize was even a mistake. It may not seem like a lot bit that 350 has made a huge difference in the way we live. My oldest son has never been able to move out even though he waited two years on a list for housing. If he were to move thirty percent of his 750 would be paid in rent which sounds like a good deal but considering he is unable to drive there would be a lot of things he would still need help with and even just that one thing transportation is a hardship for my family at this point. The fact that my oldest son now 24 and still living with us sharing a bedroom with his twelve year old brother and my husband and I are unable to help him get out on his own has also contributed to an ending of my marriage of twenty two years. Being disabled is hard enough but when you've worked and know you used to be able to provide so much more for you're family and now you're crying over 350 a month it's been very hard especially on my husband. We both feel like we have failed as parents. It seems like a cruel joke to tell people receiving benefits from your parents ssdi if you become disabled before 24 and your parent receive benefits is a benefit. My family and my son would be so much better off he could collect his own ssi. My son's been disabled all his life and couldn't receive anything until he became an adult if someone would have explained this to me I would have waited til after he was twenty four to apply. I'd be short 350 for a few years but eventually when my son would collect he at least would be able to get out on his own and I could help with some things he may need. But as it is now if he left we would both go under. There's another thought can we drop his ssi and re file again later without having this issue. Is there a benefit that I just haven't seen yet? Anything you could tell me I'd appreciate. Thank you.


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Hi Jenny,
I am very sorry to hear about your challenging situation. I am a little confused, but let me see if I understand you correctly:
Your disabled adult son is receiving 750 per month under your account due to his disability. He has not qualified for SSI under his own account.
Your young son DID have benefits, 350 per month, but now he lost them.
The reason your younger son lost his benefits is because your level of auxiliary benefits (180% of your monthly payment) has apparently already been maxed out by your older son. If he were to be approved under his own account, he should in theory be eligible for up to $733 per month, and then your younger child could receive benefits again. I am honestly not sure why your son cannot qualify under his own SSI account. Your adult son is receiving your benefits because I'm sure they're higher than his own SSI account, but you should consider scheduling an appointment with the SSA to see if his assets are low enough to qualify for his own SSI account so you can receive more for your son.

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If my son already received benefits from his bioligiocal father is he eligible to receive from his step father

Thanks denise

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Hi, I didn't see this question asked, forgive me if it was. I have had legal guardianship or a child for 13 years, I was just recently approved for disability , is she a qualifying child? We are not biologically related but I have been her sole source of support since she was born


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Hi Jennifer,
No you will not, unless her parents are both deceased or disabled. Your only other option would be to adopt her. Being her guardian will not count unfortunately.

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If my adult daughter lived with me entire 2015 and unemploy, I only get social security disability no other incomes? can I claim her and will I be able to get refunds?

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If my son gets ssi and his dadjust started getting ss.is my son eligable to recieve benefits from his fathers ss too

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