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I have children and their father has recently went for a hearing is waiting on a decision. I was told that the kids will qualify for benefits. I have several questions.
How is the amount determined?
What are the rules for the cutoff age to recieve benefits?
Do the children recieve back pay as well?
What steps if any do I need to take to set up their case?
If a child is 18 but still in high school do they qualify, and for how long?

Amber (not verified)
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i applied for benefits for my autistic 2 yr old son. his father and i arent married and neither has custody yet. i sent his father to the appt after my other son past away and i was out of town. He was given the role as payee. He now is being investigated by dcfs and no longer lives with my son and his mom. My 2 yr old is living with his mom with temp custody. I am homeless. My son has been approved and the back pay is @ $6000. Is my mother in law, me or my sons father up to be payee? I just needed to show my id because my sons father asked his worker to make me payee before all this happened

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Hi Amber,
I am really not sure who would receive the benefits in this situation, but I would suppose it would be the mother in law, as she has custody of the child and would be able to actually make purchases on his behalf. I would guess that you would be an unlikely payee because you are currently homeless.

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My son is on social security disability so his son receives a check does his son automatically qualify for Medicaid

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Hi there,
It will depend on what state you live in! If you live in most states (33), yes, he will be automatically enrolled. In another handful of states he will automatically qualify, but you will need to fill out additional paperwork. In less than 10 states, no, he will not automatically qualify. There are separate qualifying factors. Let me know which state you live in and I can give you a better answer.

Archie (not verified)
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I have been on disability for about 10 years. I have taken in a child and raising him on my own. His parents have signed custody to me. Can I receive benefits to help with this child?

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What's the difference between ssa and ssdi?


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Hi there,
SSA stands for the Social Security Administration, the government agency that runs Social Security. SSI is Supplemental Security Income, which are benefits for low-income disabled adults or children.

Carmen (not verified)
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OK I have a couple questions, I receive disability benefits I am disabled, I have three children and a step son, my two sons receive ssi for there disability, and I need to know if my step son would be eligible, for the auxiliary benefit because I am disabled and have been since 2008 I am the provider that makes sure the bills are paid and the kids have what they need and ect..my husband is not working due to him staying home helping me with mine and his son who is on disability.. cause I am limited, to daily routine due to a bad back and knee.. I also was wondering would my husband be able to get spouse benefit, cause I'm disabled, and him and I have a child that is on ssi for his disability. So I just need to know, if my step son would be eligible for the auxiliary benefit, since he live with me and his dad and I am his provider I take care of him, and will my husband be able to get spouses benefit with me being disabled, and he stays home with me to help with our child physically, cause I am limited, and mine and his son that is on ssi for his disability. And if so, I would like to know the process of when my husband and step son would start receiving benefits.. thanks


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Hi Carmen,
Your stepson would be eligible for benefits assuming you've been married to his father for over a year, and assuming that he's under age 18 or age 18-19 and still in high school. College does not count.
Your husband would be eligible if you are sharing for the care of at least one child under the age of SIXTEEN. So the ages are slightly different here.
Keep in mind that even though your child could receive 50% of your benefits and your husband could receive 50% of your benefits, but your household income cannot exceed 180% of your benefits. So if they're both approved, their payments will be adjusted.
You will need to schedule an appointment with your local SSA office to fill out the paperwork. If you don't know where your local SSA office is, you can call the main line at 1-800-772-1213.

michelle (not verified)
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My x hisband went to social security stated he had my chidren and being that my son disaabled my x husband received back payment of 12,548.00 and they dont live with him not onoy that for thtrr months he also recived on going payments aug sept oct so with that we have been struggling and hoping social secirity will send us the payment so wr can use it on nessicates


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Hi Michelle,
You will need to contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to get to the bottom of how much back pay is entitled to your children, and how you can receive it due to the fact that you are the primary caretaker.

Grace (not verified)
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I have been on SSDI for years due to my disabilty. I recently found out that I was pregnant. I have no prior children, but my doctor recommended that I contact SSA or visit in person to find out about something called Auxiliary Payments.
I contacted SSA over the phone, and was told when the baby is born to bring in a copy of the birth certificate and the his/her social security number, when it was established.
I worked for 17 years, prior to disabilty, and my husband still does (as I am disabled, not him).
My question is when I apply for these Auxiliary Payments, is the application automatically accepted or are there disqualifiers, from an income standpoint because my spouse works?
My disability situation is for life, and will never change. So pending all future medical reviews, for all intents and purposes, I will be on SSDI for the rest of my life.
I was just not completely clear when I phoned if there was a minimum percentage of auxiliary payments received, if there were any disqualifications due to spouse's income, if benefits were automatic with proven documentation, and if so, how long is the process to find out if my child, as a dependant under me, was approved and payments begin.
Thank you.


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Hi Grace,
Because you are on SSDI benefits, your husband's income will not affect your child's eligibility. So long as you still receive SSDI benefits and your child is under the age of 18, she will be eligible for 50% of your monthly benefits.

Lizz (not verified)
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Hello. My ex and I split up 19 months ago and I moved into an apartment with our three girls and supported them on my own without any help from him. He had been hurt at work and he applied for ss. He was out of work and had mutiple surgeries. Recently he was told he had won his ss case but can now return to work. He is going to get a check for 17 months retro. About 3 months ago i was evicted from my apartment and the girls are now temporarily living with him until i find a new apartment. He tells me the girls are entitled retro payments also. Would I be the one applying for them? He had even received a workmans comp settlement for 35,00.00 duringbthe time I had them and even though I was struggling with a min wage job and my daughters, he refused to help. Would he be able to get these funds because they are with him now? I dont think that would be fair. This money would allow for my children and I to get a new apartment and have a fresh start.
I just want to know what to expect when we go down to apply for them. He is also saying that if a check comes in my name that he shoukd get at least half. I dont deny that since he has had them for a few months now but he is working. The money retro for the time he was unable to work and he is getting his own check aside from the girls money if they were to get any. I want to do this fairly and honestly. We are in NYS. Thank you


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Hi Lizz,
This sounds like a very complicated situation and I really think an SSA representative would be the best equipped to help you! I do not believe that their retroactive payments would be split between the two of you. One person will receive the check, likely the person who the daughters live with. Again, this is a very complex situation and you should call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out more about your options.

Grandma B. (not verified)
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My stepson was on SSI and started working and didn't report to SSI he was working. At the time grandchild under the age of 18 and is now 19 received a letter from Social Security Department that the money she received she will have to pay back. Why would she have to pay this money back?? She didn't know what her father did in fact he didn't have any contact with that was his choice. She went to the Social Security Department and was told since she received the money she does have to pay it back. This is so wrong her father commited the fraud not her!!!!

Katrina Graham (not verified)
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My husband's ex wife just passed away from cancer. She just started recieving disability check. She also had recieved one large back pay of 2000. And had 2 more large checks coming for back pay. We now have thier 13 yr. Old snd 15 yr. Old. Can we apply for thier benifits on her? And would they be eligible to recieve her back pay she was awarded?


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Hi Katrina,
If she has three back payments, that means she was approved for SSI benefits. Your children cannot receive monthly benefits on her behalf, but they should be able to receive the back pay. You will need to schedule an appointment with your local SSA office to discuss the matter further and the transfer of funds.

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