SSI Payee Change

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 09/04/2016 - 19:06

I recently became my brothers payee and the last payee canceled the card it was going on so now as of October im his payee but what happens to his September ssi? if the card its going to is turned off where does it go? does he not get it?

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Hi there,
If there was another card issued for you as his payee, it may be deposited on that card. However, it may be a good idea to contact your brother's SSA caseworker to confirm where his benefits will be deposited.

Tammy (not verified)

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If a person changes a payee to handle their own money , does that person have to reapply for ssi ?


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Hi Tammy,

You do not need to reapply when changing your payee, you're just changing who monitors your disability benefit.

Patty casey (not verified)

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How do I call to talk to about a payee for my daughter I'm her mother

Brae (not verified)

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Okay if we have a payee that's been our payee since we are three months old is it had it changed to another payee but have problems with that payee could we change it back to the payee we always had


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Hi Brae,

You should be able to change your payee to the person you want by setting up an in person appointment at your local SSA office. This will work best if you are able to bring in the old payee as well as the new payee.

Debbie (not verified)
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I got sole custody of my son. He receives ssi. I went to change Payee from his dad to me. His check was already in the mail to go to his dad. How long legally does he have to give me my son's ssi money?


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HI Debbie,
There doesn't seem to be any rule as to a time limit to hand over funds, but they would need to be used for the upkeep and maintenance of the child.

Mike (not verified)
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Can a judge make a company be u payee. And not let family be my payee

Kelli (not verified)

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I was told by a lawyer i couldnt have anyone else be my payee but my mom and i dontget a long at all.could i have my boyfriend be my payer?


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Hi Kelli,

It's possible to change your payee. However I'm unaware of the specifics of your case. You would have to go down to your local SSA office to change your payee.

Shellbug (not verified)
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My step daughter has her mom as payee. She refuses to report changes and do the payee report on time. My step daughter is grown and would like to change her payee to someone more responsible. The local office refuses to speak to her unless her payee is present including reporting changes that resulted in over payment. Also she had her funds cut back to repay said over payment and the amount of the cut from the funds does not equal the amount of her check she's getting now. She's wanting to find out what's going on and can't even ask questions without her payee and her payee refuses to cooperate at all.


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, if you report a payee that is not complying with the SSA's regulations, they can re-assign her payee.

Jed (not verified)
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Hi, my girlfriend currently has a representative payee. SS determined today that she no longer requires a payee. The current payee has a large sum of back pay currently in a account for her. When they receive notice from SS that they are no longer her payee what is the method of transferring the money to her and how long do they have to do it?


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Hi there,
You may want to have the payee contact the SSA regarding this, they may oversee any arrangements you would need to make regarding these funds.

Tammy (not verified)

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What did she have to do to get her payee off her checks ? Did she need a a letter from the doctor?

I hope you get this text thanks so much appreciate it


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Hi Tammy,

If you're trying to change your payee or become your own, you'll need to go to your local SSA office as it needs to be done in person!

Ronna (not verified)
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My ex husband receives SSI benefits for our 14 year old son. He now lives with me fulltime due to ex not being able to care for him properly. I did not request her to pay me child support. How can I get his benefits sent to me?


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Hi Ronna,
You may want to contact the SSA as they can re-assign your child's payee.

bobbie knight (not verified)
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my daughter has decided to not be my payee after months of bieng my payee so now my son is going to be but am i going to loose my funds that are on my last card that was canceled out


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Hi Bobbie,
The SSA would not take any funds away that it has given you if you were eligible for them. You may want to contact them regarding transferring funds from one account to another.

michelle G (not verified)
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I went to the ss office on 10/26/17 to remove myself as payee. On Nov 3, 17 the person who I was their payee money was deposited onto the card with my name on it. the person who now has the client called me and wanted me to give them the money. I received a letter from ss stating that the person(which was me) who was originally their payee will no longer receive the money and that the Nov 2017 money will not be disbursed until a new payee has been assigned, yet the money went on the direct express card that has my name on it. I called ss and they said they will find out how to retrieve the money from the card, yet the other person, who I don't know if they are the payee, keeps requesting the money from me and charging fees for not sending it. Do I have to turn it over to them?


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Hi Michelle,
I would confirm who the new payee is with the SSA, they may not be able to charge fees for not sending the money.

Akiba Prince (not verified)
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I switched my payeee on 11/15/17 How long does it take to get my new card and for SSI to change the info in there system? As of today 11/28/17 they still don't have me as her payee and the 1st is approaching fast


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I really can't say for sure. I would recommend calling the SSA and speaking with a representative regarding that.

Malik (not verified)
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How do I get my payee change

Cherry price (not verified)
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Hello I'd just reason mailed off a social security application in the mail November 27th..and I'd sent off the original birth certificate and a letter from my doctor I'd been going to see I would like to know about how long it will take for my replacement social security card?


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Hi Cherry,
You would need to contact the SSA regarding this, you can get in touch with them at 1-800-772-1213.

susie schoenen (not verified)
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I am no longer payee for a person, do I have to go to local office or can it be done on line

Freedom Wealth (not verified)
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Hello, I'm receiving ssi for mental health also my son receives ssi for a physical condition. I was told I needed a payee an tht I couldn't be my sons payee because I have 1. Is that right? What can I do to become my OWN payee? I am capable of handling my own money an bills, HELL I do now. So wht can I do?


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Hi there,
If you are not your own payee you will not be able to be someone else's payee. You can certainly file the paperwork to become your own payee! The SSA will just revaluate your claim to ensure you're both able to handle your own payments and still disabled enough to not work.

Jacqueline Barbry (not verified)
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I have a payee for my SSI.the last few months he's not been on top of things and then lost his job.then said that I would have to pay him now... I refused. Now I don't know where he is and I don't have any money or a place to stay.. I usually stay in a hotel.. I don't have help. I have had no food in two almost three days

Brenda (not verified)
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I changed my sons payee on 1-8-18 from his dad to my name, how long will it take to get his direct express card? Will I receive it by the 3rd of February?

James (not verified)
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OK so my mom is in Sayre pa and I'm in Scranton pa how can I switch her to my payee cuz I'll be moving with her within the next few months like what does she need and could we have her do that down there or do I switch everything over then have her do it? Any ways of how I could do it easy


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Hi James,
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this, you can call them at 1-800-772-1213.

mike (not verified)
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If a boyfriend wants to become his girlfriends payee does he have to have a job and a good fica score.


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Hi Mike,

Everyone's case is different, so I can't say for sure. You may want to speak with a SSA rep regarding that.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My friend won't to be his one payee what dose he have to do

Dennis Campbell (not verified)
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I live in michigan my payee was my sister who also live in michigan i went to indiana to change my payee due to problems they changed my payee but then cut my benefits due to how much she makes i live in my own apt pay my own bills so can i still live in michigan with an indiana payee?


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Hi Dennis,
You may be able to do so, you may want to contact the SSA regarding this.

Ms. Hills (not verified)
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Hi, 1 month ago my mother begged me to change her payee to me and take my sister off as payee. The reason it had to be changed is because she was letting my moms checks be deposited into her personal account and she was taking money from my moms ssi checks. When she got the letter from social security that she is no longer the payee, she's not giving my mom the money thats left. She even has threatened my mom. What can we do about this situation? Thanks


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Hi there,
You may want to consider taking legal action at this point, you may want to refer to your state's laws on matters like this.

Shawn (not verified)
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My brother just turned 18 how would I go about switching payee to him and getting him set up? He is disabled and will be attending college this fall so I’ll need help with his survivors benefits from my mom that passed two years ago. Please help any info would be appreciated.

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