SSI Payee Change

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 09/04/2016 - 19:06

I recently became my brothers payee and the last payee canceled the card it was going on so now as of October im his payee but what happens to his September ssi? if the card its going to is turned off where does it go? does he not get it?


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Hi Tina,

It really depends on your situation. I would recommend speaking with a SSA representative regarding your specific case.

Karen Stewart (not verified)
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how do I become my own payee

Mike (not verified)
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My dad is currently my sons payee, my son has lived with me for the last 7 years. I want to change payee to myself. How do I go about this. Getting my sons funds from them has proved to be quiet difficult.


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Hi Mike,

If you want to request a payee change, you will have to schedule an appointment in person at your local SSA office and work with a representative from there.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Where do I go in indiana to change my payee


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Hi There,

You have to go to an SSA office and do it in person. Make sure to call ahead to make an appointment!

garry (not verified)
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hi my step mom gets my ssdi and she don't feed me or buy me anything most of the time im locked out of home and I have no keys how can I change my payee to someone I know and trust

Esther Lopez (not verified)
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Is it mandatory that all social security checks (SSI and SSA) be direct deposited because checks are no longer sent in the mail?

Mariah frohnhofer (not verified)
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My payee phillip lee and me are no longer together we are not living together he has not hace me any mony un tha las year im in abq homless can i be my own payee im prego with a babby 1month and 8 weeks


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Hi Mariah,

You can change your payee in person at a SSA office. If you become your own payee, they may reopen and review your case.

Anne (not verified)
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I would like to change my Social Security Rep Payee but I don't know which is the correct form to fill out. I live in California. Also, how long does it take for the new rep payee to become my new rep payee? thanks.


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Hi Anne,

To change your payee, you need to do so in person at your local SSA office. Typically, your next check will go to your new payee.

Kayla (not verified)
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Um I have my boyfriends mom as my payee I would like to become my own payee. What would the best time to do this without messing up my incoming paycheck.


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Hi Kayla,

You would have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office to do so. By being your own payee however won't affect your paycheck.

Rachel (not verified)
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How can I change payment to someone else please let me know

joe (not verified)
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my child been living with me 6month, my ex wife gets his SSI benefits. can I switch payee to me even if I have a job?

Karen (not verified)
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My friend has his sister as his payee and a few months ago she got on SSI her self but she gets a check from SSI and her two kids get there money on my card how can that be that's my card she said they won't give her her own card with her kids own money on it I feel she is lying to me


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Hi Karen,

If your friend wanted to, he can change his payee. Then his money would be managed by someone else. To change his payee, he needs to visit an SSA office.

KB (not verified)
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My ex has been receiving ssdi payments for my son. He is living in another state now and is not supporting his son. I have 90% custody if not more. Can i petition for the payee to be changed so that the money received is used for my son. I ask my ex for help and he wont. I dont even get child support.

Anonymous (not verified)
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My payee is my mother,she never gives me cash and im not allowed to see the bank statements of my checking account, sometimes im missing money,the bighest problem is she ssys shes called ss and they told her im not allowed to touch my debit csrd or have any cash at hand and she lied to them saying im totally incapable of budjeting my money ,also her personality is controlling


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Hi There,

I am so sorry to hear that. I would recommend scheduling an appointment at your local SSA office. There you'll be able to know what next steps to take.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I recieved a letter from stating that I would not be the representative payee for my daughter and that social security has decided to send her check to another payee.. what does this mean? And how was it changed? Who has her money?


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Hi There,

It means that the payee was changed. You and your daughter can go to an SSA office to try to change it back to you. To change a payee, it must be done in person.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I just changed my oayee to my sister in October. How long will it take for my money to come on the card.(directexpess).?

Diane Hines (not verified)
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Want to change my payee

Diane Hines (not verified)
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Can't go into any office and I need to change my payee


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Hi Diane,

In order to change a payee, you are required to do it in person. You cannot do it over the phone or online.

Jack Mc Mann (not verified)
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On average how long does it take to become your own payee, when you have been authorized to do so

Joe (not verified)
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In Oregon my wifes mother is misusing her ssi can a husband be a payee


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Hi Joe,

Yes you can. You and your wife would have to go to an SSA office and change her payee. It must be done in person and if you can, you should go.

ES (not verified)
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I'm thinking of getting my husband on a payee service but I dont really know what all we would need to do. Does he need a caseworker for this? I am his payee but I am not good at managing this ( I have no idea and it's a huge amount of stress and anxiety). We think a service to manage his money would be more appropriate. What do we need to do?


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Hi ES,

To change payee, your husband will have to do so at a local SSA office in person. The SSA can assign him a payee.

Annamarie martinez (not verified)
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I'm my daughters payee and she recently snuck behind my back and went to as with a stranger to appoint them as payee,can or will they appoint person without my knowledge


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Hi Annamarie,

If your daughter went to the SSA's office with the new payee and they had the proper documentation then she would be able to change her payee.

Superstarb (not verified)
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My mom was my payee but she recently died and my brother wants to be my payee how can I do that


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Hi Superstarb,

You need to go to your local SSA office to change your payee. It's best if your brother goes with you. He will need to bring with him a picture ID and his Social Security card.

Cheyenne (not verified)
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Hi so my fiance is 19 and his mom is his payee and she uses his money from SSDI for cigarettes and booze and things that are not for him we are moving to Minnesota to our own place and he asked if I would be his payee so if we move can I be his payee


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Hi Cheyenne,

Yes, you could. You would need to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office to do so. You are unable switch a payee online.

Jessica Sherman (not verified)
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Can I change my Payee by calling and giving him his social security number?


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Hi Jessica,

To change your payee, you'd have to do so in person at an SSA office. If possible, your new payee should go with you and bring a picture ID as well as their Social Security card.

latonya bibbs (not verified)
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My mom is my legal guardian and payee and she's not doing her job she's taking my money she won't buy me no food and she's paying my rent late can you guys help me


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Hi Latonya,

You can change your payee by visiting your an SSA office. If you have a new payee in mind, try to have them come with you with their Social Security card and a picture ID. If you do not have someone in mind, then the SSA can assign you one.

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