How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

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How many hours a week can l work without it affecting my social security. If l make minimum wage and work 8am to 3pm

Sarah (not verified)
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Is child support figured into the $1070/monthly limit?


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Hi Sarah,
You may want to contact a local SSA for more information about this, but child support may be considered unearned income and so may not contribute to the earned income limit for SSDI benefits.

Jason Bauerle (not verified)
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I get disability. How many total hours a month can a person work before they lose their disability.

Jason Bauerle (not verified)
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I get disability. How many total hours a month can a person work before they lose their disability.


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Hi Jason,
There are no set amount of hours someone can work, but if you receive SSDI you may be able to earn up to $840 a month without a change to your benefits.

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How many hours can I work if on disability?


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Hi There,
o be eligible for disability benefits, a person must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA). A person who is earning more than a certain monthly amount (net of impairment-related work expenses) is ordinarily considered to be engaging in SGA. The amount of monthly earnings considered as SGA depends on the nature of a person's disability.

Darlene (not verified)
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How do I calculate the hours and the amount that I am able to make while I am on disability. is there a chart that I can go by to calculate myself.


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Hi Darlene,
A person on SSDI benefits can make up to $840 a month without changes to their benefits. There is not set limit for hours worked.

Darlene (not verified)
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If I can earn $840 while on SSD without charges will the amount of $1,070 be a charge? And how much would that be as a penalty? Also could that amount cause me to lose my benefits ?


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Hi Darlene,
You may not be criminally charged for earning over the SSA's limit for SSDI earned income. In fact, they encourage people to return to work from SSDI benefits.

Michelle (not verified)
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If I am SDI with my employer- due to maternity leave, will I be able to work part time as an independent contractor else where?


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Hi Michelle,
I really could not say as that would be something your employer's short term disability policy would specify. You may want to contact the company that administers that policy.

Jay (not verified)
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I am a little confused with seeing to different amounts allowed to be made on SSDI
840 or 1170 per month I thought you were allowed to make up to 1170 per month without jeopardizing your benefits. Where does 840 play into the equation.


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Hi Jay,
$1,170 is the figure that the SSA calls Substantial Gainful Activity - this is the number that they use to determine if your condition is disabling enough to qualify for benefits. If you are unable to earn over this number and have a condition that qualifies, you may qualify for benefits.
$840 is the amount that you would be able to earn on SSDI without changes to your benefits. If you earn over this, then the SSA may start interpreting this as an attempt on your part to return to the work force. you can find out some more information here:

mindy jill pierce (not verified)
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how many hours a week or how much money per month can I get if collecting disability?


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HI Mindy,
It really depends on the benefits that you are receiving. You may want to contact the SSA for information based on your own benefits.

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What if your work 20 hr.but its answer a phone. For. Reservation

Diane (not verified)
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I get 938 monthly can i work two days a week at McDonald's


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Hi Diane,
If you're receiving benefits based on your income, then your benefits would be reduced by about one dollar for every two that you earn.

Annonimous (not verified)
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I'm currently receiving SSI benefits for disability and working. My question is how will my SSI check be affected if I go over the allowed SGA amount?

Kareem powell (not verified)
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I get 30$ aday on my job working part time 3 hours a day my ssi check stoped im lost what did i do wrong i told the ticket to work people i reported my erning to them and my hours job location and all should they have told ssi like i asked or what happens next


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Hi Kareem,
I really could not say, you may want to contact your local SSA office as they would have detailed info about your case.

paul (not verified)
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Hy there I'm on disability drowning 930. A mount my family and my med is really hard to get by there a job I can do makes 250 a week self Contracting. Just doing clean up around. Will this hurt me if I'm goring to do it on a 1099

Bill (not verified)
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I'm on social security disability and now started working. I earn $816 per month. Is this amount changing my benefit amount or causing problems?


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Hi Bill,

It shouldn't be causing problems do your monthly account since it is below the 2017 SGA monthly limit, but if it is causing problems you should contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

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I receive ssi and I'm 100 percent disabled how many hours can I work in a week

austin (not verified)
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i am totally disabled due to having ausburgers desiese...can i work part time 4 hours a day without it affecting my social security?


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Hi Austin,
You may be able to do so, but it's a good idea to contact the SSA regarding this as they would have specific details about your case, so that you can plan based on that.

bill (not verified)
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i am totally disabled and am on ssi since 1994....with the slow increase in ssi increases i have nothing left at the end of the month ...the v.a. (i am a veteran) has offered to let me apply for low income v.a. payments to help supplement my ssi earnings so that i have a little left over each month will this affect my ssi payments ?


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Hi Bill,
It may as SSI benefits are based on income and as such are reduced about one dollar for every two that you earn. However, you may also have an increase in income overall as you are eligible for both benefits.

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Does SSDI contact the IRS about the money you bring in, and what if the employer pays cash?


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Hi Berry,
If you are paid in cash, you may want to contact the SSA regarding this as you may be required to report this money.

Beckt (not verified)
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I'm on early retirement and disability and working part time how many hours per week can I work

Cheryl Henson (not verified)
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I been working last 7 years receive disability never went over have never had an issue If this helps! There is five weeks four times a year that I have cut my hours back for those five weeks! If this helps !

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while on ssd, can I work 15hrs a week and still collect my ssd


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Hi Alice,
You may be able to, but it's a good idea to check in with the SSA before making any life changes that could affect your benefits as they would be able to give you specific information about your case.

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Hello, I have been disabled since 2016 October. I am still under doctors care and on SDI. I work 2 days a week at 4 hours a day. I will of exhausted my disability payment at end of October. I have lumbar disk disease, cervical neuralgia, cervical stenosis , cervical spondylosis and carpal tunnel carpal tunnel disease. I was told to apply for SS disability. I want to know do I apply now or wait till after I receive my last payment from State Disability. Thank You.


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Hi Krystal,
If you are already receiving disability in your state, you may want to apply for benefits now.

jimmy m (not verified)
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question my girlfriend receives SSI (not SSDI) for her daughter $735/month, Now is she able to work without losing the $735/month? If so is there a hour or max amount she can work/earn working per month?


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Hi Jimmy,
Your girlfriend's daughter's benefits are based off of her mother's income, so if she has a change in income, your girlfriend's daughter's benefits may change based off of that.