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Anonymous (not verified)
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My wife was recently (2 years ago) diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She has been sick for about 25 years but the doctors could not diagnose her and called it "Idiopathic" she is bed ridden most every day and gets out if she is lucky a couple days a week. Since she was unable to work but the doctors could not diagnose she was unable to file for SSDI etc. Now that they figured out what she has she is told it is too late to file because she has not worked in 25 years. Was told that if she filed when she was first sick she would have been eligible however they did not know whatwas wrong with her. Have seen an attourney and he said she cannot file because it is too late. How is this fair, she was working as a Physicians assistant and home healthcare provider until she became ill. But because the medical community (many of them) could not dianose Lupus 25 years ago it is her fault and she has to suffer. I am a disabled Veteran and until a year or so ago I was able to support us but now my disabilty is getting worse and I too cannot work. I am thinking on applying but that does not help my wifes medical needs. Her medical bills and medications are far too much for me anymore. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get her qualified for SSDI?

Anonymous (not verified)
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She should be able to get SSI,and help from DSHS.

Rich (not verified)
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My husband's income is not great and neither is my disability. Can I work part-time and still collect my benefits? If so, how much can I earn? I found a site that told me $1040 per month, but I don't believe that.

Molly C (not verified)
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There are specific regulations about working. The Substantial Gainful Activity amount is $1,040 a month. This means that if a person earns more than this amount, the Social Security Administration will no longer consider that person to be disabled. Before doing any type of work, I would call your local Social Security representative to make sure you will not compromise your benefits.

Floyd (not verified)
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i started getting SSDI Aug. 2014 , i signed up in Feb. 2014 , with the 5 month waiting period i did not recieve any back pay . i told the doctor i had been having trouble for some time and it is documented in my medical records appr. 5 years prior to getting SSDI . Should i be intitled to 12 months back pay .

Molly C (not verified)
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Hi Floyd, thank you for your question. You will be entitled to 12 months of back pay if the examiner or judge determines that your onset date is 17 months or more prior to the application date. You can read more about back pay at our Social Security Back Pay page.

Alberta (not verified)
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I have attempted to work unsuccessfully and was fired within six months can i still qualify for benefits with mental and digestive disability?

D (not verified)
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Hi Alberta,
There are many ways to qualify with mental disabilities. Feel free to read more about how to qualify with mental disorders. It will all depend on how the disorder affects you and your ability to work, which it sounds like you attempted to do. Consider filling out our Free Disability Evaluation to speak with an attorney about your options.

Anonymous (not verified)
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can you work full time and have partial ssdi -- i have fibromyalgia. it just aggravates my job

D (not verified)
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Hi there, No, you cannot receive partial SSDI. SSDI is for people who are completely disabled and unable to work whatsoever. If fibromyalgia aggravates you but does not prevent you from working, you will not be approved for SSDI.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I have been off work for more than a year now! I am trying to find a job! I just found out today that I have an interview at my old job. I have not received any ssi at all! I'm trying to go back to work! My mother in law is telling me not to go back to work because she wants me to get social security! I'm not sure if I will even get social security!!! I want to know can I go back to work and still get ssi??? Is it possible??? I really want to go back to work!!! Will you please tell me what I can do???

Jennifer (not verified)
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I draw 748.00 a month.I have psoriatic arthritis,border line diabetic,serve arthritis and numbness in both feet.I was diagnosed at 28 and I am 42 now.i have been on there three different biological meds and have never been in remissions.I have high blood pressure,I take a fluid pill,it seem to be the only thing that keeps the fluid under control,i also have PVC,extra heart beat,just a hand full of health problems. I was married from 18 yrs,and was wonderful up until about the 16 yr,for whatever reason he was not happy anymore.He ended up living.i lost my home during the divorce,i was just devastated. Now i am in a position where i will be homeless March 31 2015.I have been to our TVHRA and are the that's a three year wait for Section 8 and a long wait even if I find a house,apartment or mobile home. I need help and have no idea what to do.Anyone have any suggestions?

D (not verified)
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Hi Jennifer,
That is a really tough situation. I am so sorry to hear about it. If your benefits are SSDI and not SSI, you could always consider renting a room for cheap until you get approved for section 8. I know you can find a lot of great places on Craigslist. The SSA also sends payments to recipients who are living in halfway houses or shelters, but you'll have to look into their site to find out more about it. I really wish you the best of luck.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I been drawing ssdi since 2010 I=Can I work . I found a job I could do its 6 hours a week, cleaning a PO not much to it. I cant sit or stand for long period cant walk a lot, This job is easy If I took it will I lose my benfits, Pay is 300 a month.

D (not verified)
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Hi there,
So long as you earn less than $1090 a month, you will be able to keep this part-time job with your SSDI benefits. Always report your earnings to the SSA, but you should be fine.

Mike (not verified)

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So with my ssdi in ssi is1040 what I can make before or with my check amount invluded


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HI Mike,
Generally SSDI recipients can earn up to $840 a month before they would trigger a Trial Work Period.

Fred (not verified)
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I have been disabled and drawing SSDI for 12 years, I draw $2150 plus my dependent son draws $1150 per month. I always worked hard, that is why I draw so much. I want to try a part time job again but it pays a lot less than I draw now. I still have the disability and do not want to risk losing my benefits and/or my family's financial security. It doesn't make medical of financial sense to lose $3300 a month benefits over a part time job that I may, or may not be able top do long term. Is "Ticket to work," for real? Or a scam to get people off disability? How much can I earn during a trial month, over the nine months and still draw my benefits. If I can not work during the nine month trial can I go back to the way things were before trying to work again?

D (not verified)
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Hi Fred,
I would highly recommend the ticket to work program. You can keep your full benefits on top of what you earn while working for the trial period, and you can indeed always go back to receiving your benefits and not working if it's too challenging for you.

Scotty (not verified)
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I read the thread all the way through.. Like the person just before this listing, I've been on SSDI with Multiple Sclerosis since 2002. I'm 46 and have a chance to work a media job making about $700.00 monthly. By accepting this position, and keeping the SGA always under the limit, would I ever be in critical territory of losing my SSDI payment? Multiple Sclerosis is a covert sometimes overt illness with good, half way and some decent days. I'm mortified of losing my benefits. Without it I'd be on the street with cup in hand. Thank God for all I receive and I'm grateful to pay the rent and light bill. Ironically, I don't have Medical or dental Insurance, but Hospitalization Part A. So, you see.. I must protect my benefits. I worked my rear end off till I was 33 when I suffered a stroke and had my diagnosis. What is your advice? Thanks for your time.

D (not verified)
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Hi Scotty,
No, so long as you stay under SGA, you will not lose your benefits. I would continue to be smart and make significantly less than $1,090 per month, just to be sure that your benefits won't be affected.

Brenda (not verified)
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I have been receiving SDI (California) since January of this year. It started as partial until August 18th when I and my employer finally put me on disability retirement. I applied for SSDI and was denied. I am currently applying for continued benefits for SDI because I am still not able to go back to work. My SDI will be running out within a couple of months.
I am wondering if, since SSDI says I can work part time, when this runs out I can apply for unemployment?

SSDI says I can do part time work but my employer will not take me back until medically cleared (with or without accommodations). My doctor will not clear me. I have multi-level spine issues. The WC AME will not put my neck and back PS, only shoulders and elbows. (Not receiving anything from WC because still fighting after almost 10 years. Only recently things have finally gotten to the point where my body just can't take it any more and I can't take the pain anymore).

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Should I apply for SSI? I currently receive $1030 gross disability retirement. (They take taxes and insurance out of that).

Any Info would be appreciated.


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Hi Brenda,
You should NOT file for unemployment while trying to get SSDI benefits. This is because the two programs completely contradict each other. SSDI benefits are for people who are so disabled they are unable to work again, and unemployment is for people who are trying to find a job.

Dean I (not verified)
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I have been on Ssdi for 6 months and get 702.00 per month that seems low to me, can I have that increased? Thank you

Kimberly (not verified)
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If I draw 770$ ssd can I still work and draw my check.

Anonymous (not verified)
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if you have a workmans com case will that affect ssd.

sheila (not verified)
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I receive ssdi and do hair. I filed self employed but didn't keep track of when I made my earnings. I haven't cashed my refund check either. I don't want to lose my ssdi. What do I do and can I get penalized for this?


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Hi Sheila,
Unfortunately, all you can do is report whatever additional income you know of and see what happens. The good news is that if you are disqualified from SSDI benefits, it is easy to reinstate them the following month if you can prove that you are no longer earning an income that will disqualify you.

laura (not verified)
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I make 1090.0 per month on ssdi, how much is the amount I can make per month if I return to work part time?


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Hi Laura,
You can earn up to $1,130 per month and still stay on SSDI. Keep in mind that the more you earn, the more your benefits will be affected. The SSA will start to reduce some of your monthly benefits to make up for your additional income. But so long as you are earning less than $1,130, you will be fine.

Jackie (not verified)

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Hi Deanna,
I'm confused about this. You say that if a person makes less than $1,130 a month, they should be fine. But you also say that the more you earn, the more your benefits will be affected. Does this mean that even if you're earning less than $1,130, that your benefits are proportionately decreased? Or is it only after making more than $1,130 that benefits are decreased? Thanks for your help!


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Hi Jackie,
Benefits are not decreased proportionally, they would be paid in full. The SSA gives recipients a nine month "trial work period" if you make over $810 a month for nine months (these months don't need to be back to back). You can make over the 1,130 dollars during this period and have no change in benefits. However, they would change after that time and you would have to make less than $ 1,130 a month to get benefits after that time.

Tammy Knott (not verified)
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I tried working but could not physically or mentally work more then two days so I had no choice but to quit . I reported everything and they sent me forms in the mails now I'm scared I will lose my benefits bc I tried working to make a few extra dollars to feed us . Should I be worried bc I mentally can handle the waiting till they get back with me .


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Hi Tammy,
I'm sorry to hear you're so worried! You don't need to be, because if you have not earned more than the 733 dollar limit( for individuals) or the 1,100 dollar limit for couples, you'll still be eligible for benefits.

Mrs. (not verified)

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where does that 733 dollar amount come from I thought it was $810.00


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Hi there, the 733 dollar amount is the Federal Benefit Limit for SSI, it does not apply to SSDI.

m (not verified)
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I was approved for SSI and Disability a week ago. In the waiting to be approved I also found a small job paying 450 a month. If I work this small job will they take away my disability payment? I have two kids and do not recieve money for them. I cant survive off of just the 733 a month.


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Hi M,
You can still receive benefits while working, however your benefits may change depending on your income.

Julio Luna (not verified)

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I just got hired by a movie theater and the pay is like 300.00. On the paperwork it says if i receive SSI I put yes. Now, I wanted to know will this only affect me on? Because my mom and two siblings don't work at all.


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hi Julio,
it would really depend on your monthly earnings and how much of that is considered "countable income", you may experience a change in benefits due to the new income. I would contact your local SSA office, they would be more familiar with your case and could provide more insight.

kathy (not verified)

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63 years old on SSID have been for awhile. Was ask if I would like to make a little extra money as a vendor when they needed extra help you also sign a W-9 form wil this affect my Medicare and social security? and if not what's the amount you can earn over your social security monthly?

Jackie (not verified)
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Hi. I'm hoping you can help me understand something. According to the Social Security site, a trial work period is triggered if you're making more than $810 a month and that after 9 months of this, you're considered no longer disabled. However, it also says that in order to be considered substantial gainful activity(SGA), the amount earned is more than $1,130. Is this SGA just used when the person is being considered to receive SSDI? Otherwise, even keeping the amount earned under $1,130, the person would be considered no longer disabled due to the trial work period rules? Am I understanding this right?


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Hi again Jackie,
You would still be eligible for benefits after the trial work period for 36 months. However, you would only get benefits for months where you earned under the $1,130 benefit limit.

Anonymous (not verified)

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So if I get 780 a month ssdi I can only make 300$ on top of the 780$ssdi? or 1,040 + my 780
Ssdi before they start to mess with ur

Sue (not verified)
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My husband has been signed off by his doctor as terminal. He was approved right away by Social Security, so he is on SSDI. The life insurance policy he had through work is offering to pay him a lump sum of up to half the insured amount, which will enable him to sort out all his finances and get peace of mind. Question is, will receiving a lump sum of say $75k affect his SSDI?


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Hi Sue,
I'm sorry to hear that! Your husband's SSDI benefits would not change due to the lump sum.

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