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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.

jessica (not verified)

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I am in the same position what happens if you have to get a different vehicle since it was too late when they give your back pay?? And I'm in the process of getting my back pay I'm requesting more money do you y will approve me the money to get a new car since my old one gives me so many prob


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Hi Jessica,
I really could not say if they would approve your request for extra money, we are not affiliated with the SSA and as such don't have any way to confirm what would be eligible for extra money or expedited benefits.

cindi (not verified)

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Hi! I was approved for ssdi Jan 2016. I've been recieving monthly benefits since March but my backpay has been at processing center since then. SSA can't give me any direct answers except they see its there and sending request for info. My attorney was also paid in March and there are no offsets that would hold it up. I finally contacted senator last week Nov 9 and they put in another inquiry. Still nothing and no one has received a response. Any other suggestions on getting my backpay released???


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Hi Cindi,
You may want to contact the SSA or your state level representative regarding this, they may be better able to help with your back pay.

Cheryl (not verified)

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Just curious, i am in the same situation and i am not sure how much i should aak for, for a car. I don't want them to think i am aaking for to much even though in reality it is supposed to be our money. How much did you request? I want to get a good one that wont break down you know

Cherita (not verified)

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How much was did they give you for the car. I'm in that situation now but I didn't no if I needed to ask for a down payment or If I needed to ask for 9000 which is the total of the car I was trying to purchase


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HI Cherita,
That would depend on what you'd need for a car and what the SSA would be willing to release as a dire need payment.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I was awarded SSD benfits on July 12 2011. My payments were started in August. I have been told that my lump sum back pay is going retroactive as of March of 2010. I have not received a letter stating how much or when it will be. I was wondering when I should be expecting them.

Barbara (not verified)
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I started to receive my SSDI in December of 2012. I am I do a lump some since I became eligible in May 2012?

Maggie RV (not verified)

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Back pay wouldn't start until 5 months after your date of disability. If you were deemed disabled 5/12, they wouldn't count the first five months, so that takes you to October. November's payment deposits in December. Your "lump sum" would only consist of any SSI you may have been eligible for from May 12 to October 12, *only* if the judges ruling was fully favorable.

Molly C (not verified)
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Barbara, I wish I could help you, but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Is there any way you can explain your situation in a little more detail?

Robert (not verified)
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Yes I purchased an automobile when I received my first installment if my back pay I wasn't aware of any more money going to be sent to me so under the impression that the 2900 that was sent to my account direct deposit was all that I was receiving I later found out that their was quite a bit more so my engine went out on the car and I was issued some of my back pay and the engine was repaired then when I picked up The car the same day I was informed that the transmission was going out and needed to be replaced so I went back to Social Security again and requested more money so that I can have my transmission replaced and I was denied the money I need my car to get me back and forth to my appointments with my Dr and my Psychiatrist and therapist I've been pushing my car by foot when I get into places thAt require me to go in reverse well physically I am not capable to do this It was not my fault that the transmission went out right after the engine was replaced so can I get more money to repair the transmission

D (not verified)
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Hi Robert,
It is unlikely, but you could potentially get the money to pay for your car from expedited back pay. One user on the forum said he did so. You need to send the SSA a written request with the EXACT amount of money you need, and very specific information on why you need it, such as which doctors you are seeing and how you are being treated.

nicole (not verified)

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I received my first lump sum in Feb and I'm not due to receive second one until August. ..I used my first monies on my new apt but i recently had a newborn that I need to buy things for, I also have a 17 yr old son that is in Massachusetts that is homeless bcuz his father kicked him out so I need a plane ticket ti get him home, I don't have much food bcuz of my cut in stamps due to my new ssi income. I am waiting for a decision on my desire request...will they allow me to have it?


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Hi Nicole,
I'm not sure that they would approve your request, but one of the best ways to make sure they have all the information for your request is to have documents that would show that you would need an advance on that money.

nicole (not verified)

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They did Approve my request , and they released it long will it be before I receive my money?


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Hi Nicole,
You should get your first lump sum payment around four months from when you start receiving disability benefits.

Debra collins (not verified)

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U lost my husband in 2011 we were in a bad car wreck I've struggle am disable I'll never GI back to work I have a duaalve son we get benefits but I don't go no where I get 62 in food stamps I have doctor bills its hard to make ends meet I work all my life I was 14 went u started working I barely have food I thing if we on S's we ought to get food stamps enough to get food to last alponrh trump if u could help us it would be well thankful bon pur party son has been dusalbe since brith I didn't have to worry about anything with my husband here he work all his life to so if u can fix system and make it better it would help a lot of as pp its ashamed I've seen it pp will get fpood stamps and sell them and not even go get food I'd. I had asany food stamp s ad so me if these pp got they would be good in my home please trump have compassine for us I have car payment I have to take my son to docters and get him what he needs do u know I can't even get his glasses cause I don't have money please change things for did kids that r dusalbe and pp that is on as we need all help we can get


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Hi Debra,
I'm sorry to hear about that! We're not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government, but hang in there!

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