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I received two lump sum payments, but I have not spent all of the funds. I want to make a funeral arrangement and buy a car. How soon must I spend the lump sum payment.


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Hi Elissa,
You may want to contact the SSA office that helped your brother, as they can go over his specific case and give you some guidance regarding the back pay. Alternately, you can also set up a special needs trust for your brother, those types of trusts are not regarded as a resource by the SSA.

ann (not verified)
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I receive my first installment in February but haven't received my second one. should I call because it's been 6 months or should I just wait.


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Hi Ann,
It may be a good idea to contact the SSA if you're not receiving your back pay in a timely manner.

Katt (not verified)
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I was new to SSI & when my son got i. When we received the lump sum about two months later our family car caught on fire it was a HUGE mess! Well I used some of the money to put a down payment, pay a few of the car payments and insurance as well. My son was in therapy daily and we needed a car! I didn't know that you had to ask because I read the handbook and it stated that the payee could use funds for a down payment. Well now my son is in school about to be in kindergarten. He need a compression vest! But they never sent me my second lump sum of his back pay. It was supposed to arrive on the 22 of July but, still hasn't come in! I have called and nothing has happened as of yet.. Did I do something wrong for them not to release the funds to me?


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Hi Katt,
I'm not really sure of the particulars of your own case, but it could be possible that you were determined to be ineligible for SSI. I would contact the SSA to confirm you are still eligible for SSI.

anonymous (not verified)
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My son receives SSI and has one more backpay payment.Is it possible for me to put a rush on that payment to purchase a much needed car.He has doctors visit exc.and we have trouble keeping his appointments.


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Hi there,
You may be able to do so, if you contact the SSA with documentation of hardship (like bills, ect) they may be able to get the money to you faster.

kristi (not verified)
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Hi, I am a recent widow with a 12 yr old son. My husband filed for disability in 2014 we lost almost everything. Almost Including our home. If it hadnt been fir my mother paying the remaining balance of $38000 off on the day of foreclosure we would be homeless. I am a housewife who home schools our son due to absences at school and cronic migraines. I have taken care of both my husband and son full time thr past 3 years. My husband was denied at first but filed for a hearing that was to late his pain, depression and losing everything we owned with no help from goverment on medical bills , food stamps, medical for our son , not a thing. He took his own life June 5th of this year. The hearing wasJune 21st which I had to on go on in his place, that was the worst thing a greving wife should have to go through. Expecially 2 weeks after hearing a gunshot outside and holding the man you love more than life itself in your arms as he dies. Needless to say i sat through it and the judge said he would rush a verdict but no longer than 30 days. Its been how long and still no word. I called the lawyer and he said it was at the underwriter. What does thst mean and what happens now? My world is falking apart and it seems because my husband once had money before oil bust we dont deserve the help they hand out, i am tired and needa break in this mess of not being the right anything to get help for my son and I. What is the process from here i cant lose anymore and owe so much debt with no high school degree or GED. And survior beneifits appointment is finally on the 15th but TV still im list


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Hi Kristi,
I'm sorry to hear about all that!
The underwriting stage is when your case is being evaluated. As cases can vary, the time it takes for them to evaluate your case and move to the next stage will vary.

Ray (not verified)
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Does that really happen that if u don't spend the amount from the month before they take it back


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Hi Ray,
SSI recipients are not eligible for benefits if they have over 2,000 in financial resources and assets, so if not spending benefits leads someone to be over that amount, they may lose benefits.

Ray (not verified)
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An does that apply to everyone or is everyone different


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Hi Ray,
Financial resource limits apply to SSI recipients but not SSDI recipients.

Gabby (not verified)
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Hi I receive SSI benefits for my son and received the 1 of 3 back separated back payments in Feb. The letter said every 6 months I would receive another payment. This is month 6 and nothing yet. Is there a specific date for it. He needs certain things and it really stressing me that they are playing these waiting games instead of just giving all of what is owed.


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Hi Gabby,
It may be a good idea to contact the SSA with documentation about your child's issues, they can get the money to you faster if there is a documented need for it.

lisa alcott (not verified)
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my kids father passed in June, it is now august 12th and i received june and julys together in a check yesterday, when will i recieve august payment? will it be on time or do i have to wait until the 3rd week of september?

ROSE (not verified)
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ok so a friend of mine has ssi and she said ahe got her money two weeks later is it possibale to get mine that soon


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Hi Rose,
If you've got an urgent situation requiring the SSA to take action, then yes, you may be able to get disability benefits that quickly.

Widowed since 1988 (not verified)
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I became a widow in 1988 and never married nd was just informed that I'm entitled to widows benefits would I get all my back money from 1988 ??

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