How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Sandra,
While you may want to contact the SSA regarding this just to be sure, if they're both receiving benefits based off of their work and/or service records, then you may not need to report that.

Regina Daunicht (not verified)

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If your father is paying you, it would be best for you to report that small amount of income, to Social Security. And keeping everything on the up-and-up.
Of course your dad is free to spend the money however he chooses.
But you, on the other hand are receiving disability, or what it seems in your comments.
It will not affect your benefits. But it should be reported, as that is the honest thing to do. Again it will not affect your benefits. And you may be entitled two other benefits, you may not be receiving.
I feel for your safety, it would be best to report to Social Security.
You do whatever you feel comfortable with. But if they should find out, somehow someway, and you did not report it, you may be will lose your benefits for not reporting!
You would not lose them forever, but there would be some kind of sanction. What and how much can only be determined by Social Security.
If reporting that amount of money will not affect your benefits, why wouldn't you?
That is why Congress always wants to cut benefits for the truly disabled, because people don't do the honest thing.

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Can i work while im receiving social security disability

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Can I get a part time job I make 1,249 a month ssd and I'm only aloud to lift ten pound.


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Hi Gregory,

That would exceed the SGA monthly limit. However, I would recommend speaking to a SSA representative and letting them know of your situation.

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how many hours can i work when appyind for ssdi


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Hi there,
There is no set amount of hours, however you may not be considered eligible for SSDI benefits if you are able to make over $1,170 a month.

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Trying to make sense of this.
I receive $844 a month from Social Security disability. Been on disability for 26 years. I do not understand how much I can earn on a part time job, and still keep my benefits. What's the "gross amount"??


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Hi Tracie,

There is no set amount of hours, however you may not be considered eligible for SSDI benefits if you are able to make over $1,170 a month.

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I am 37 I've been in SSI for 20 years. I want to try and work for uber and am worried about my ssi getting cut off. How does it affect my payment


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Hi Noa,
You may want to contact your local SSA office, but they will generally reduce your benefits one dollar for every two that you make.

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I've been on ssdi for over 7 yrs, I just gotta part time job at a cleaners . I understand I cannot make more than 1170 a month , here's where the questions come in as long as I'm under that amount monthly does it matter how many hours I put in? Also is it true after 36 months of working your benefits will be discontinued?
I suffer from severe anxiety depression ocd ptsd and bipolar.
I work pretty much alone maybe with one other person sometimes.
Also I have a 14 yr old son on ssi he is autistic. I do understand his check will be cut but I do have one other dependent my 13 yr old daughter. I'm a single parent I do not receive child support there is an active order but the father doesn't follow. So about what percent will be taken out of my sons check?
Thank you very much and I apologize for all the overwhelming questions.

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I'm on SSDI, I receive about $1234 ,after Medicare can I work and make up to $800 a month.

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In 2012 I contacted one of my senators and asked how much the federal government owed social security.Senator Shelby wrote back in a letter and said 2.6 trillion dollars.I also found out that the federal government paid back 5 billion dollars in one year.At that rate it would take over 500 years to pay it back.So im asking since Senator Shelby refuses to tell me again what is the current amount the federal government owes social security as of September 2017.And also what is the latest amount the federalgovernment has paid back social security.Thanks


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Hi there,
As of 2014, the amount that the federal government has borrowed is 2.8 trillion dollars. I really could not say how much the federal government has repaid.

Ron Hovey (not verified)
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My second and final question is the federal government has used social security for other things besides social security.Number one-are they still doing this?And number 2 isn't this a Ponzi scheme?Bernie Madoff received 150 years for his Ponzi scheme and rightly so.


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Hi Ron,
I really could not say on both counts, we are not affiliated with the federal government or the SSA and as such we do not have detailed records of their accounts.

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