How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

jmontalvo (not verified)
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I get ssdi and started working, how much can I make a month on the job a month?
I get 817.00 a month from ssdi

Anonymous (not verified)
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I'm on disability can I work and how many hours can I work

Jennifer (not verified)
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I work part time and wkrk less then 25hrs a week and diagnosed with spinal stenosis depression anxiety
Do I qualify

Georgia (not verified)
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I am 62 and on disability for a kidney transplant... born in 1954. I want to work part time 20 hours a week and not lose any of my monthly benefits..

Anonymous (not verified)
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I work 16-20 hours at 10.00 an hour ,
I worked 25 hours this pay period will I be penslized

Anonymous (not verified)
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How many hours can I work on full disability before affects my benefits


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HI there,
It would depend on which type of benefits you are receiving, but if you're on SSDI you would be able to earn up to $840 a month before it affects your benefits, and you would have a reduction on one dollar for every two that you earn if you are on SSI.

Marguerite l C… (not verified)
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If i drive a lady around 3 days a week 4to 10 mon thurs and fri 5 to 11 and she get paid for how many pizza she deliver 3.00 a piece plus she get tips we use her car almost all the time and she give me part of the tips and maybe 5 to 10 dollars of her pay mostly 5 or 7 so it vary depending on what she make i say wk maybe i make maybe 40 to 60 a wk and im disable and.mental depress and paranoid collecting disablty 1 do i have to claim that cents i dont know out of those 3 days what i will make from her also how much am i allowed to make under the counter job not working for the ppl she work for but just driving her she pay me


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Hi There,

It is always best to double check with the SSA regarding any questions you may have.


Jose Ortiz (not verified)
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What is the maximum amount of money that I can make per month, no 9 months trial period, no affect my social security disability payment.

Jane Bohanan (not verified)
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What if a person has been threatened by a paralegal if this person reports a person that receives full disability and works for the paralegal and has always worked since she started receiving total disability. There is so much fraud . it's a shame to know that even the legal system has to stoop so low

Steve (not verified)
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For the "$1170 per month" earnings limit in 2017...

What if the applicant's limited work allows him to make no more than $11,800 annually (which is an “average” of $983/month), but has a SINGLE MONTH that may go over the $1170/month maximum, solely due to 3 PAYROLL PERIODS that fall during that one particular month? Is this scenario an issue with SSDI?

Does SSDI make an issue of "a specific single month", or is that $1170/month used as another way of stating “should not make more than $14,040 annually" (i.e. $1170 x 12 months)?


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Hi Steve,
That may not affect your case all that much, as the SSA does allow for an SSDI recipient to make more than $1,170 and preserve benefits under the trial work period program.

Karen (not verified)
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I receive $2,054 a month for SSDI and $600 a month for a pension. The SSDI is for disability, but will it not change when I turn 66 ( I am now 65) and I can earn any amount of money? Also if I wanted to start work now, just 10 hours a week, say $400 a month then what is the limit? Will $400 work w/o being penalized? Thank you for your time.

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