How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Karen,
There are no earned income limits for retirement benefits. As far as working now is concerned, you may want to contact the SSA to confirm that you would be able to.

Brittany (not verified)
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So if I'm recieving 730 on ssi. You keep saying i cant go over the 1170 a month. Please explain in further detail. Say if i make 250 a month is that combined with the 730 to make 980? Which is under the 1170 right? So my benefits wont be affected at all right? Also when does the every 2 dollars you make social security takes 1 come in affect? it if i make over 1170 including my 730 benefit? If i go over 1170 is this when the every 2 dollars i make they take 1 comes in a effect. Iam sorry this is hard for me to word?


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Hi Brittany,
That 1,170 figure is for SSDI recipients, SSI recipients have a reduction of one dollar for every two that they earn in work income.

Jenny L (not verified)
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I might start working next month 3 hrs a day for 10.25 and hour can I still get my social security benefits and SSI or that can affect my payments

Sue (not verified)
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I have been reading through all of these posts and am getting confused. I have been receiving SSI benefits for about 8 years. I am 57 years old now. Is there a set amount I may earn, working a few hours a week, per month without changes to my SSI benefit?


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Hi Sue,
There isn't a set amount of hours you could work, you would have your benefits reduced one dollar for every two dollars that you earn.

Trudy (not verified)
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My son is legally blind in one eye and blind in the other. In 2015 they say he made 1200 too much and stopped his disability. What was the amount you could earn in 2015 and still draww SSI? Can he refile his income tax for that year and get it under the limit? Also can they stop his disability due to that? According to something I read on Social Security website, you have five years before to appeal that decision.


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Hi Trudy,

That's not right--He could earn up to $1,800 in 2015 (about 1,900 now) with vision loss and still qualify for Social Security benefits. I would appeal that denial as soon as possible!

Jason (not verified)
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Hi! So if I am on SSDI and want to work and make 800 a month will they reduce my SSDI payment? Because I can't afford a place with my 2 kids and I so I have to work a lil but will this reduce my ssdi payment? Thanks for your information.


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Hi Jason,
That may have no effect on your benefits, but it may be a good idea to contact the SSA to discuss your plan.

Deandre (not verified)
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Everyone is asking the same question and we all getting the same answer. We know we can work many hours. We want to know how many hours can we work on SSI. Is 20, 30, are 40 a week?


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Hi Deandre,

The SSA usually measures work by income earned, not hours work. So long as you're earning less than $1,170 per month, or earning less than that but working less than 80 hours per week, you'll be fine.

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If you are on SSI Disability, can you work P/T Making under $800.00 MONTH....Will that affect your SSI?

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How many hours can I work while on disability security


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Hi Caren,

There is no limit on the number of hours, but your monthly income cannot exceed the 2017 SGA monthly limit.


Sandra (not verified)
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I am disabled since 2014, my parents are disabled my dad physically, and my mother mentally. My question is my dad insist on paying me for taking them to doctor appointments, grocery buying, just hanging out. He has applied for AA from the VA and if he gets this assistance he has to use it and said I need to take it when I help them out. Can I take this and do I need to contact SS office prior. It would be like $300-$400 a month.


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Hi Sandra,

You do not need to contact the SS office. Your father is free to spend his SSDI money however he wishes. Hope that helps!

Sandra (not verified)

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Patrick, the money is not from my dad's SSDI/SS, it is from his VA. would I need to inform my SS local office if he pays me for helping by taking him or Mom to doctor visits, shopping, etc. Sorry just wanted to clarify.

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