How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability

Tina (not verified)
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My son is on ssi and i would like to kno how many hours can he work before it effects his check

Susan Anderson (not verified)
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How many hours can a person work if you are on SSDI


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Hi there,
There is no hourly limit for working, however if your income is over $1,175 a month from working, you may not be considered eligible for benefits.

Charles (not verified)
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If I'm on Ssdi and I have a chance to make some extra money. I need more income and I would make under 1000 a month. It says I can't make over 1170 a month. Will my check be stopped for working as long as I don't go over 1170.

Matthew pierce (not verified)
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I work for an employer who sends a substidy report to social security monthly how many hours can I work part time with loosing my ssdi benefits is it safe for me to work 27 hours a week? Earning $13.22 an hour


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Hi Matthew,

There is hourly limit to work. If your monthly income exceeds the SGA limit $1,170/Month you could lose your benefits.


Jim (not verified)
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I receive Social Security disability. They determined that I had exhausted the 9 month trial work period while waiting for my benefits. I have been offered a job 2 days a week that would total $640 a month in income besides my benefits. Do I need to contact Social Security or is this well under the limit?


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Hi Jim,

You should contact the SSA to let them know about any additional income that you may receive. Better be safe than sorry.


Bonnie (not verified)
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Hi I'm from PA I am on SSI I have had several new disabilities since I started on SSI I use to work part time with my SSI and they deducted from my income I haven't worked in a few years and money is tight and caring for my 86 year old mom wanted to get a part time job again but was told I can only make $250 a month that isn't worth the gas money to get to the job I am worried about my future and don't want to rent because of my pets Can I work to save for a place of my own after my mom passes

Anonymous (not verified)
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I'm on ssi if I make 400 a month will I lose my ssi

Devon (not verified)
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If I'm on SSI disability and i work 35hour am I suppose to report it?

glenn (not verified)
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how do they determine how much you get paid in a month is it by pay periods or is it days in the month


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Hi Glenn,
Benefits are either based on income for SSI, or based on work record for SSDI.

Andre Agnew (not verified)
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how does the breakdown go if I can make $1,230 a month

Tyrus (not verified)
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How much i can't go over if I'm working while I'm on full time and receive ssi

Toni (not verified)
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If you receive a monthly payment from ssi. Are. You still able to work

Richard (not verified)
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I receive $ SSD each month I want to get a part-time job but I don't want to affect my benefits how many hours can I work,or what is the limit of money I can make tks

Craig (not verified)
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Good info. Here's my question. My 22 yr old son who is still my at home dependent, born disabled and receives SSDI. He would like to work (for sake of interaction) at a movie theater making $8.10 hr and for eight hours a week. Is this going to hinder his SSDI? And who do I call at SSA to let them know he's working and when do I call? Thanks.


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Hi Craig,

Your son's monthly salary cannot exceed the SGA limit $1,170/Month. I would recommend letting the case working at your local SSA office who has handled your son's case.

Best of Luck,

Craig (not verified)

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Thanks Eric. We spoke to SSA. They stated that the amount he's going to make won't even come close to the SGA or the TWP. They further stated that after his first full month of working to mail, fax or bring in that full month of stubs. We were told that after that time there won't be much to do, essentially with him grossing under $300 a month, there isn't an issue. Its more for social interaction. Hope that helped some others with the same issue. Thanks again!!!!!

MrBig (not verified)
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Sorry that you are constantly having to answer the exact same question over and over, so I will ask a different question. What if you are on SSDI, but only make $800 a month. I know the TWP is $840 or more, my question is do you still need to report to SSA if you are making less than the TWP starting limit of $840?

A question on … (not verified)
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Am I correct in understanding that after 36 months on the EPE, say month 37 and any thereafter, that if you make above the SGA amount, you will have your benefits terminated, so in order to keep them you need to stay below the SGA amount that is determined for that particular year, ie $1,170 for 2017 for months 37 onward.


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HI there,
You would be eligible for benefits for 36 months after completing a trial work period ( That is 9 months of making over $840 a month from work) for any month that you make less than the SGA, but you would not be eligible for benefits from month 37 onward, though you would be able to get expedited reinstatement if you are unable to make SGA after those 36 months.

Tridu (not verified)

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How do you get expedited reinstatement when the Soc. Sec. office will not return your calls??? I read something where you have five years to appeal a decision even though they say 60 days.


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You'll need to file the appeal online or connect with them over the phone. I do not believe the SSA calls back applicants often. You can file online under your My SSA account.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can I lease a room of my house and it not affect my SSDI benefits?

Darlene (not verified)
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I am receiving SSI benefits and if I wanted to work how much can I make to keep my SSI benefits going

jmontalvo (not verified)
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I get ssdi and started working, how much can I make a month on the job a month?
I get 817.00 a month from ssdi

Anonymous (not verified)
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I'm on disability can I work and how many hours can I work

Jennifer (not verified)
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I work part time and wkrk less then 25hrs a week and diagnosed with spinal stenosis depression anxiety
Do I qualify

Georgia (not verified)
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I am 62 and on disability for a kidney transplant... born in 1954. I want to work part time 20 hours a week and not lose any of my monthly benefits..

Anonymous (not verified)
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I work 16-20 hours at 10.00 an hour ,
I worked 25 hours this pay period will I be penslized

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