How many hours can you work if on disability

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How many hours are you allowed to work if on disability


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Hi Christopher,
Your state can add supplemental benefits to the 733, and it may not count against the federal benefit.

Christopher Michaels (not verified)

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So when on SSI, you Can Not Have ANY Earnings above the $733. So you live on $733 nothing else? Maybe food assistance but no money other than the $733 from SSI?


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Hi Christopher,
That is not correct. Many people are still eligible for benefits even if they work, but the SSA would reduce their benefits one dollar for every two that they make.

Jim metteer (not verified)

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You got wrong info.. SSA and SSI is different.. SSA AND SSDI are same..


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Hi Jim,

SSI and SSDI are the two different disability benefits that are provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Hope that clears things up!

James (not verified)
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Is there a limit on hours per day you can work or does it only apply to weekly hours


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Hi James,
there is no limit on hours worked for disability benefits, however there are limits on monthly income.

Lynne (not verified)
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I see you tell people a dollar amount per month. My question is, Is that dollar amount in ADDITION to what they are receiving already from SSDI. Or does that dollar amount inlude the SSDI? Thank you!


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Hi Lynne,
That is total earned income, and it does not include the benefit check you would receive.

Michael (not verified)

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Thanks for the answer on that question

Rogermix (not verified)
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Is there a nine month period where you can make all you want and it not effect your SSD


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Hi there,
That period is referred to as a trial work period, and it is intended to enable people on SSDI benefits to return to work without affecting their benefits during that transition process.

Diana Felix (not verified)
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What is the limit you can make while being on ssi


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hi Diana,
Generally you would need less that $2,000 in resources and less than $733 a month in income.

joe hebert (not verified)
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i am disabled for life and recieve ssdi can i make like 400 a week when im able


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Hi Joe,
You may be able to if you are doing work that does not go against the SSA's determination of disability. You may want to contact the SSA if you do start working again just to make sure that your new job does not conflict with that.

Ragga (not verified)
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What happens to your SSI or SSDI if you work seasonally say 8 months out of the year $1800/month?


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Hi Ragga,
You may become ineligible for benefits, as that may indicate that you are able to work, and both benefits are only intended for people who are unable to make a living without those benefits.

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