how do I stop being representative payee?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/01/2013 - 13:47

I have been my brother's re-payee(sp?) for several years and feel that he is more than capable of handling his own money. What is the process to change this arrangement?

Dolores Cano (not verified)
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I have been my daughters payee for a few years now .She's not very responsible with her money .Her daughter moved here from California and has been telling my daughter that she wants to be her payee . I found out she's been giving her daughter money . Fact is I'm done being responsible for her money what can I do to get out of being her payee?

Donna Stancil (not verified)
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How to I turn over the SS Payee representative to the Assisted Living/Nursing home that is caring for my brother since they take all of his check except 66 dollars which is used to pay for his medications and personal needs. He was determined SSMI almost two years ago after i took care of him for 10 years and his care became more than I could handle because of his personality disorder and self medicating.

Anonymous (not verified)
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When is the deadline for changing my payee and still receive check on time and does my current payee have to go to ss office to release me

Mel Morrissey (not verified)
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Does Social Security have people/ companies they can assign as payee? If no one else wants to do the job?


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Hi Mel,

I am not sure about companies, but they can assign someone as a payee if there are no available options.

Ann johnson (not verified)
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Son get ssi. Was living w family friend.he die.son because homeless.they find place for him to live. Not he is trying to be a pain. Its a nice place to lived.nice people. He wants to hang w people who no good for him. Since his been at this new place .he looks much better. What to do if he keeps being a pain and not wanting to listen.


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Hi Ann,

If you wish to stop being your son's representative payee, you have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office.

Judith Soltess (not verified)
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I took over as a payee for My cousin His parents are other kin would do it..we had to pay back taxes..bills that were outstanding. .so he would have a roof over his head..I give him weekly money. .which he uses for drinking. Now has several people living in his home..that are saying to me send more money. They yell scream cuss..write me letters...more money..etc..he makes 790..a month. .bills come to around.. 600...back taxes are still being paid..for..he is on bridge card which we helped him get..taxes reduced. .medical..paper work..we do ..for the social feel I am being verbally abused. .I only tried to help. .we live 100 miles away..I make sure his bills are paid..he has a nurse from the state..that comes in..he can't car..nothing. .he drinks all the time..with the money I send him.spends. money for well..I can.not take his written verbal abuse..when I call him. .he yells so badly I have to hang up.the words are disgusting..I am as old as he is..67...what can I do.mi can't squeeze blood out if a husband and I have spent our own monies. He has had bed bugs 3 times in a year..we paid for that mess..


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Hi Judith,
If nobody is able to become a payee, the SSA will occasionally handle it with one of its own representatives. I'm sorry to hear that this has been such a challenge for you.

Judith Soltess (not verified)

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Can I just...close out his account..which has both of our names on it..he also has 2 other people...actually. ..Criminals with a with him for 3 months.they are on SSI....and get section 8 well...I know they are...not suppose to be there if they are getting assistance. ..if they give him money ..he will not be in if they would help any way.They get their mail at My cousins as well ...yes checks ...someone should be on this...that is fraud...getting their checks there when not a resident...we are tired..of them taking his money that I send weekly..they are all drunks...smokers and other drugs are being used in that..junker of a needs a new furnace. .the paperwork? ??Tired of doing all of this..we are over 100 miles away..tired of paying..his bills

Judy (not verified)
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I'm turning 66 this month and currently on social security disability. I also currently have a payee that was court appointed at the beginning of my payments. I no longer want a payee is there a form I can print out from social security to take to my doctor to fill out stating I am able to receive my own social security checks. I have feel I no longer need a payee.

Judy (not verified)
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I answered the question wrong for you. I have to get my doctor to feel out a form from social security stating I no longer need a payee. The also said I could get a court to confirm it. But they said there would be a chance he could loose his disability they told me that they feel if I could take care of my own check then I could also work.

Tiffany (not verified)
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What are possible questions will they ask if you no longer wish to be a representative payee


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Hi there,
they may want to know why, and if you have another person who is able to take over the payee status.

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